3 Signs of a Society in Trouble

Today’s Scripture reading comes from Jeremiah 6:

“From the least to the greatest,

all are greedy for gain;

prophets and priests alike,

all practice deceit.

They dress the wound of my people

as though it were not serious.

‘Peace, peace,’ they say,

when there is no peace.

Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct?

No, they have no shame at all;

they do not even know how to blush.

So they will fall among the fallen;

they will be brought down when I punish them,”

says the Lord.

Jeremiah 6:13-15 (NIV)

Jeremiah 6 gives us three signs of a society in trouble.

Firstly, when those who are expected to be of the highest moral quality within a society would compromise their morals for selfish gain.

Secondly, when its leaders don’t convey the truth about a society’s decay, but instead, would rather tell a lie to placate the people.

Thirdly, when peoples’ consciences are so seared that they can no longer tell that what they are doing is evil.

Unfortunately, such societies eventually find themselves in great peril and it is our responsibility as believers to unhold our societies in prayer when we see these signs creeping into them.


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