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Testimony of Ex-MediaCorp Actor Peter Yu and His Wife Brenda Leow

This is the amazing testimony of ex-Media Corp actor Peter Yu and his wife, Brenda Leow. However, the video is in Chinese and there are no English subtitles.

Individually, Yu and Leow attended church when they were young, but their foundations in Christ were not firmly rooted and they drifted deeply into the world.

When Yu divorced his first wife, T.V. star Quan Yifeng, in 2008, he tried to numb the pain of a broken marriage through gambling and clubbing. He met Leow at a club he had patronised, and subsequently, Yu and Leow moved in together.

The lowest point in their lives occurred when Leow attempted suicide after a serious altercation with her mother. It was at this point, when both Yu and Leow yielded their lives over to God, and it was also at this point, when the Holy Spirit could begin an amazing work of transformation in their lives.

Step-by-step, the Lord renewed them. Shortly after Leow’s suicide attempt, the couple started re-attending church. Later, they attended their church’s inner healing and deliverance classes, during which they were taught to confess all their sins. In so doing, they were baptized with the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by the speaking in tongues. The couple was so deeply impacted by the experience that they after that individually spent much time in prayer and worship.

Yu and Leow married in 2011 and they have a young son. Yu now works as a taxi driver, and although he earns far less than what he used to earn as an actor, Yu says that he is content, and indeed, as he shares his testimony, one perceives a great peace in his heart.


Testimony of a Former Temple Medium and Drug Abuser (In Hokkien/Mandarin)

This audio-only testimony given by a former temple medium cum drug abuser was recorded sometime during the 90s, and in it, this brother-in-Christ shares how he got saved, of his marvellous transformation, and his miraculous healing from a painful stomach ailment.

He also explains, in some detail, the business of being a temple medium — of how the demons enter and leave the medium’s body as they please (even at the most importune time for the medium), and of how the medium does not feel any pain when the demons are controlling him to mutilate his own body.

Kindly take note that at certain parts of the testimony, the volume levels may be soft, so please adjust the audio volume accordingly.

Testimony of Malaysian Vincent Liow (Ex-Temple Medium Who Visited Hell) (VIDEOS)

Vincent Liow was born in Malaysia, and has an amazing testimony to share. In this webpage, I compile all the videos that I could find of meetings or interviews where he had shared his story.

Liow had worked as a temple medium for many years, and one day, was hospitalised due to a sudden health event that resembled a stroke.

In hospital, Liow had a near-death experience, during which his soul was transported to hell. While being tormented by the fires of hell, Liow called out to the deities he had served during his lifetime, but they either seemed unwilling or unable to rescue him. Relief only came after he, out of desparation, called out the name of Jesus Christ (a name he had remembered due to his school days in a Christian mission school), which led to the fires that surrounded him subsiding and his soul being released from hell and transported to the gates of heaven. However, Liow was unable to enter heaven, and was told that his time had not come and that he had a mission to accomplish.

That mission was to share with others what he had personally wtinessed and experienced, and his testimony can be viewed in the videos below, which were taken at various meetings or interviews.

Besides publicly speaking about his experience, Liow has also published a book, and for more information, visit his Facebook page:

Self-made Millionaire at 30; Dead at 40; In the End, His Wordly Success and Wealth Meant Nothing — The True Story of the Late Singaporean Aesthetics Doctor, Dr Richard Teo Keng Seng

Dr Richard Teo Keng Seng had everything that most Singaporeans could aspire to by the time he was in his 30s — wealth measured in millions of dollars, a thriving aesthetics practice, and sports cars, including a Ferrari 430.

“I’m a typical product of today’s society,” said Dr Teo in a speech in November 2011.

“From young, I’ve always been under the influence and impression that to be happy is to be successful. And to be successful, is to be wealthy. So I led my life according to this motto.”

Despite being born into a poor family, Dr Teo excelled in his studies and was accepted in medical school.

In medical school, he chose the quick way to big bucks — by switching from opthalmology to aesthetics.

The move paid handsomely for him, and in the first year, his cosmetic surgery clinic ‘was raking in millions’.

Dr Teo’s newly-made wealth opened the door to high-society life. He loved dinning at Michelin-rated restaurants and rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

Dr Teo also loved life in the fast lane and, at the pinnacle of his life, owned sports cars like the Honda S2000, Subaru WRX, Nissan GTR and a Ferrari 430

On how he would spend his weekends, Dr Teo said, “Typically, I’d have car club gatherings. I’d take out my track car and go up to Sepang in Malaysia for car racing. It was my life.”

Dr Teo’s cars became symbols of his success, but in the end, after he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, they meant nothing to him.

“Chinese new year… I would drive my Ferrari, show off to my relatives, show off to my friends, do my rounds, and then you thought that was true joy?” reflected Dr Teo during a talk to dental students.

“In truth, what you have done is just to elicit envy, jealous and even hatred. In my death bed, I found my joy whatsoever in whatever objects I had — my Ferrari, thinking of the land I was going to buy to build my bungalow, having a successful business.”

It was towards the end of his life that Dr Teo found the meaning of true joy.

“What really brought me joy in the last ten months was interaction with people, my loved ones, friends, people who genuinely care about me, they laugh and cry with me, and they are able to identify the pain and suffering I was going through. That brought joy to me, happiness,” he said, in a speech given to an undergraduate medical class before passing away in October 2012.

Dr Teo’s speech can be watched in the Youtube link below.

Dr Richard Teo

Dr Richard Teo’s story was featured in the 28 October 2012 edition of The New Paper. His story serves as a great warning against wholeheartedly pursuing after wordly wealth.

A Young Korean Artist Was Taken to Visit Hell and These Were The Pictures She Drew (WARNING: Scary Pictures, Parental Guidance Needed)

In 2009, a young Korean artist who was attending an all-night prayer meeting, was visited by Jesus Christ. She was taken to see hell and told by Jesus to draw what she saw, so that the world would know.

Below is her testimony:

As I was praying all night long, I was able to love Jesus more than ever. One day, Jesus came and said in my Heart, “I will show you the deeper things of Heaven.

I thought I was going to visit heaven, but instead, we visited Hell.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 01

As I followed Jesus, I cried the whole time. I then began to hear moans, screams, and wailing sounds.

Most people have a misconception about Hell. They are deluded and think that if they “Only Believe in Jesus Christ,” they will end up in Heaven. Some even think that once they die, there is nothing afterwards. People believe as they think, and therefore they live their lives as they please…

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 02

Jesus also showed me that as people watch violent secular movies, demons would actually torment the person’s soul without the person realizing it. As a person watches the scenes from TV, their soul is tormented and wounded. Watching secular TV does not help Christians develop a loving relationship with our bridegroom Jesus.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 03

I saw that when people were smoking and drinking, that spirits of snakes filled the alcoholic drinks and the cigarette smoke.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 04

Jesus showed me how people fall into Hell.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 05

Jesus: I see countless people falling into the eternal deep sea of the fire of Hell every single day…Please tell the people what you have witnessed in Hell! You must tell them about Hell! Tell people how awful and gruesome Hell is! You must paint the scene of Hell as if you are within my heart. Draw the scenes with My aching heart!

They are falling into the Fire of Hell. Draw it with My aching heart….

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 06

He felt such pity for people who were falling into Hell every single day!

As Jesus witnessed the sins committed by man, He cried.

Satan and his demons would tie the bodies of sinners so tight with iron chains to control them. Therefore sinners would go deeper and deeper in sin.

I am pleading with you not to commit sin. Do NOT live as you desire. In Hell, the senses are hundreds of times more vivid than what we feel on Earth. The pain is more severe.

As I was painting the scenes of Hell, satan attacked me severely. But I wanted to show the world about Hell and the heart of Jesus through these paintings.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 07

I saw people being tormented on a cross.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 08

I saw people who did not want to eat the bread of life…(God’s Word)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 09

There were people who would not discuss the things of their lives with Jesus, but made their own decisions, and followed their own will.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 10

There were people who drank and ate prohibited things.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 11

Jesus: Please tell people who hurt each other’s’ hearts by their words that they must not hurt or wound their brothers/sisters in Christ. They must not say things without care or love.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 12

This is how murderers, rapists and child kidnappers will be tormented.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 13

The punishment for liars. (Proverbs 20:17)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 14

Those people who stole money will be penetrated by arrows and needles. (1 Timothy 6:10)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 15

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 16

In Hell, I saw a woman and her son who had died. In Hell they no longer loved each other. Because of the unbearable pain, they would do anything to escape the torment, even by stepping on each other.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 17

Insects in Hell. These insects are for people who committed sins by their thoughts. They were filled with their own thoughts and knowledge. Covered by countless maggots, their entire body is wounded by large insects; going in and out of the whole body, mouth, ears and head.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 18

Persecution of the gospel: The picture shows how demons would influence people to persecute, harass and kill the messengers of the full and true gospel.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 19

These people were filled with their own thoughts and knowledge.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 20b

These people were obstinate in their thinking. They thought, “why would Jesus work in my life? Who am I? I don’t think He loves me. I am very evil. I don’t think He would love someone like me.” They were also people who violated God’s word and ignore God’s commandments. They will be placed in an area similar to a frying pan, which was burning with Hell fire.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 20

Those people who do not attempt to align their thoughts with God’s will end up in Hell. We must fix our minds and thoughts on God. This torment was for those Christians who did not share the gospel. They did not evangelize the good news to the lost. They ignored their calling. (1 Corinthians 9:6)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 21

This torment was for the people who had ignored God’s word and still continued to commit sin. They are the ones who performed evil in the eyes of the Lord.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 22

For those who worshiped idols, those that had evil thoughts and were stubborn in their ways.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 23

Grumblers and complainers also wound up in Hell. (1 Corinthians 10:10; Jude 1:16)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 24

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 25

There is a place in Hell for men who cheated on their spouses. For those who became gay or bisexual. They were penetrated by knives and spears.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 26

For those who became sexually corrupt, their private parts were being pierced by demons.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 27

Hell is endless, the torment are endless.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 28

For those who would not repent.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 29

A raging fire all around, with no place to escape. (Hebrews 10:27)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 30

You must kill any devil that is living inside of you.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 31

When we repent and pray before God, angel armies come down and pierce the demons with their swords.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 32

Jesus said, “Focus Me. You must focus only Me.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 33

When people repent, they cross over from death to life, and Jesus is waiting for them on the other side.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 34

They drop their heavy load of sin, and start on the narrow path to life, and off the road to hell.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 35

Jesus forgives our sins when we repent.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 36

Repent of your sins and believe in Jesus!

If you do, Heaven is waiting for you instead of Hell.

The place where you could be joyful and have a happy life forever!

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 37

Don’t go to Hell!!!

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 38

An Indian Construction Worker’s “Road to Damascus” Experience in Singapore — As Told to Me by the Man Himself

One evening, a few years ago, as I was walking along a quiet stretch of road nearby a construction site in Sembawang, I saw a young Indian man sitting along the pedestrian path, reading a book under the street light.

Intrigued, I stood by him to see what he was reading. It was a very worn and well-thumbed bible, albeit the pages seemed intact.

Seeing the young man’s diligence in reading the bible under poor lighting conditions (and he was reading it aloud, albeit quietly), I perceived that there was something special about this young man, and sat next to him.

“Are you a Christian?” I asked, and he shook his head in the affirmative.

We then told me that prior to his conversion, he was a “bad” person, who drank, gambled and got into fights easily.

He said that in India, he had borrowed a lot of money in order to travel to Singapore to work as a constructor worker.

He told me that he had a wife and a child in India, but prior to his conversion, he did not really care about them. Instead, he spent most of his income on gambling and drinks, and seldom sent money back home to his family.

His life took a turn when he was cheated of all his savings by a local Chinese man. The savings were meant to pay off his large debts in India when he eventually returned home, and when he realised he had lost it all, he decided to end his life.

So, with the money that he had on him, he purchased a large amount of illegal ‘toddy’ (palm wine), and went to a dark, forested area in Woodlands, intending to kill himself through an excessive drinking spree alone. (He did not tell me the specific place he had been, but there had previously been a report of a dark, secluded and forested area in Woodlands, which had been raided due to illegal vice activities between foreign construction workers and foreign women).

In the dark, as he was drinking himself to death, he suddenly saw a bright light in the sky.

He thought that he was hallucinating, but as the light grew brighter and illuminated everything that was around him, he realised that it wasn’t the moon that was causing this, and that he was not hallucinating either.

He quivered as he asked, “Who are you?”

A voice from above replied, “I am the Lord Jesus Christ.”

He said the light then disappeared, and as he was trying to make sense of this mysterious event, he suddenly realised that his body felt completely well, not the slightest bit affected by the excessive alcohol he had consumed.

Although he did not understand it, he felt at peace, and slept alone at that place, before returning the next day to his workplace.

He told me that prior to this event, his fellow Indian colleagues who had converted to Christianity while working in Singapore had tried sharing the gospel to him. However, he was resistant to them.

The weekend after this incident, on his own initiative, he went to a church in Little India to get baptised.

After his conversion, he stopped drinking, and slowly, not only did he save enough money to pay off all his debts, he was also able to buy a new house for his family.

Seeing the change in him, his wife also became a Christian, and although he and his wife face much opposition, he said he was determined to share the gospel and his testimony to his relatives and friends.

While in the past, he spent his spare time doing ‘bad’ things, following his conversion, he spent his spare time in church, or encouraging other believers, or praying and reading the bible.

When I probed about his discipline of prayer and reading the bible, he said that if he didn’t have to work, he would spend a few hours in the evening doing this, and would rise early in the morning, and pray for about an hour before starting work.

When I asked him how he prayed, he gamely demonstrated by kneeling on the ground and opening his palms to heaven.

That was the first and last time that I met that young man (largely my fault, I very seldom walk that stretch of road). Seeing how disciplined he was in prayer and reading the bible, I have confidence that he is still walking with Jesus. The young man is a good example of what it means to be born again — of how someone so ‘bad’ (in his own words), can be so transformed, as if into a totally different person.