The Man Who Trusts the Lord is Blessed

The Bible declares that the man who trusts in the Lord is blessed (see Jeremiah 17).

This man will experience abundance – he will be like a ‘tree planted by water’; he does not fear or become anxious when the circumstances that surround him may look bleak (verse 8).

Contrast this with the man who trust in his own efforts or in human ability, and who does seek God for help.

According to the bible, such a man will not see any good come (verse 6).

A person’s heart, however, is deceitful (verse 9).

A person may think that he/she places trust in God, but the person’s actions speak otherwise.

Nonetheless, God alone is able to search the heart and test the mind (verse 10).

And therefore, to the person who trusts in the Lord, and receives blessings as a result, this person truly deserves them.


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