Mark of the Beast: Experts Warn That Tracking Kids Via Microchip ‘Can’t Be Far Off’

Experts are working on that possibility of implanting young children with a microchip, according to a report by KENS 5 news station.

It is perceived that implanting kids with microchips may aid their recovery if they got lost or kidnapped.

The news station spoke to electronics engineer Stewart Lipoff, who is an expert in radio frequency identification technology, or RFID.

RFID is the technology behind microchips in pets, as well as the chips in smart keys, credit cards, and other similar electronic devices.

According to Lipoff, the technology to track a microchip with GPS isn’t available, but it can’t be far off. He added that in order to track a human with an implanted chip, all it would take is for scanners or portals to be strategically placed at key locations like doorways, counters or even on street corners.

KENS 5 also spoke to Trish Dickerson the mother of a rambunctious, 3½-year-old son.

“I just might be one of those mothers who would do it [have a microchip implanted in my son]”, she said.

Dickerson explained: “He has no fear, of anybody or anything. He has no stranger danger.”

“I microchip my dog, why couldn’t I microchip my son?”