Hong Kong Triad Boss Became a Christian, but Lived in Disobedience for Seven Years, Until God Showed Him Hell

Teddy Hung was the gang leader of 14K – the second largest triad in the world with 25,000 members across the globe. However, the guilt of the many lives that he had ruined because of his triad activities weighed on his conscience so greatly that although Hung was successful and made a lot of money, he suffered severe insomnia. Hung sought many doctors for treatment, but they were unable to cure his insomnia.

One day, Hung told God that if God would heal him of his insomnia, he would become a Christian. Amazingly, Hung was healed instantly, and this led him to start attending church.

However, Hung was not willing to put behind his triad-related businesses. At the same time, his businesses started to turn sour, and he started to feel very conflicted about becoming a Christian.

Eventually, Hung decided to leave church for a period of time so that he could devote himself to making money. However, God had not given up on Hung, and disciplined Hung through various circumstances in Hung’s life.

In total, Hung lived in disobedience to God for 7 years after becoming a Christian, but it came to a climax when God revealed hell to Hung, after which Hung once and for all gave up the triad life and went to bible school.

Hung’s amazing testimony can be viewed in the Youtube video below: