US NEWS: Brain-dead Girl Who Was Pulled Off Life Support Awakes from Coma After Being Prayed For and Makes Complete Recovery

Taylor Hale, from Iowa, US, was only 14 when she suffered a traumatic brain injury while falling off the hood of a car in 2011.

To help her brain heal, doctors put her into a medically-induced coma. However, during coma, Taylor suffered a brain haemorrhage, and while her doctors were fighting to save her life, her brain sank part way into her spinal canal, prompting the doctors to tell her parents that “nothing more could be done” and that “no one comes back from that”. Their daughter was brain dead, and the doctors advised Taylor’s parents, Stacey Hennigsen and Chuck Hale, to make arrangements to take her off life support and discuss organ donation, reported the Des Moines Register.

However, that afternoon, Jeff Stickel, a friend of Taylor’s parents and a devout Christian (who, incidentally, is a chiropractor by occupation and not an ordained minister), visited the hospital, and felt that God had called him to help heal Taylor.

Stickel asked Taylor’s parents if he could pray for Taylor. Taylor’s parents figured he was too late, but nevertheless, they agreed.

Stickel put his hands on Taylor’s neck and prayed for God to heal her.

Taylor’s parents thanked Stickel and he left.

Later that afternoon, after Taylor’s doctors turned off her life support, something unexpected happened: Taylor struggled to take a breath under her own power.

They reconnected life support and as the day went on, Taylor’s brain activity began to increase. Her eyes fluttered. She made mumbling noises, trying to talk.

And finally, Taylor awoke from her coma.

It was the hand of God at work,” Taylor’s father told the paper.

That’s the only thing that can explain it.

Taylor Hale is now 17 years of age, and next Monday, she will attend her diploma graduation ceremony.

Taylor Hale_Full recovery

Source:  MailOnline

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