The Antichrist Is Alive Today: The Vision of Mama Domitila

In 1968, a young woman by the name of Mama Domitila died four days and was taken to heaven by two angels. Eleven companions were with her when this took place and the Lord spoke to them that they should not bury her body. The Lord promised that He would bring her back to life. For four days, Mama Domitila was shown the glories of heaven
and New Jerusalem. She was also shown hell and end times including the rapture of the church and antichrist. The excerpt here below is from “Raised from the Dead 4 Days Later”, a book that will be published soon.

Standing with me were the Lord Jesus and two angels. They took me away and showed me the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to the earth. The Lord spoke to me and said: “My people are not ready for my coming. They say that prophecies have not been fulfilled yet, that they still have time!” But He said to me “Many prophecies have been fulfilled, they have been happening but my people do not know. I want to prove to you however that many prophecies have been fulfilled. That though they say that they are still waiting for antichrist, I want to show you that anti-christ has already been born! He is alive on earth today.” [that was in 1968 saints!!!]

He showed me a beast that looked like a lion. I saw also a great sea. A great red sea. But by the sea shore, there was a great dreadful beast. This beast was buried in the ground from the waist down. I looked alas, and this beast bent down! He gave birth. When the beast gave birth, behold the child who came forth looked like a human being. I was shocked to behold this scene: a beast giving birth to a human child!

While I was still standing in amazement, I saw that this beast again bent
down. I saw that he was breathing his breath into the born child. As a new breath entered into the child, I saw that this child started growing in my very own eyes. He grew to become an adult in my very own face. I was so scared. How can someone be born and grow at the same time?

All of sudden, I saw that this child was no longer a human being. In a very short moment, he was transformed into a serpent. But this serpent was not just a serpent either, when I looked again, behold I saw he had 3 different colors: White like pure white color, red and black.

He asked me “Do you have an understanding of all of these?” I said, “My Lord, I do not know.” He told me “I want to show you how the antichrist has been already born. Do you see that beast which gave birth? This is to show you that the anticrhist was already born. But his father is not a beast. This beast is an image signifying that he was already born by means of an evil spirit. That beast represents the evil spirit. The way you saw the beast breathing into him, and how he grew up to become an adult in one moment, this is to show you that antichrist has already been born. He was born through an evil voice. The evil spirit gave him power to work. Antichrist is already alive and he is supported by powerful people who are compared to that breath.

The way you saw him transformed into a serpent, this represent that antichrist will look like other people, he is a person. He is walking today like others, speaking like them, working like them. He is not revealed yet, and you cannot know him. He is very intelligent. That’s why you saw him as a serpent.

The three colors represent this:

WHITE: The day when he start working, he will be crafty like a serpent. The white color you saw means that he will come calling himself a holy man. He will come as a wonderful man; he will do good works that many will appreciate. He will heal the sick. He will give wealth to the poor. He will bring peace on earth. He will resolve many problems. He will come with good works. People will love him above and beyond. He will be g great. The only people who will discern him and know him are those only full of the Holy Spirit. The people who are in touch with God, read His Word and have God’s discernment will know him.

RED: Though he will bring peace and though he will make many people happy, he will shed the blood of holy people.

BLACK: Though he will come doing many wonderful things, performing great wonders, his end is that he is evil and his evil acts are the worst of all and he will be evil exceedingly.

And He said to me: “And the way you see this beast buried in the ground
halfway, that means that antichrist is alive. But he is working in secret. He cannot be unbound and do the works openly on the earth because the church of Christ is still here on earth. He is bound until that day when the church will be raptured. That is the day he will start moving openly and freely. Now you see the red sea which is burning with fire. This is to signify that though antichrist will come with lots of power, though he will do great miracles as he has so much power in his hand, his end however is this: he will be thrown in the lake of fire together with satan and the false prophet. They will be thrown in the lake of fire.”

Go and Tell the Church

He told me: “tell the church, tell the people, this is the time to serve the Lord. This is the time to repent. This is the time to receive salvation. This is the time to receive the Word of God. This is the time to treasure this Word in your heart. But the times ahead are difficult times. People will look for the Word of God but they will not be able to find it. People will look for a Bible, but they will read it in hiding. That time has come, that time is near, that time is ahead of you. Seek the Lord while He may be found, this is the time to seek salvation.”

Saints of God, this is the time to serve the Lord. But the times ahead are very hard. The times that prophet Amos saw are coming. They will be hard times. From sea to sea, people will be looking for the Word of God but will not find it. “Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord GOD, “When I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine for bread or a thirst for water, But rather for hearing the words of the LORD. And people will stagger from sea to sea, And from the north even to the east; they will go to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, but they will not find it.” (Amos 8:12) That time is near – those who are wise, seek the Lord while he may be found.

The day when the church is raptured, the world will be full of darkness.
Darkness will enter the world. We will go as a church but the world will be full of darkness. We are the light of the world. The day the church will be raptured, the world will be full of darkness. Be full of the Holy Spirit oh, saints of the Most High God. Those who are not full the Holy Spirit will not hear the trumpet sound. “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and thus we shall always be with the Lord.”
(1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

He told me – go tell the church, go tell my people: this is the time to seek the Lord. This is the time to seek salvation not the things of this world. Warning: For those who will be left behind: Never take 666: The Mark of the Beast! There is NO forgiveness, NO salvation, NO hope and NO second chance for anyone who receives the mark of the beast! (Revelation 14:9-11)

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Oral Roberts’ Vision Concerning 911, the Rapture and the End Times; “The Church Is Not Ready for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ”

Editor’s note:  I’m sharing this despite knowing full well that the late Oral Roberts was a rather controvesial character (for details, click here for the Wikipedia page). Personally, I do not follow Roberts’ teaching, but perceive him to have a genuine prophetic gift. It is reported that Roberts received this vision towards the end of 2004 (he passed on 5 years later), and I perceive this vision to be true.

“In the midst of the turmoil, the fear and the anxiety that’s in our nation and in our world, as I was walking and meditating, I heard the voice of God. I’ve heard that voice many times. It’s too familiar to me, and there’s no way that I can fail to understand His voice because I’m familiar with it. And instantly I heard that voice and I heard it and then I saw with my eyes something I’d never seen.

Suddenly, in the clouds in the skies above New York City and the east part of the United States, and which hung there for quite sometime and then spread out across America, without touching the ground, and then God diffused it away from America and sent it out to the nations of the earth. And I saw and I heard. What did I see? I saw something coming down from above: Smoke and vapor and blood, or it looked like that to my eyes, to my spiritual eyes.

There it was hanging so huge until it almost blotted out the sky. Instantly I thought about 9/11, when the terrorists attacked the Twin Towers and through television all of us in America, and probably the world, saw those more than 100-story-high buildings crumple and heard the cry of thousands of people who were being either killed or wounded. I remembered the fear that struck my heart and knew that what I was feeling everybody else was feeling and remembered that never in the history of the world, and certainly not of America, that something of this proportion had struck the human race and was a preview of things similar to it that were going to happen through what we now call terrorists.

First, I saw this thing hovering and great changes coming in it to where I couldn’t miss it. And then I heard, something came into my ears, and it reminded me of what a friend of mine had said when the first space capsule was released into the sky.

He was a newsman in New York City and maybe half a mile or more away from the capsule. And he said when that thing lifted off the earth, there was a sound, and the sound itself moved the weeds and the growth, and he said, “It penetrated my body.” He said, “As I talked to others, they felt the same thing.” He said the sound was so enormous that nothing had ever happened like it in the history of the world. Instantly, I thought of that because the sound that was coming into my ears was penetrating my whole being.

And then I heard God’s voice. He said: “I’m making a sign.”

This is a sign according to the second chapter of Acts, where the apostle Peter, upon the giving of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, said there’ll be signs in the skies.”

He said, “This is one of the signs of the end time because the world is not ready for the second coming of my Son.” He said, “My church is not ready for the second coming of my Son.

He said, “The Jews, with whom I’ve had the covenant for thousands of years, they’re not ready for the second coming of my Son.” He said, “The nations of the earth are not ready for the second coming of my Son.”

He said, “America has been set aside by a special covenant that I made with many of the people who came to found this nation several hundred years ago, that this was My nation and the gospel was going to go out from it unlike any other nation and there’d be more gospel going out from America.”

And He said, not only would there be a powerful military presence in the United States unlike any other nation, but it would be the center of the gospel that I was sending out.

And He said to me, “You remember that I said in My Bible to my disciples 2,000 years ago, ‘Go into all the world and teach all nations, and when that teaching has reached the nations then shall the end come.'” And then he startled me. He said, “With all of the widespread force of my church in the world, but particularly in the United States, which is the source of most of the gospel that’s being preached in all the world,”

He said, “There is a wasting of My power, there is a failure to grasp the end time. And the church, they are coming to church on Sunday morning mostly for themselves. And the preachers, for the most part, are not really concerned about the nations of the earth.”

“They’re concerned about the little group that is there, and they sing their songs and they get up and preach.” And He said, “When 9/11 struck, there was a fear that came into the hearts, even of My people of the church and of the people outside the church. And millions the following Sunday or two rushed to go to church.”

“But the preachers were not prepared, and most of them didn’t even preach on it and didn’t even talk about it being the sign of something that’s coming hundreds of thousands of times bigger.”

He said, “When those planes of the terrorists struck the Twin Towers in New York City and they gradually came tumbling down, it was something bigger than people had ever seen, but it’s nothing in comparison to what’s going to happen in the second coming of my Son.” And so He said, “My church was not prepared to deal with that, and people came to church and then nothing much happened and they dropped back and many of them went back to their bars,” as I heard Kenneth Copeland say.

“And there I was with my whole creation that’s alive in the earth, not counting all those who have died—millions who have lived and died, all of whom will be resurrected at some time in the future, having to do with the second coming of my Son, some to everlasting life, some to live forever in their new bodies and some to everlasting shame and contempt forever lost.” And He said, “I love people. I created them. I love them by creation. I love them because I sent My only begotten Son.” And instantly I thought of the great show that Mel Gibson made of The Passion.

When millions upon millions went to see it and are seeing it now all over the world. I remember when I sat there with my wife, watching it, and how my soul was stirred and the tears sprang from my eyes and my body trembled as I saw something about the sufferings of Jesus, the Son of God, to save the human race and so that the devil would not destroy God’s creation. He would not destroy men, women and children that God had created and for whom Jesus had died and rose from the dead that we might be born again—we might repent of our sins and have salvation and come into a readiness for the coming of Christ. And He says, “As you know in the Bible, the second coming is in two parts. One is called the rapture, one is called the revelation.

And first of all I’m going to rapture, or catch up, My people—the people who are born of my Spirit and filled with My Spirit and serving me. I’m going to catch them up in a moment of time and they’ll meet My Son in the clouds and come on into heaven, into My presence. And then not long after I’m going to bring that bride of Christ back with Jesus when He comes the second time to the earth, and that’ll be the beginning of the judgment of the nations.

But He said, “The thing that is breaking my heart is that I commanded my people, I commanded My church to preach the gospel in all the world and to teach all nations. And while they are evangelists and pastors and prophets and apostles and all kinds of my workers in various parts of the world and in some of the nations of the earth, it’s just a drop in the bucket to what I commanded My disciples to do.”

“And I love people so much I cannot afford to let people go on like they are. And then He directed my attention to the book of Matthew, the 24th chapter, where He speaks in the 24th chapter and beginning at verse 35:

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. Concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

Now, He reminded me in the 6th chapter of Genesis that the earth was filled with violence and it was so full it couldn’t be any more full and it grieved the heart of God that He had made man and he decided that He would destroy man and begin over, and He established a remnant and it was a family: Noah and his family. And He commanded him to build a huge boat that would take two of every living thing in it so when the flood came—and they’d never had rain before in the earth, it had been watered by a mist.

But He said, when the flood comes and this boat with this family and two of every living thing gets in it and the flood lifts them up from the earth that’s being destroyed, or from the human race that’s being destroyed, the flood that lifts the ark, or the remnant of my people, in Noah’s day, will come down in judgment upon the people of the earth.

And He said …

Now, there’s got to be preaching with fire in the belly!

There’s got to be an anointing of the holy ghost. My church has to wake up because what I’m revealing in this sign that “every” eye is going to see, “every” ear is going to hear. They’ll see this thing. They will not necessarily know what it is, but it’s a wake-up call about the Second Coming of my son!

It’s not going to come and touch the earth. It’s going to be seen, it’s going to be heard, and people are going to become aware of the drama of the end time, of the Second Coming of Christ. When He splits the skies and comes back with His bride and takes over the reign of the earth and He destroys the Antichrist, who will arise at that time. He will destroy the followers of Antichrist and He’ll establish His kingdom upon the earth. And He said, “I cannot let anybody live and die without knowledge that my Son is coming back the second time.”