Amazing Testimony of Tony and Ashley Low: Recovery from Brain Death, Encounter with God, and Miraculous Restoration of Surgically-Removed Brain Parts

Tony and Ashley Low, both born in Malaysia, have an amazing testimony to share, and in this webpage, I compile all the videos that I could find of meetings where they had shared their story.

The couple were not raised in Christian families, but came from staunch idol worshipping backgrounds, which makes their testimony even more poignant.

The Lows are now residing in Melbourne, Australia, and have a teenage son. Tony’s background is in business, while Ashley’s is in banking.

Testimony Given at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 15th Dec 2013:

Testimony Given at Bartley Christian Church, Singapore, on 12 January 2014:

Testimonies Given at Other Churches (Date and Location Not Specified):

Malaysian Man Makes Miraculous Recovery from Brain Death; Part of the Brain That Was Surgically Removed Due to Brain Cancer Later Restored

Malaysian Tony Low was pronounced brain dead by not one but four physicians, who advised his wife to give consent for him to be taken off life support. However, about a week into brain death, he miraculously recovered and lived to tell his amazing experience while in coma.

Due to brain cancer, Low also had a substantial part of his brain surgically removed, but magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performed sometime post-surgery showed that the part of the brain that was removed had been inexplicably restored, confounding his surgeon.