The Gift of Tongues Can Help Believers When They Are Undergoing Temptation

Did you know that the gift of tongues can help believers when they are undergoing temptation?

This is the observation of the late Christian author Basilea Schlink, who wrote the following in her book Ruled by the Spirit:

The gift of tongues helps us not only in intercession, but also is particularly useful when we are being tempted. The preacher David Wilkerson has experienced this in a definite way in his work among the drug-addicts in New York City. Many of them were wonderfully freed from severe drug addiction, when from a medical point of view they virtually had no chance. When one of these youths, relapsed again, in spite of every possible support while he underwent voluntary treatment by withdrawal, Wilkerson asked himself what it was in the other boys which led them to successful release. From one after the other he heard the story of their recovery, and what gave them the power to resist. They spoke of the reality of the Holy Spirit which they had experienced in their lives and particularly the gift of praying in tongues; I when the Holy Spirit prayed in them they could resist the otherwise superhuman temptation.