Buddha Prophesized About Jesus, His (Jesus’) Death and the Role of the Holy Spirit in a Person’s Salvation and Admission into Heaven

Buddha was born approximately 563 years before Christ, and apparently, in the Buddhist Scriptures of Cambodia, there is a prophecy regarding a “Holy One” that is to come, and which in retrospect, points to our Lord Jesus Christ and His death on the Cross!

In addition, the prophecy also points to the Holy Spirit indwelling in the hearts of the believers of Jesus Christ, sealing them for salvation and admission to heaven (Ephesians 1:13 and Corinthians 1:22) — which Buddha himself realised can in no other way be attained!

The prophecy was copied down and reproduced in a book, in which the author vouches for its authenticity:

Permission was granted to copy these Buddhist Scriptures regarding the prophecy of the Holy One (Jesus) from Wat Phra Sing in Chiang Mai Province. The person who gave permission was Phra Sriwisutthiwong in Bangkok. It is guaranteed that this copy is accurate according to the original, that there is no error in transmission, which is in the book of the district headman, the religious encyclopedia, volume 23, book #29. This inquiry was made on October 13, 1954 A.D. (Buddhist era 2497).  Phra Sriwisutthiwong is the Deputy Abbot and Director of Wat Pho Museum, Wat Pho Temple, Thailand.


Photo credits: Bibleprobe.com