Testimony of Mediacorp Artiste Belinda Lee (李心钰)

In conjunction with the Celebration of Hope (which will be held at the National Stadium on 17-19 May 2019), Mediacorp artiste Belinda Lee (李心钰) shared her testimony of the hope she experienced during a dark moment of her life when her mother battled cancer. Her testimony is available in English and Chinese below.


Testimony of Joscelin Yeo (Former Singapore National Swimmer)

Winning 40 gold medals at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, in her 17-year competitive swimming career, former national swimmer Joscelin Yeo-Purcell shares how she spiralled into depression in her teenage years. Watch to find out how she got away from an internal turmoil and found hope.

TV Celebrity Li Nanxing’s Autobiography (“The Real Picture”) Available for Sale

TV Celebrity Li Nanxing, who is a born-again Christian, has just published his autobiography!

His autobiography is entitled “The Real Picture” and it describes Li’s life, from the time he started working at a young age at various places including a provision shop, a factory and a hotel, to the point he entered the local entertainment circle. He also shares the many setbacks – both professional and personal – that he has overcome, including his gambling addiction and the freak accident that almost cost him his life.

Li’s autobiography is available in both English and Chinese, and can be purchased directly from his official website:  http://linanxing.com/

Also, available at his website is his recently directed movie ‘The Ultimate Winner’, which is a faith-based film that touches on the issue of gambling addiction.


Testimony of Ex-MediaCorp Celebrity Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍

Jacelyn Tay was an unbeliever when she decided to challenge a pastor from Kampong Kapor Methodist Church on his Christian beliefs.

The pastor was the father of a chiropractor whom she had been receiving treatment from, who welcomed her to speak to his father after Sunday church services.

So, Tay attended the church service on 19 February 2006, sitting at back of the church, armed with a defiant attitude and looking forward for the service to end so that she could question the pastor.

She was, however, casually flipping through a bible that had been placed on the pew in front of her, when she chanced upon the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation.

What she read shocked her, as it fitted to a tee recurring vivid dreams she had had three years earlier.

Eventually, instead of challenging the pastor on his beliefs, she ended up walking towards the altar to commit her life to Jesus Christ.

For Tay’s complete testimony, please watch the Youtube box below.

Testimony of Ex-MediaCorp Actor Peter Yu and His Wife Brenda Leow

This is the amazing testimony of ex-Media Corp actor Peter Yu and his wife, Brenda Leow. However, the video is in Chinese and there are no English subtitles.

Individually, Yu and Leow attended church when they were young, but their foundations in Christ were not firmly rooted and they drifted deeply into the world.

When Yu divorced his first wife, T.V. star Quan Yifeng, in 2008, he tried to numb the pain of a broken marriage through gambling and clubbing. He met Leow at a club he had patronised, and subsequently, Yu and Leow moved in together.

The lowest point in their lives occurred when Leow attempted suicide after a serious altercation with her mother. It was at this point, when both Yu and Leow yielded their lives over to God, and it was also at this point, when the Holy Spirit could begin an amazing work of transformation in their lives.

Step-by-step, the Lord renewed them. Shortly after Leow’s suicide attempt, the couple started re-attending church. Later, they attended their church’s inner healing and deliverance classes, during which they were taught to confess all their sins. In so doing, they were baptized with the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by the speaking in tongues. The couple was so deeply impacted by the experience that they after that individually spent much time in prayer and worship.

Yu and Leow married in 2011 and they have a young son. Yu now works as a taxi driver, and although he earns far less than what he used to earn as an actor, Yu says that he is content, and indeed, as he shares his testimony, one perceives a great peace in his heart.

Peter Yu’s story was also featured on national television, on the programme 星期二特写: