Beyoncé Practices ‘Extreme Witchcraft’, Says Her Ex-drummer

Beyoncé‘s former drummer, Kimberly Thompson, has requested a restraining order against the singer because she “extreme witchcraft”, The Blast has reported.

According to the lawsuit, Beyoncé has allegedly been using her magic to run surveillance and control Thompson’s finances.

Thompson also claimed that Beyoncé started a campaign of harassment against her, which includes “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation”.

She also alleged that the singer murdered her kitten.

A judge denied Thompson’s request for a restraining order.

Is PizzaGate True? Reflections and Testimony of a Child Sex-Trafficked Victim Who Later Found Christ

At the age of four, UK-born Becki Percy was raped by her biological father, and by the age of nine, sexually trafficked by her own parents who made money out of her abuse.

In the Youtube videos below, Percy shares her testimony of how she would be driven to secretive locations in the UK to be raped and have brutal sadistic acts performed on her and other children.

Through the help of someone who came to know of her story, Percy now resides in the United Sates, where she is seeking asylum. While in the United States, Percy received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour, and receives strength from Him to forgive her abusers, as well as to begin a new life.

In the last Youtube video below, Percy also shares her reflections about PizzaGate.

SHOCKING! Hollywood Insider Exposes the Murder, Devil Soul-Selling, and Ritualistic Child Sacrifices Within the Entertainment Industry

This is a MUST HEAR interview, especially for those of you who are avid movie goers.

A Hollywood insider, who goes by the name of “Jon”, has exposed the totally depravity that goes on inside the entertainment industry, on the alternative news channel, Hagmann and Hagmann.

According to “Jon”, people inside the industry sell their souls to powerful demonic spirits for 10-year or 20-year contracts for fame and fortune.

Others participate in ritualistic child sacrifices (that resembles Molech worship; see Leviticus 18:21) for fame and fortune; some even allow their loved ones to be victims for the sake of their own selfish ambitions.

During the interview, Joe also exposes the murder that goes on behind the scenes, as well as the drink-spiking traps on aspiring, young male actors to sodomise and blackmail them.

The interview can be heard in the Youtube link below: