Death Anniversary of Nigerian Revivalist Joseph Ayo Babalola Today, 26 July

Today marks the death anniversary of the late great Nigerian revivalist, Joseph Ayo Babalola.

Babalola passed away on Sunday, 26 July 1959.

Babalola lived an extraordinary life, and the Lord had many healings and miracles wrought through him.

He was a man of bold faith, and this was reflected by how he dealt with a demon-possessed tree:

Babalola received a revelation to burn down a big Iroko tree in front of the King’s Palace. Inside the tree was traditionally believed to be the meeting place of witches and wizards. The demonic tree was greatly feared and sacrifices were usually made to appease the resident spirits in it. The people were very nervous for this bold act that they believed would result in the instantaneous death of Babalola since it was expected to irk the gods. But to everyone’s amazement, he did not die. That single evet was said to have made eve the Owa of Ilesa and important people in the town to fear and respect the prophet. (“Great Revivals Great Revivalist” by Abi Olowe)

Babalola’s death was no less extraordinary, and we report it in our article: Godly Christians Know When They Are Going to Die

Joseph Ayo Babalola


John Kilpatrick’s (Brownsville Revival) Prophetic Vision: “The USA Has Become the United Apostates of America”

According to CharismaNews, John Kilpatrick (who was the pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God church when the mighty revival hit Pensacola, America in the 90s) had a heavy heart after the Supreme Court ruling last month.

“This is what I saw this morning: The United Apostates of America,” says Kilpatrick. “… My heart dropped, but it really set it for me that America has become, by and large, an apostate nation.”

However, God’s not done with America, and Kilpatrick prayer for America is revival (see video below).