A Happy Heart is a Heart Seeking After God (Retah McPherson)

When I am in the midst of difficult circumstances, I often find myself pondering what a “happy life” really looks like? When would you be truly happy? Is it when everything is perfect in your life? What are the requirements to be really happy?

I also ask myself what a blessed life looks like?

I read the prayer requests that I receive and notice how everyone seek happiness. When you look at the situation in our country, you cannot miss the reality of what is going on. But, deep in my heart I still believe, that we can be happy and live a life of abundance. It’s not determined by what we face.

I look at Aldo and see how he suffers with the trauma. We are all affected by it. Will I only be happy on the day that he is made perfectly whole? Is it possible to be happy in the midst of suffering?

I often do most of my thinking in the mountain with my dog, Moya. Up there, I can sit and stare at the beauty in front of me. There my spirit responds to the cry of my heart.

In the stillness of nature, I can hear my Abba’s voice, “Retah, those who pursue Me, find the path to the blessed, happy life. And when you possess a seeking heart, you will ultimately be positioned in the brightness of My pleasure – and be happy and blessed.”

I take the words “possess a seeking heart” down the mountain with me.
A man with a seeking heart does not only seek God in his prayer time, or only in difficulties, but throughout every step of the day, no matter the circumstances or seasons.

When we become “God seekers”, we are trained by Holy Spirit, so that our soul leans upon God, in and for everything – yes, everything – even your happiness in life.

Lord, I can feel how weak I become in difficult times?
“Yes, my child, in your perfect weakness, I can show Myself as perfectly strong.”

Abba Father wants us to develop a consciousness that depends upon the nearness of Jesus Christ in us. The difficult roads are used by God to wean us from our independence.

When we look at the life of Jesus Christ on earth, we see how He draws His spiritual substance from God the Father, as His only source. Therefore, the strength of our walk does not originate from within ourselves, but rather it comes from our love relationship with Christ – every day as we seek Him.
Our virtue, if it can be defined as such, is that we have learned to prioritize our seeking of God. A Godly character is the fruit and result of our oneness with God.

God is not only found in signs; no, God is even found in our sufferings.  When we allow Him to be in control of every step – then will we start finding real happiness. Happiness is a choice we need to make every day.

Joy and happiness is not a product of good circumstances, it appears when believers are wholly involved, doing the will of the Father, trusting Him in the midst of  their circumstances, good or bad.

I have come to understand that true happiness is only found in the ability to be one with Him. Our hearts are created to have a love relationship with the Father. In Him we will produce fruit, we will walk by faith and be overcomers in Christ.

When we depend on Him, trusting and living in the reality of His Word, we will be filled with the life of Holy Spirit; and in this is the treasure of true happiness.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; My [own] peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. [Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.

May our hearts stop seeking for happiness in our daily situations, for it is the nearness of Jesus Christ that is our pleasure and fountain of life.

I bless you as we continue to seek His face.

Love to you
Retah and family


Retah McPherson: Are You Serving God Without Any Fruit But With a Lot of Works?

In a recent newsletter, Sis Retah McPherson shared that the Lord is impressing upon her that there is a divide taking place in the spirit, between those who minister without any fruit but with a lot of works, and those whose hearts are directed towards God:

To understand the times that we are living in, we have to know what to look for. For months now, Yeshua has been speaking to me about the shift that is taking place in the spirit.

While Tinus and I were running the New York marathon, Holy Spirit spoke to me: “Look at the people around you, Retah. You are all in a race. The race needs to be completed. You’ve had time to train for the race. Whatever you faced every day served as the training ground for this race.”

During the race, I saw some give up, some continued walking, some ran and then walked, some fell and stayed on the ground, some became sick and some were really fast. You could see the pain on people’s faces. The last part of the race was difficult. Those who trained hard ran much easier than those who were not trained that well. Everyone got tired, but there was a character of endurance seen in those who ended well. The more you train, the fitter you become. You could not ask the person next to you, “May I please have some of your stamina, or please some of your muscle memory?” No, it is like the ten virgins. Everyone needs to ensure that they are prepared. These are the times that we are living in.

As I pondered this, Holy Spirit showed me two kinds of people. There are people who serve God and minister to the people in the temple like Eli and his sons, but without His Glory and without any fruit – but with a lot of works. Then there are the peculiar people who will know their God intimately, being in love with Him. These people minister to others from the presence of God.

I look at Ezekiel – how YHVH God showed him what the state of things really were in the temple. Ezekiel saw in the spirit that the people kept every law, they looked alive and well, they said the right things, they brought sin offerings – meaning they repented, but did not change their ways. They were in ministry, but no lives were changed. They did all the rituals in the temple, but with hardened hearts and with secret sin.

The worst of all: The Word says ‘The people were satisfied with their ministers’.
God showed their hearts to Ezekiel. They secretly worshiped idols, they committed adultery physically and spiritually. Ezekiel was angry and very sad. He cried out to God to do something, to intervene.

God answered by saying that they were not to be removed from office, nor would lightning strike them dead. God intended to do nothing, but to allow them to continue in their ways. I read from this that God says man has a free will; man has the power to decide. And if people were satisfied with adulterous leaders, leaders that worshiped themselves and other idols and loved these more than they loved God – He would not intervene. I found this strange… why, Lord?

“There will be one difference, Retah, and that is they will not be able to minister out of My Presence.”

This is where the divide is now taking place in the spirit. This is how you will start seeing the change in times. There will be people who will minister and who will live their lives out of the temple with all the rituals and doing the right things in front of people.

Then there will be a peculiar kind of people that Daniel spoke of, who will love their God. These are the ones through which YHVH will do great and mighty things.

Holiness and righteousness are required for this office. People will see the difference, but only those whose hearts are directed towards God, YHVH. If you are still serving God out of the temple and not out of God’s presence – you will not be able to see the difference.

In His presence you will walk differently, talk differently. Your life will reflect holiness as 1 Peter 1:16 says ‘Be holy, as I am holy’.

The ones still cleaving to religious rituals will aim to teach people to be able to discern between right and wrong. But how can you know the difference when you are still operating in the temple, where you have not yet started to cleanse your bloodline? Or you have not repented yet and you’re still unwilling to see and turn from your sin? Just like Eli and his sons, there is no life in that temple.
Eli’s grandson was born, but he did not get the opportunity to see him. The mother, now a widow after her husband died in war and with her father-in-law also dead, gave birth to a son also born under the curse of death. Even his name is given as a curse. His name, Ichabod, means the presence of YHVH has departed.

When you minister from your knowledge and good works, it will bear no fruit, because the glory of YHVH has departed. You will minister to people, but without the presence of YHVH.
The inheritance of Eli and his sons’ disobedience and sin was that the Ark of the Covenant – the Presence of YHVH – was gone, all they did being only dead works.
Those who deal with their bloodlines, who seek the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit – who seek holiness and righteousness – will be restored to life. The Ark of His Presence will be recovered in their lives. They will seek God’s face and realize to live life with unholy hands, unholy thoughts and deeds, without repenting and turning away from it, brings the curse of Eli! The curse of death!

I lived like this for most of my life. This is how my generation lives and the fruit is just like the life of Eli’s – filled with fruit of death. Today I can praise the living God, the Most High, God YHVH, that He taught me through all the pain and trials in life to choose holiness – just because He is Holy.

‘Who shall go up into the mountain of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted himself up to falsehood or to what is false, nor sworn deceitfully.’

There is just no other way, my dear friend. Choose life today, so that you and your descendants may live!

Deliverance is Not a Passive Thing That Someone Can Do For You

There are many Christians who hop from ministry to ministry, seeking deliverance from their spiritual problems.

However, according to Christian author Retah McPherson, deliverance is not a passive thing, where the believer in need bears no responsibility whatsoever for his/her own deliverance. McPherson shared this in her recent newsletter, and we present extracts of it below:

Deliverance is not a passive thing that someone can do for you. You need a repentant heart and attitude of complete surrender, humbly seeking YHVH’s (God’s) face for the truth. I have not seen people get delivered if there is no humble heart seeking deliverance and seeking truth…

There is no super deliverer that you need to see immediately. No, not even those who claim successful results. No, we all just need utter, complete dependency on Holy Spirit. He is our source of revelation, guidance and dunamis power that delivers us….

With that I do not say that you should not see someone to help you on your journey. But, please know that Yeshua is the healer – and not man!

We all are in need of help and deliverance – our only help is Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. His Blood is enough for all of us. He gives us Truth through Holy Spirit and that Truth – sets us free!

To read the full newsletter that was written by Retah McPherson, please click here.

Dealing with Sinful Bondages Passed Down Through the Genes (Epigenetics) (Retah McPherson)

Epigenetics is the study that deals with how events that have happened to a person (e.g. trauma) can get passed on in the genes, and affect the person’s children, or even future generations.

For example, we often see some mental disorders or addictions running in families, and in this series of helpful videos, Christian author Retah McPherson helps her viewers deal with those sinful bondages that have been passed down through the genes (epigenetics).


Generational Sin Gets Passed on Through Epigenetics

Christian author Retah McPherson shared her insights recently on how generational sin gets passed on through epigenetics:

…Epigenetics means –‘whatever you hold on to, you pass on’. Or as the text books explain it – epigenetic memories are passed through generations from the sperm and egg transmitting memories of gene repression to the embryo.  Body, soul, and spirit memory will be paid out in a memory tag on your children or grandchildren’s genes in a form of a marker filled with memories. It is called the epigenetic marker on your genes. Even what you eat, your stress, nutrition, environment, the choices that we make, the situations we find ourselves in, the lies, the secrets, the trauma, PTS, your emotions such as hate and bitterness, the difficulties you face, abuse, even SRA abuse are passed on – will be biologically payed out to our children, and even to future generations. Even the demons that we accumulate, the generational spirits and every soul that latches onto us because of sexual sin will be passed on.

This is one big messy payout!

These markers are passive until one day when something happens and shock, trauma or even small things like environmental change activate the markers – switching it on like a light. The child will become just like Grandma or Grandpa or even just like you! The familiar spirits, dead human spirits and demons all live in the markers that first operate in the spirit and we only see the fruit in the flesh. They take over the steering wheel of you and/or your children’s lives. You can no longer think straight because you are blinded by the markers that now control and direct your life. The marker is like an octopus on your brain. It squeezes the life out of you. People will find themselves struggling to concentrate and many mind diseases and anxiety or depression will follow.  It has tentacles and those tentacles feed your senses with the poison that you carry of the marker in the wound of your heart. Because of the marker on you (the curse) you have been wounded in some form or another. Grandpa killed someone, the marker is passed on and you were nearly killed in an accident and after that you are fighting for your life just to survive. You find yourself once drinking too much and a person was killed – ‘payback time’, says the marker.

I struggled for years to get rid of the spirit of death that fought Aldo so much. Until I understood that one marker on us is the marker of death, the marker of harming us and of course it carries the spirit of death!  The Word of YHVH says – what you sow you shall reap – if it is not you then your generations to come. For example your forefathers stole from someone and you find that people keep on stealing from you. Or grandma cheated on grandpa and now you find yourself cheating all the time.  You started to do drugs, just like your forefathers, or drink, or lie, or steal, or cheat, or poverty, stress, depression, diabetes, asthma, mental illness, or are angry, resentful or even sleep with your boyfriend at just the same age as your mom and grandma did? Bowing to Baal, trusting not on God but your own insight, being involved in the occult, Freemasonry – it all pays out later. It is like steroids, you think you gain while you use it, but some day it is payback time. Involvement with the occult and Freemasonry always pays out in the mind.

The markers are filled with time bombs because of the sin defiling time and land, and this too pays out. You were abused, rejected, are accident prone, filled with lust and much more – and this you will pass on to your generations if you don’t remove the epigenetic marker (curse) and don’t get out of that wound and get healed. The maggots feast on the wound and their plan is to keep you in the wound and harden your heart so that you increasingly start doing that which you don’t want to do. They feed your senses and you get driven by those emotions, lusts, hate and the result is living a double life.  The epigenetic marker filled with generational demons wants to kill, steal and destroy your destiny and identity. The darkness within seals your vision and your life becomes like Lazarus in the tomb. The plan is to keep you in the wilderness (far from the presence of YHVH) just like your forefathers, so that you can die there and never taste the Promised Land (being one with YHVH).

However, according to Retah McPherson, the blood of Jesus Christ can “reset the format of these genes after we came to Him with a repented heart“. To find out more, please read her full article:  http://www.retahmcpherson.com/tabid/116/Default.aspx

Dealing With Sinful Thought Patterns and Bondages Passed On By Ancestors

The bible alludes to us that the iniquity of one’s ancestors can be passed on from generation to generation (Exodus 34:7 and Numbers 14:18), and some of you who are reading this right now may be acutely aware of this, because you are struggling with the same sinful thought patterns and bondages that your parents or your ancestors had once yielded to in the past. This is in spite of the fact that you may already be “saved”, or indeed, have been “saved” for many years.

That said, the following powerful presentations by Christian author Retah McPherson may help you break free from these inherited bondages.

May the Lord bless you and may He pour out His grace mightily on you and set you free as you watch these videos!

A Prophetic Word on What is Happening to the Identity and Destiny of God’s Children (Retah McPherson)

It’s a tremendous encouragement to read Sis Retah McPherson’s newsletters, as she writes with such a clear prophetic voice. Below is an unauthorised abstract of what the Lord is saying to her about the identity and destiny of His children.

My inbox was full and as I started reading, I heard the same cry from all over the world. I stopped and decided to go and pray before I answer any of these. “Dear Lord, what are we fighting here?”

On my knees I heard Him answer, “The true identity and destiny of My children have been stolen. It has been twisted. It is almost like a coin with two sides. On the one side is My character in you, but sin twists it to form a dark copy. Only through repentance can you be ‘untwisted’ and restored in My image and likeness.

You will never find true happiness unless you walk in your real identity as a Son of God – a God carrier. Your true destiny is bringing Kingdom to earth and bearing fruit so that people can eat from you and receive life, just because of the Life of Christ within you.”

As I pondered this I heard, “Christ within you – the hope of Glory! That’s all Retah!”

Many things happen in people’s lives, sad and traumatic things. And as they eat this demonic fruit (fruits of bitterness, hate, anger, fear) and never deal with the pain, they become the carriers of a demonic identity and start living it. That is the real plan of the enemy. He wants to change your DNA code to Satan’s identity – his nature operating in you, so that you will never walk in the true identity of Christ – being a God carrier, a Son of God. His plan is to prevent you from walking in the fullness of your destiny as God YHVH willed it from the day you were created.

The answer is ‘The Blood of Yeshua’. YHVH wants you to make the right decisions so that you can start walking in the destiny that He has for you. These decisions and choices will affect many people around you, especially your children. To be able to make these choices, you need to renew your mind with God’s Word. Your mind needs redemption. Your soul – is your mind, your emotions and your will. Your destiny and the quality of your life are determined by the condition of your soul.

If your soul has open doors to fear, hate, anger, self, blame, lust, shame etc – you have gates opened to hell itself. These gates give free access to the demonic to feed on your soul and your children’s souls. How will you know? Your thoughts will become dark and you will meditate on them, becoming trapped in a negative cycle letting more fear, anger, bitterness and darkness enter. As the darkness becomes more, it will manifest in your body – and you will become depressed and sick. It is a vicious circle.  Your body can simply not cope with the overload of negative darkness in your soul and cries out for help; hence the pain and sickness.

We need to get under complete submission to Holy Spirit. Then alone will you be able to think, speak and act like a Son of God and not your old self.

Your soul is the battle field and whoever controls your soul possesses your thinking, your emotions and your will. Our lives today is a direct result of the decisions we made in the past. We have a free will, but that ‘will’ could have been traded when you opened a door for the demonic. You surrendered not only your ‘will’, but also your children’s ‘will’ into the hands of Satan.

That is why all your actions are influenced and controlled by the demonic fear or hate. The devil through his demons has captured your soul. So many people are being used by the enemy – we are used to break up marriages, to lie, to become bitter, to be afraid and not to trust YHVH. The worst is that we don’t even realise that Satan is using us like a puppet for his purposes.  It is time to claim back our souls – and that can only happen through repentance and the Blood of Yeshua. Ask Holy Spirit to show you where Satan uses you – and He will! Satan will use all of us, if we are not in a place of humble submission towards YHVH. Just like Saul of Tarsus – he believed he was faithfully serving God. But, it was Satan influencing his decisions through a religious spirit.

Just because I keep on asking my Abba to show me the real condition of my heart – He will faithfully show me every time when I have a hidden motive or if I have spoken from a wound that was not yet healed. This enables me to repent immediately and to ask His Light and Truth to come in and deal with the deception in my heart. Often out of our brokenness we ‘assume’ what we want and are unwilling to find the truth on our knees – the very ’truth’ that will set us free! Broken people hurt other people and because of this there is often still a part of another’s soul in our wound. You will also have a demonic soul tie with that person. This other person’s soul part can influence your life drastically.

Deuteronomy 30:19 “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your seed may live”.

Our choices will be eaten by our seed (children). And how sad that only later in life; do we look at our children and see the fruit of our own bad choices coming up in their lives. Satan lies to people and tell them that their sin will only affect them. No!  Know that your sin affects and hurts everyone around you – and your children will be hurt the most.

Life is a choice driven experience. I teach my children that choices are made beforehand, not when I am faced with a situation. Because then it is too late – I need to have the right choices engraved in my heart. Your soul is the place where choices are made and what controls your soul, controls your destiny!  When you make the right choices, you will have a Godly impact on everyone around you, and your children the most!

Whoever we trust with our souls, is the one who possesses our souls. If you trust fear, bitterness, hate, anger and unforgiveness, – you will eat the fruit thereof!

“Abba Father, please possess my soul, so that Your good, acceptable and perfect will can be seen in our lives. I need You Holy Spirit to water my soul as I spend time with You, depending on You and surrendering my whole life into Your hands. Let Your fruit of love, joy, peace and hope flow through me to everyone around me.  Please expose any ungodly influences, or thoughts in me. Yeshua, I choose this year to trust in You alone, I choose success over failure, I choose happiness over misery, and above all – I choose life over death – in Yeshua’s Name.”