Father Takes Boy Fishing Instead of Going to Church. But Read What the Boy Tells His Father on His Deathbed

Do you miss church on Sundays to take your children out for leisurely activities instead? Please read the story below, which was taken from the book, Heaven or Hell.

A certain young man who was not a Christian became suddenly and seriously ill. His family saw that the illness might result in death, and they sent for their pastor.

When he came into the room, this young fellow was tossing on a bed of sickness. The pastor hurried to his side and tried to present to him the consolation of the Gospel.

He said, “Pastor, I can’t listen to you. I have heard it over and over again. I would not listen to it in times of health and strength. I am now very ill. I will die soon. I can’t repent in my last hour.”

His father paced the room in great anxiety. Finally, he said, “My son, there is nothing for you to be so anxious about. You have not been a bad boy, and there is no hell. You have nothing to fear.”

His dying son turned to him and said, “Father, you have deceived me all through my life. If I had listened to Mother instead of to you, I would not be here now. She tried to get me to go to church and Sunday school, but you took me fishing instead. You told me that there was no hell, and I believed you. You have deceived me up to this time, but you can’t deceive me any longer. I am dying and going to hell, and my blood is on your soul.” Then he turned his face to the wall and died.

Fathers, you who are undermining the teaching of godly wives, the day is coming when your sons will curse you.