Repenting for the Sins of America (Nita Johnson)

We are repenting of the sins of this nation. When a contemporary prophet says the cup is full, he’s mistaken. It may be very close to the rim, but it’s not full. If it were, there would be no way to dissuade the hand of God from His wrath. But it is not full, and it is not full because people are praying. People are pleading for forgiveness on behalf of this nation, repenting of our sins, just as the Scripture says: 2 Chronicles 7:14

2 Chron 7:14 KJV If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

How does that fit with today? Satan is trying to destroy the power of prayer. He’s trying to steal your faith. He’s trying to paint a different picture of the heart of God than what His Word says. If we will humble ourselves and pray. If we will humble ourselves and pray. Repent – which means to turn from our wicked ways. He will hear and He will heal the land.

In the book of Joel, verse 12 of Chapter 2.

Joel 2:12 Amp Therefore, also now, says the Lord, turn and keep on coming to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning….

Does this sound like a pleading God to you? Does it? Does it sound like a God that has something more in mind than wrath?

Joel 2:12f-13b Amp [until every hindrance is removed and the broken fellowship is restored]. Rend your hearts and not your garments and return to the Lord, your God….

Listen to this. This is the heart of God. Return. Return. Return. America, return. Church, return. This is His heart. He is not standing with the bowl of wrath in His hand, saying, “I’m fed up with you! I’m not going to wait any longer!” He is saying, “Turn, turn, turn!” How? With weeping, with fasting, with prayer, with repentance. Rend your heart. He’s not talking about sitting in your armchair like someone who is looking at the world through someone else’s travel experience. He is saying, “Get your heart involved! Weep! Cry! Bend! Rend! Let your guts hurt under the anointing!” Friends, cry like you’ve never cried before because your nation is falling away, and you’ve got a God that wants to restore! It is Satan that wants to drive America into the ground through sin. It is not God wanting to reject America. Please don’t believe anything else. Do you believe me? Remember, I’m the one that got up out of the sick bed because I love your faith. And I don’t like people trying to breaking it. Amen?

Joel 2:13 Amp Rend your hearts and not your garments and return to the Lord, your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in loving-kindness; and He revokes His sentence of evil [when His conditions are met].

Now I want to ask you a question. Do you believe the Bible? Do you believe that when He says this, He means it? How much time are you spending in prayer? Are you lifting this passage up to Him day and night? Do you sacrifice sleep to pray? Do you sacrifice eating to pray? Prayer is not something I’m telling you to do. The Holy Spirit is pleading with us. Someone else might not be praying, so we may have to make up for their lack, we must pray until we have prayed it through. God will answer!

Sin begins to pile up when a nation is born. It gets greater and greater until the cup that has been created to hold all that sin becomes full. If repentance does not turn the tide, the cup continues to fill. However, when God is saying repent, and He finds a people who will take action and the cup begins to empty according to the intercession. It’s not like one big outpouring to empty the sin out of the cup. Little by little, through repentant intercession, we are getting further away from the rim. Now of course, America keeps sinning, but God keeps forgiving. Boy, am I glad. It’s taken us 400 years to get where we are and I am so glad it is not going to take us 400 years to undo it. Our job is to repent. God’s job is to change the heart of the people. We cannot do that, but He can. But what happens when sin drenched circumstances happen, as we see every day, you become weakened in your faith. I want to tell you something and I’ve got to say this to you, please listen; you have got to put your hand up in the realm of the Spirit and say, “We will not let sin dominate this nation! We will not let sin dominate this nation! We don’t curse the sinner. We bless him with a love for righteousness, but we will not let sin dominate this nation!” You’ve got to take that stand.

Many remember the childhood story about the little boy who put his finger in the dyke to save the city. What would have happened if he had taken his finger out of the dyke? The city would have been lost. That is how we have to see ourselves. We cannot put our hand down. We have got to stand for God’s glory. We have got to stand for this nation to be purified and healed of unrighteousness. We must. We cannot ever put our hand down. The minute we put the hand of faith down, America is lost. Yes indeed, I tell you, Jesus said it Himself, you, dear intercessors, are standing in the gap, preventing the wrath of God. A wrath He does not want to send. How important is that? Those who are here, and those who are online and those who will hear through this message on our website: how important is that? It is so important, every Christian and every nation all over the earth prays for us, “Stand strong. God help them stand strong.” We need America to be strong, but strong in God.

By Nita Johnson in “Never Give Up” Prophetic Insight (Part B)

Mysteries of Trump & the Church (By Nita Johnson)

Below I am going to list several different experiences I received from the Lord to help us understand what He is doing and where He is going. To perhaps clarify this means of communication and see it from a Biblical perspective, let me begin by rehearsing an experience given to Abraham of Old Covenant renowned:

In Gen. 15:7-21, we see that God gives Abraham (Abram at this time) instruction on a particular type of worship of Himself with which He wanted Abraham to engage. (Please take a minute and read the passage.)

When Abraham complied with the Lord’s instruction we see an unexpected series of events unfold:

First: The Spirit of the Lord did not respond immediately as expected which necessitated Abraham to arise and fend off the birds of prey. Later that night, the Lord God sent a sign and a warning of preparation, followed by a promise.

In Gen. 15:12-17 we see that a horror of great darkness came upon Abraham and as the sun, set a smoking furnace and a burning lamp passed between the sacrificial animals. The Lord spoke to Abraham prophetically in conjunction with the vision. He told him that after his passing, his descendants would go into a strange land where they would be enslaved and endure much suffering. Then God would bring them out with great abundance. This period would last for 400 years.

The “smoking furnace” represented Egypt’s tyranny and the resulting slavery that would be pressed upon Abraham’s descendants. The “burning lamp” was the promise that God Himself would provide the sacrifice and initiate the needful deliverance thereby sending light to the impoverished Jewish Nation. At that moment Abraham was the happy recipient of the New Covenant and what would have to transpire for his offspring to become those who would “bless those who blessed them”. They would in fact be the bearer of the Light of the world in the Messiah, and so it has been!

God still speaks in this way wherein He foretells things that He will do to bring forth great good to the people of the earth who are willing to receive it. The time of preparation may be difficult at best, but in the end, we will have beauty for ashes.

Please consider the following experiences in light of what I just shared:

The first section of events I will share will help you understand how the Lord dealt with me regarding Donald Trump, our duly-elected President.

2012 was the first time I shared regarding the Cyrus Mantel that God was about to send our way to enable mankind to accomplish a much-needed work in the earth.

When it looked as though Mr. Trump was going to run for office, I felt that he would be a principal bearer of this Mantel. However, as it turned out, he was simply testing the waters and felt it was not yet time. (I delivered the message in Portland, OR.) It was uncertain as to whether Mr. Trump would enter the 2012 race, and as such, I chose not to mention his name as being an important part of that company of people who would bear that important Mantel.

Just prior to delivering the message, I was experiencing something very unusual: for perhaps two weeks, I felt as though I was living in the time compendium of King Cyrus. I was not experiencing the whole of his reign but, the interaction of the prophetic with the secular world as it occurred in the days of Cyrus. I was totally encompassed by THAT reality. It was as though I was on the inside of the palace, looking out at the then present world, not visa-versa.

Again, I did not refer to the key person as Mr. Trump except to one confidant, as that hope seemed to be all but lost in 2012. How could I forget that I served the God Who calls those things that are not as though they were!?! I do not know! I mean is that not the nature of my whole calling as a prophet?

Moving on to 2015: This is a brief memorandum of another experience that immediately followed. When Ben Carson decided to run in that election, I thought I had missed it in terms of Mr. Trump, and that Mr. Carson would be God’s Cyrus. So, I went with Ben until the Lord spoke to me otherwise through a vision informing me that Trump was His Cyrus. He assured me that he would not drop out but finish the course and win, fulfilling all the Lord called him to do! Therefore, I am now unmoved by all that man does in attempt to destroy God’s plan through President Trump.

I also prophesied in 2012 and again in 2015 that the Cyrus Mantel (Is 44:21-28, Is 45, Ezra 1) would be like a blanket, covering many people God has chosen for this hour to help Him bring forth His full purposes. They would rise in the Church as well as in the secular world, all with a moral perspective on what needs to happen and their role in the process. The days of my Cyrus indoctrination has laid the groundwork for the way I see things even today. When I look at POTUS I don’t see the President of the United States so much as I see Cyrus bringing down the mountains to raise up the valleys to prepare the way of the Lord!

This month, October of 2018 I received several other visions. However, in the midst of the visions listed below, I was in an experience which seemed to put me into sort of a timeless tunnel such as I have only experienced a few other times in my Christian walk. By this means the Lord gave me total recall of the things He began showing me back in 2012.

#1 The first was remarkable: On my wall appeared a vision, it began with an eagle of light. Then under the eagle appeared a line of light shooting almost straight up. There was but a small bend in this light causing it to rise at the 1:00 hour. Behind this scene the numbers 2019 appeared and began to move across the screen from left to right. Following the numbers, these words appeared: look at what I will do in….as the words came to a standstill, the whole line read: look at what I will do in 2019!

#2 The vision of the eagle of light that appeared on my wall disappeared and suddenly I saw yet another vision of an eagle of light which also appeared on my wall. This eagle of light was turned toward a ball of light and was soaring through the heavens toward that ball. The line I saw in the previous vision (#1) had changed. This time instead of ascending, it was in a position of descending but only at the top which, by now, was turned toward the ball. So, in the two visions (#1 and #3) it was difficult to determine whether the line was following the eagle or directing it. Nevertheless, it was inextricably connected with the movement of the eagle of light soaring in full and glorious flight.

The eagle looked so strong and noble that he was almost frightening. It seemed that nothing could overcome him. His eyes were steadfastly set on the ball of light and could not be distracted! While he was glorious he was also fearless, majestic, and carried in His bosom the ability to provoke justice on God’s enemies. He was clothed in the 7 Spirits of God—the Son of righteousness with justice in His loins. (Is 11: 1-5)

2019 shall be the year God’s righteousness begins to be revealed in stunning splendor. The world will look on in awe and wonder for many who do not want to bow their knee will find that the Scripture cannot be put aside, Psalms 2 has been stamped on the heads of the people. When the angel of the Lord shall see it, the wrath of the One seated upon the throne at the Father’s right hand, shall declare it and His Word shall stand fast. Those who have mourned over the evil shall be blessed. Those who have mocked His holy name shall mourn.

For in this the Scripture Matt 21:44 shall be fulfilled that says: Whoever this Rock falls upon shall be crushed to powder. All people everywhere fear the Lord for He is coming to bless His people and pour out His indignation upon the wicked who refuse to repent.

#3 Next Experience: I saw an eagle on fire with the glory of God. He was covered with flames of living fire. His eyes were filled with God’s holy fire. Seeing Him fly down toward me from a mount covered with flames of fire I was aghast in amazement. He was the largest and most glorious Eagle I have ever seen. I knew He was the Eagle Who is our God and King. Somehow, I knew He was the image of the revival of fire soon to grace the world.

The words: “Holy, Holy, Holy is my King, Holy is the Lord God Almighty! My heart is exalted in my great and terrible King!” rang out and tears filled my eyes as I found myself riveted on the Majesty of the One Who was headed toward me from that fiery Mountain! Finally, He came to light in front of a most glorious bride adorned in a most lovely wedding gown covered with precious stones which are the works of the saints.

I understood that this Eagle was the Bridegroom here to join with His bride for the purpose of bringing glory to the Father. The Eagle then became a handsome Prince and immediately they became one. All honor, all glory be unto to You Who was, and is, and is to come! The Church will laud Him, the world will fear Him, the Angels will extol the One Who gave Himself for the World.

He is coming! For the bride and the Spirit say: Come Lord Jesus, Come!

In His Love,

Nita Johnson

The ‘Faith’ and ‘Grace’ Message is Babies’ Milk. The Meat of the Gospel is the Crucified Life (Nita Johnson)

A message from Nita Johnson:

Opening Prayer:

Father, we love You so much. We are so grateful for Your spiritual presence in this place and we are so grateful that You have already graced us with Your presence this morning. I thank You for the word that You have placed in our hearts for these services. I thank You for the word that You are going to feed Your people with Lord, and may everything that we do and may everything that we think glorify You today. Please help us to be Your repositories and help us to open ourselves up to just receive all that You want to put into us. 

Help us to be so awakened to You today and if You can elevate us to a new level of fellowship and awareness of what You are doing in our lives, then help us to walk in those things that You do deposit into us, Father. Help us to desire You above all things so that Your ways become pleasing to us. Help us to hear with our hearts, that by Your Word we might be transformed a little more into Your image. In Your precious name, Amen.

This morning the Lord gave me a vision wherein I saw baby eagles. I noticed something peculiar about these baby eagles—each one of these babies had particularly large beaks. The reason for that was because even though they were baby eagles, they had the capacity to eat a great deal of meat, which was the reason for the large beak.  And we have to be able to digest meat if we are going to be able to go into the deeper things of God. In order to grow into the bigger things of God we must be weaned from the milk and be able to go on and digest the meat.

Now, for many years in the Body of Christ, we have been told that this “faith” message and this “grace” message is meat, but it is not meat. This faith message is babies’ milk. The meat of the gospel is the crucified life. Please say “crucified” and try to say it with a smile on your face.

The meat of the gospel is the crucified life and we must be able to digest it if we are going to be able go into the deeper things of God. No one will ever go into the heart of God except by the means of the cross. By this, I do not mean the Cross of Calvary because we do that at salvation. But by this, I mean that the “means of the cross” is the cross laid upon the shoulder of each and every one who is going to go deep into God.

When he showed me this vision, God said to me that there are eagles here that I am getting ready to put in their place. Now, when you are a mature eagle, there is one place that He will put you in, one commission that He will put you in. When you are a baby eagle, although there is a place for you, it is not going to be likes of what it would be if you were a mature eagle. So, what He wants to do is to put some eagles in the place that would allow them further growth and deeper ministry. That is what this message is going to be about. It is to help you understand how God raises up mature eagles. Have you ever wondered how He did that?

I find it so interesting when those who walk in the deeper things of God do not share about the suffering they’ve experienced. The truth is, one does not walk in the deep places in God unless there is suffering. There is a way that He matures His eagles, but it is always by means of the cross. How many of you want to be a mature eagle?

Please turn in your Bibles to 1 Samuel 16 and we are going to start with verse 11.

Now, who are the eagles? The eagles are the prophets, the apostles, the kings, the priests, and those God is about ready to bring forth. It is also the Bride.

Now, there is a distinction at large between the Church and the Bride. Some people call the Bride “the remnant” and I suppose there are probably many names that you could call the Bride, but the truth is that there is quite a big difference between the Bride and the Church at large. In fact, there are four categories of believers in God. There are four levels that believers fall into in their walk with God here on this earth, the Bride being the highest.

I was also delighted to hear that when God talked about the Bride, He did not just refer to the Bride here on earth. He let you know that if you are part of the Bride here, you are going to be part of the Bride in heaven. But not all believers are part of the Bride in heaven. When you read the parable about the Bride and the wedding feast, it clearly indicates that there is a difference between the Bride and the guests. I personally do not want to be a guest to the marriage supper of the Lamb when I get to heaven—I want to be part of the Bride. I want to go as high as I can go. How many of you feel that way?

The thing is, if you become the Bride here, you will sustain it in heaven. If you do not enter into the bridal relationship here, you will never be put there in heaven. What you do here is going to determine where you are going to walk with the Lord through eternity. So every day as we are making decisions, we have to remember that there are eternal consequences. Amen?

As the Lord spoke to me, I asked, “Lord, how am I going to relay this message to these people?” And he said to me, I want you to use the life of King David. So, we are going to take it right out of his life.

1 Samuel 16:11-13 “Send and fetch him; for we will not sit down till he come hither. And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look at. And the Lord said, Arise, anoint him; for this is he. And Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brethren and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. So Samuel rose up and went to Ramah.”

Now what we see here in this brief portion of scripture is how God works with His eagles, those that he is going to take into maturity.

When you are in an office in the Body of the Christ, say, the office of the prophet, the apostle, you are operating under a kinship anointing, or a priestly anointing—those four distinctions are a part of the Melchizedek Priesthood that are getting ready to come forth. There is an anointing, a point in time when the anointing of the Lord comes upon you. Now if you are desirous of becoming part of the Bride and are laboring toward that end, there is a point in time when the anointing will come upon you and separate you for that purpose.

You seek it, you ask for it, you begin to work with the Holy Spirit in the endeavor, but there is a point in time when the anointing comes upon you and you are separated unto that purpose, just as we see here. The Word says, Send him and fetch for him, for we will not sit down until he come hither.

And that is what the Lord does. When He sees your heart is earnest, then nothing will stop Him. He will say at that point, Go fetch him, go fetch her—go get her. We are not going to sit down, we are not going to go about business until she comes and receives what I have for her, until he comes and receives what I have for him.


How To Walk With God (Nita Johnson)

The message below by Nita Johnson, a prophetess and founder of The World for Jesus Ministries, was sent to her mailing list today.

The Bible says the fear of the Lord is clean. Is that not exciting and wonderful? Does it not make you feel like you want it? I love when it really rains hard because the air smells so crisp and clean. The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever. How do you walk in the abundant life? You learn how to stand in awe of God. When I go into someone else’s church to preach I am so respectful of the authority of that pastor; I would never do anything deliberately to offend him because he is God’s authority over that congregation. I highly respect authority because I respect Him. If you do not have the fear of God it is easy to rebel against authority and become careless and agitated or find excuses for not doing what is right but when walking in the fear of the Lord you cannot do that. When you have the fear of God, you respect authority because you know that no matter who it is upon, that is something of God that is resting upon that person. So you may not respect the authority for the sake of the person, but you do because you stand in awe of God.

How is it that we gain this abundant life? We stand in awe of God. All it means is that we have a new relationship with life. Not only do we see life differently but we have a new relationship with life, with the Church and even the world—because a separation has taken place. To give you a better picture—when I think about standing in the fear of the Lord I think about a five star general standing at attention with chest out and broad shoulders back. There is just something about him that that makes you respect him. When I think about standing in awe of God, I think about it like this—you are in silent worship, loving adoration, lost in the glory of the One that is before you and both the love and the awe must be embraced. The fear of the Lord makes you stand at attention to His righteousness and holiness along with His just demands. You do not sin easily in this state—you practically cannot—it is so hard and painful that you will do just about anything to avoid it because you are standing at attention before His holiness. When you stand in awe of Him, your whole being is awakened to the beauty of His glory, holiness and majesty.

What does the Bible say? Stand in awe and sin not. If you have the awe of God in your heart, that awe will protect you from blatant terrible sin. If you have a TV at home and you have the awe of God and the fear of the Lord in your heart, that TV gets thrown out because it brings sin and the spirit of sin into your home. It is true! And if you stand in the fear of God, your soul cannot bear it. I cannot stand to walk into a living room with a TV on; it is painful to my soul. The awe of God and the fear of God have to go together because those two together bring on the abundant life. Walking in the fullness of God’s life is walking with Jesus, but it means a character transformation of the soul that must be endured and desired. Why would you walk with someone if you do not like his ways? He is righteous and holy; if you do not like being holy then why walk with Him? You will be miserable because He really is holy and every time you do unholy things you are going to be disciplined real fast and when you do what is unrighteous, you know what is going to happen.

Malachi 2:5 5My covenant [on My part with Levi] was to give him life and peace, because [on his part] of the [reverent and worshipful] fear with which [the priests] would revere Me and stand in awe of My name. 6The law of truth was in [Levi’s] mouth, and unrighteousness was not found in his lips; he walked with Me in peace and uprightness and turned many away from iniquity.

I love that scripture because the law of God is in His mind and in His heart. It is not a casual relationship with the Word of God because. The law of truth is in His mouth… It is another way of saying that the law of truth is in His heart. What did John say? That the law came by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. Truth cuts like a double-edged sword, cutting asunder between soul and spirit; it is the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Father and of the eternal kingdom. When you walk over the threshold of truth, your soul has to change; it cannot remain unchanged. Truth is eternal; it is what God is, what He says and what cannot be changed. Anything that is changeable is not truth. If it can be changed—if it has a beginning or an end then it is not truth because truth is eternal. When truth pierces your heart, it has to transform something and depending on the soil of your heart and willingness to embrace it, it may only transform a couple of cells. But, if your heart has been made ready for truth then when it pierces your heart, it may transform a major area of your character. You need this penetration often, because the heart is so deceitfully wicked that it continuously wants to steal the light from you. When you keep bathing and penetrating yourself with truth, it is finally going to find a resting place where it can explode, abound and become abundant life in you, transforming you into the image of Christ.

Is it not amazing that the Word of truth has this kind of power? The world was created by the Word of His power—by truth. If God speaks it, it is truth. If it was created by truth but is not truth, it is because it can change and it does change. You and I are not truth, but God has called us to become truth, which means you cannot lie—not even to yourself. When you begin to lie, you are not truth and neither are you gravitating toward it and whenever you lie you cannot walk with Jesus because He is truth. Truth is a light and anything that is not truth is darkness. How can darkness walk with what is light? The Bible says not only that it cannot but that it also will not come to the light because the light reveals its deception, so if you want to walk with Jesus what must you do? You must love truth and you must love it until you become truth; so seek it and war against the deception that tries to steal your soul away from God. He is truth and all of this is embodied in Him.

So you want to become compassion, love, mercy, light, gentleness, goodness, kindness; except we know we are not there yet, right?  But we are running in the right direction as long as we are running to Him. Because we are not perfect we may run away from Him—please know that is the wrong decision. Come to the light. He desires truth in the innermost parts and you have to get close enough to the sword to let it pierce. When it pierces, it makes greater places for the light to cohabit with you.

God and Donald Trump (Nita Johnson)

The message below by Nita Johnson, a prophetess and founder of The World for Jesus Ministries, was sent to her mailing list on 4 March 2016. What is interesting is that things do seem to be shaping up according to what Sister Nita has shared.

I want to share something with you that I believe will be very meaningful. However, before I do, I want to ask all of you some questions.

What are you looking for in a President? A born-again Christian or God’s choice? Do you want someone that will impress the Nations or do you want someone who will accomplish God’s purpose? When you pray that God will put His man in office, what does he look like to you?

There are two extremes (and everything in between) who are now vying for the Presidency. On your right, we have an outspoken and opinionated Donald Trump. On your left, we have a quiet, gentle, and wise Ben Carson. Most of the rest look like varying degrees of the Republican Establishment.

I didn’t know the Republican Establishment had a look, did you? I suddenly saw it for myself. Once you stack them up against Donald Trump and Ben Carson, it shakes you a little. They all act like a bunch of wolves protecting their dens from the intruders, Donald and Ben. You see, it is no longer about what is right for America, but what this year’s issues are going to be. They tell us what we are supposed to want and need, and then how they will provide it for us. Then we hear the other two men; Donald Trump and Ben Carson, and they tell us something so different that we have to pay attention.

Four years ago the Lord spoke to me and told me that in the next election, He would put a Cyrus in the White House. In fact, He said that the mantel would flow out to many, and they would do the work to galvanize the people to liberate America. I believe He will do this if we will pray. Everywhere I went I shared the vision of the Lord. I have had several dreams and visions about Donald Trump and each time, he seemed to come out of nowhere to take on the establishment! Then it began to happen.

I also felt that Ben Carson was supposed to be in office which the Lord confirmed to me in a dream not long ago. As time moved on the Lord continued to speak to me and something began to take shape that led to this letter.

If you want a religious man, you can have that in Ben Carson. He will be good in his place, in the season God has for him. However, God has not equipped him to do what our Nation needs at this time in history. I look for that to come later. If you want a Cyrus that will turn America back to the land of promise and deal with the high-level wickedness, you must look for the one who is anointed for this purpose: Donald Trump. The man at the top does not need a Cyrus mantel to turn America around if he is a spirit-filled Christian. He does, however if he is Trump. It’s the mantel of Cyrus that will do the work. The man simply will be a tool in God’s lofty and wise hands. I think a great pairing would be Trump as the President and Carson as the Vice President.

Trump may have need of grace in particular areas. Nevertheless, he is not evil like those of the shadow government. He will cause many of their tall and lofty mountains to fall. I promise you, as God is through Trump, doing that very thing. Trump is like a bull out of the pen, he sees red and heads for the target. He is as fearless as a lion being robbed of its cubs. With the mantle of Cyrus and the qualities God gave him, Trump will achieve as much as we, through our prayers, make a way for him to accomplish. It will take the whole team fighting for this nation, for us to win the war.

For our modern day Cyrus to achieve God’s design he will need more than just desire. He will need solid prayer covering and divine enablement. The Church cannot keep thinking that the world will take care of us just because we are the Lord’s. The world wants their government, not God’s. The Church will end up in a den of suffering if we do not fight now through prayer and our actions by voting for God’s will.

One person mentioned to me that they thought God could just put the Cyrus Mantel on Dr. Carson. He could, but the Lord does tend to make the personality of the bearer fit the mantel. This being the case, why do we trifle with God’s selection? He is so much more than our little, and fearful boxes can visualize.

I received many visions last night which led to writing this letter and sending it out. Aim high in faith my friends, and let God be God. He won’t disappoint us if we will pray and trust Him. I stood for Ben Carson because I had several visions wherein I saw him taking on the Presidency. But, the Lord told me it is Trump’s place now. We will not keep America if the Lord cannot have His way. I know it takes faith to receive this so, believe and act on it. We will not be sorry!

In His Amazing Love,

Nita Johnson

Broken City of Spiritual Babylon

In 2003, some Christian prophets received spiritual insight into the spiritual leadership of the world that will emerge in the days to come. Nita Johnson shares this in her essay ‘The New Temple of Babylon‘:

In December of 2003 I met with Sadhu Sundar and Vincent Selvakumar in India for a time of hearing the voice of the Lord together. Both of these godly men are prophets of the highest order in our day and time. I sensed that we were going to receive some important information from heaven during our brief time together. So, I had begun to prepare myself for this visit ahead of time.

We were not disappointed in our expectations. The first night I was in Chennai I was given a vision showing me that we would receive critical links of wisdom and understanding about the near future. The links I saw were many; therefore I knew we would not hear it all over the weekend but that we would receive the first of many that would follow after our mutual departure. Also, I saw the links dance around in the sky then dip in a pool of water which represented the Spirit of revelation. So my ears were perked to hear what I might hear for the rest of the weekend.

While Sundar and I were in conversation about something of importance regarding international issues, Vincent received a visit from an Angel. In this visit he was shown the following:

He was told: The now “Broken City of Spiritual Babylon” will soon be raised up. The government of this repaired house will be as follows.

Under the head will be 3 groups each containing 13 members.

The first group would be the most powerful group under the head. It will consist of 13 cultic world leaders such the Dalai Lama.

The second group also containing 13 leaders will consist of mature seer-prophets from the stage of Christianity.

The third group would be made up of Priestly order workers, again coming from the commonwealth of Christianity.

Under these three governing groups will be 169 leaders of lesser degree. These will carry out the instruction of the head.

Leaders who are ordained to be part of the top echelon of the new true Church government will by in large be approached by the Satanic Kingdom in hopes of gaining their allegiance with the New Babylonian Empire until their pre-determined government is in its place.

He was further shown something about the warfare that would be sent out against Christian leaders.

The Angel told him that Satan had his top witches praying against Christian Leaders world-wide. Where did Satan go to find these witches? To Africa! One of Nigeria’s past leaders, a ruthless dictator sent word out across the globe inviting the highest people in the occult to bring their sorceries to Nigeria and to teach them to specified people who worked with him. Before that, Nigeria had witches, but not the caliber of today. Nigeria now has the top witches of the world working within its shores.

Satan has three categories of witches working against global ministers.

The first is made up of 13 men, the second consist of 13 women, and the third is comprised of 13 transvestites.

Twice in the previous few months prior to my visit to India I had seen these three groups of witches in a series of visions. So, I knew immediately not only what he was talking about but who he was talking about. I had seen them in very clear visions. This work will continue against Christian Leaders until the end. During the initial stages of coming revival the work of the satanic kingdom will seem comparatively diminutive, but will nevertheless continue.

Several years ago the Lord spoke to me in a vision. I saw a huge one story structure which had been constructed under the earth. In time a steam shovel came by and began to dig until it revealed this structure. In the next moment the building came bursting forth to the surface. It was filled with every kind of evil work and was ready to take the next step toward world dominion. My sense was that it was the Catholic Church in a new phase. That was the only way I knew to relate to it. I now understand that this house is actually the House of Babylon which will arise sometime after the Catholic Church is diminished.

In 1999 I was ministering in Portland. While spiritually preparing myself for the time of ministry I was given a vision. I saw a city that was seemingly perfect in every way. It reminded me of the old movie the Land of OZ. The clouds were perfectly hung. There was a beautiful rainbow arched in the sky. Peace seemed to rule the city. Suddenly I saw an Obelisk come jetting up out of the ground and through the rainbow. As I beheld the new structure I became frightened as the presence of evil was so great. I asked the Lord what the vision meant. He said; This is man’s purposes setting itself against the purposes of God. I knew in an instant it was the Kingdom of the antichrist.

Many years ago I was taken into a trance and saw a huge house built that was most magnificent and unusual. When the owner would be away, the house would close up and become a wall, when the owner would return the house would automatically be restored to a home. In time many leaders from all over the world came to look at the house and would stand in awe of its seeming beauty and architectural excellence. I looked carefully, watching leaders come and go. Soon I began to recognize Christian Leaders. Most of those who spent any time at all eyeing this innovative structure would end up buying into it, including Christians. I was aghast, but I didn’t know what to do.

The Lord spoke to me telling me what I was seeing was Satan’s “Sure House”. At least Satan thinks this is a sure house. It is The New Spiritual House Of Babylon.

All three visions carry the same meaning. They are all a picture of the New House of Babylon, that is about to emerge from obscurity.