Keith Green on the Only Music Minister Whom the Lord Will Say “Well Done” (Inspirational Pictures)



Be Enthroned (Neli Atiga, ENCS Music)(Guitar Chords)

C          F         Gsus   G
A multitude before You

C               F           Gsus G
As far as any eye can see

C           F            G   Am
In awe of Your wonder

C F     Gsus   G
We sing holy, holy

C               F                 Gsus   G
Every tribe and tongue proclaiming

C           F                     Gsus   G
Salvation belongs to our God

C                 F         G       Am
All the nations bow before You

C  F   Gsus   G
We sing holy, holy

C     F    Gsus   G
You are worthy, worthy


C               F                         G
Be enthroned in our worship, oh God (x3)

Dm           G
Forever, forever


F                             G
Praise and glory, honour and power

F                 G
It’s Yours, it is Yours (X4)


© Neli Atiga, ENCS Music

Leader of Heavy Metal Band Offered His Sold to the Devil. Then God Stepped in (VIDEO TESTIMONY)

As the leader of a heavy metal band, Kirk Martin loved the adulation, the awe of being worshiped by his fans. He projected a wild, angry image on stage – his anger perhaps fueled from being victimised sexually as a child.

In an attempt to take his music career even further, Martin offered his soul to the devil. Within days, a record company contacted him to offer him a contract.

However, God stepped in miraculously, and Martin eventually never signed the contract. Learn about his amazing story in the video below.

Christian Reggae Singer in Hell (Angelica Zambrano)

Angelica Zambrano is an Ecuadorian evangelist who has visited heaven and hell after prolonged periods of prayer and fasting. During one of her visits to hell, Zambrano saw a Christian reggae singer.

Jesus has a heart. His heart breaks when He sees us in sin. I say us, because I am including myself. God doesn’t want us to sin. God desires to set us free from the bondage of sin. God wills for us to walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. He desires for us to do great things for His kingdom.

The Lord told me, “I will show you another sin that takes place in the altars at churches, it is regard music”. The Lord showed me peoples playing and listening to rock music, rap music, reggae music in the altar at churches. This displeases the Lord. The Word of God says; He wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. He does not say He seeks those who will rap for Him in Spirit and in Truth.

In hell, we moved to another location. Here I saw a young man who was singing. He was singing Christian rap or reggae style music. He was singing a song that I know, another musician sings, but I won’t mention that musicians name. He was singing Christian rap or reggae style music. I asked the Lord, “Why is he here? Lord, I really want to know, why is he here? Why is he singing?”

At this time I was remembering how many musicians are in hell. Selena, Michael Jackson, and many other musicians are burning in hell. I asked, “Lord, did he sing in church?”

“Yes daughter, he sang at church.” The Lord did not say anything else after that statement.

The Lord allowed me to approach the young man, but the Lord was holding my hand. So I began to speak to this young man. He said, “My name is Mark. I am in this place because I did not worship the Lord. I sang rap style music instead. I would sing these songs at church, but I did not like to pray. I had no prayer life. I did not like to seek God’s presence. My purpose in singing these songs was to attract young people to church. I wanted gang members to come to God. I did not realize it is God who must draw them. It is He alone the deals with their hearts.”

I asked, “How long have you been in this place?” He said, “Four years.”

I asked, “Is there any other reason why you are here?”

He said, “Yes, I had very much pride. I am also here because of that. Here, the demons torment me continually and laugh at me. They say, worldly music is an instrument we use to  bring youth to this place.”

Mark was completely bound while he spoke to me, even while he sang. His arms and body were tied with snakes. He would cry and ask me, “Can you help me?” I said, “No Mark, I would if I could, but I can’t”.

He said, “I know, I will never get out of here. Look at me, I am in torment. When I died I fell into a tunnel. After I descended from the tunnel my body exploded as I landed in hell. Worms came out of my body and I have remained in torment until now. I have become disfigured and the flames of hell continue to burn me. I can’t stand it anymore. The demons say this is my kingdom and that satan is my god.”

I said, “I understand, but Mark on the earth you had a chance to repent.”

He cried and said, “Tell the young people to worship Jesus. Tell the whole church to worship. God seeks true worshippers.”

After Mark had spoken a flame came between me and Mark. He became engulfed by the flames as soon as I stepped away. While we had been speaking the flames had only risen to his waist, after this last statement his torment continued as before.

The Lord said: “Daughter, many people think that with certain music and certain programs they are able to attract the world and reach the gang members and drug addicts. No, it is not men that bring conviction of sin. It is the Holy Spirit that deals with and convinces man of his sins. It is I who touches hearts. It is I who deals with the hearts of man. I alone am able to save man. Men think they are saviors.”

This is what the Lord told me. This was so difficult for me. It is still difficult. This is not easy. I think that if you are listening to this type of music you need to stop. This is between you and God though. I fulfill God’s will in telling you. I am no longer responsible because I told you what God told me. If you want to accept it, accept it. If you want to reject it, reject it. I fulfill my responsibility. This is something He required of me. If I don’t obey Him, hell waits. I don’t want to go to that place. I don’t want to end up in a place of torment. I have been there three times. I know that hell is more real than life on earth.

As we left Mark’s cell he began to blaspheme. The Lord told me, “When we leave this place tell my church to worship me in Spirit and in Truth.”

Having Difficulty Memorising Bible Verses? Try Scripture Memory Songs

Do you have difficulty memorising bible verses? In an earlier blog, I wrote than scripture (that is, the the words from the Bible) is paramount in Christian meditation. Nonetheless, one helpful tool in helping one to memorise bible verses is singing scripture memory songs.

That said, I would like to recommend the wonderful Scripture Memory Songs album series that were produced by Integrity Music in the 1990s. These albums were available in cassette/CD format then, but are now available for digital download in Amazon.

What do these songs sound like? Here’s an example of a scripture-memory song from the album “Overcoming Anxiety: Integrity Music’s Scripture Memory Songs

The song contains two bible verses that are sung in the song:

  • And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (which is taken from Philippians 4:7 [KJV])
  • Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee” (Isaiah 26:3a [KJV]).

How to Avoid Getting Depressed

Ephesians 5:19-20 (NIV; emphasis mine) says “speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, ALWAYS giving thanks to God the Father for EVERYTHING, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ“.

How many of us give thanks to God the father “ALWAYS” and “for EVERYTHING“?

When things don’t work out our way, do we remain in an attitude of thanksgiving, even though our emotions don’t feel like it?

Or, do we instead nag, grumble or complain?

That said, I think the secret of preventing oneself from getting depressed is to “always give thanks“.

Sure, things don’t always turn out the way we want, but do we not trust God to cause “all things [to] work together for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28; KJV)?

Indeed, I find that many Christians living in comfortable societies are not in the habit of “always giving thanks”, although we are clearly instructed to do so in Ephesians. Instead, they have a grumbling, hard-to-please attitude. I guess such individuals have taken their comfortable lives for granted.

Besides having a thankful attitude, how many of us constantly practice “singing and making music from our hearts to the Lord“?

Music renders a positive, uplifting effect to our emotions, and thus, when we are devoid of music in our hearts — and on top of that, a lousy, grumbling attitude — is it no wonder that so many are depressed?

So, let us all commit Ephesians 5:19-20 to memory, so that we would be mindful about “ALWAYS giving thanks to God the Father for EVERYTHING“, and also to constantly “sing and make music from our hearts to the Lord“.

To help us in this endeavour, you may wish to play this scripture memory song over and over again:



Christian Meditation: A Quck Start-up Guide

In my previous post, I attempted to give an overview of the subject of Christian meditation, based on the persepctives of Madame Jeanne Guyon, a Christian mystic, who lived in France between years 1648 to 1717, and who spent countless hours in prayer and meditation.

I also acknowledged that although what I shared was meant to be a primer of sorts, the reader might have found it to be very “cheem” (Hokkien expression to mean ‘very profound’ or ‘difficult to understand’).

Indeed, Christian meditation is a deeply spiritual practice, requiring hours to master, and an endeavour which many give up after awhile.

Nonetheless, in this post, I hope to provide the unintiated with a quick and easy start-up guide into Christian meditation.

I start by making this premise:  if God desires that all should meditate, why should things be so complicated?

Indeed, God (in His Word, the Bible) invites us all to meditate and promises blessings on those of us who are committed to doing it:

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. (Joshua 1:9, NIV, emphasis mine)

Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lordand who meditates on his law day and night. (Psalm 1:1-2, NIV, emphasis mine)

Now — and please always bear this in mind — Scripture (otherwise known as God’s Word; that is, the words from the Bible) is central to practice of Christian meditation.

You see, this is because Christian meditation, is, at its essence, the uniterrupted contemplation of God’s Word.

To meditate is to be like a cow chewing its cud — the cow takes in a little grass at a time, and works on it slowly and patiently, so that it can derive maximum benefit from what it has ingested.

Ok, let’s now talk in practical terms.

Supposing you are in need of divine peace, what you should do is find a bible verse (or two) related to the subject of divine peace, and let the verse(s) play over in your mind.

Personal objection #1 to Christian meditation: But the bible is so thick, where do I find verses concerning’peace’?

Well, do a Google search (“bible verses on peace“), or better, do a keyword search in Bible Gateway (

This should yield a number of bible verses related to ‘peace’. Go through all of them and single out ONE or TWO that really ‘speak’ to you or your situation.

Memorize the verse(s) and spend time reflecting on it/them.

Consider how you can apply the verse(s) to your situation. If the verse(s) contain a promise, pray (and do so persistently!) and ask God to fulfil that promise in your life and situation (that is also what some Christians refer to as ‘claiming God’s promises‘).

Christian meditation isn’t something you can do just once and forget about it. Instead, it is something you endeavour to do throughout the day, wherever and whenever possible, until you attain what God has promised in His Word.

To this end, ponder on the verse(s) whenever you are doing tedious chores, like cleaning or cooking. Or, if you happen to be eating alone, reflect on the verse(s) while you eat.

Again — and please excuse me for belabouring the point — mull over the verse(s) you have singled out for mediation, throughout the day and whenever your mind is not preoccupied. (As an aside, I happen to take the view that that time-wasting mobile phone games and social apps are the devil’s tool to hinder meditation — so, if you are serious about Christian meditation, keep your phone out of reach wherever possible!)

Personal objection #2 to Christian meditation: “I don’t have a good memory. How am I supposed to remember the bible verse(s)?”

If you are poor at memorization, purchase scripture-memory songs, play them frequently, and sing along with the songs being played.

Here’s an example of a scripture-memory album that you can download from Amazon:  “Overcoming Anxiety: Integrity Music’s Scripture Memory Songs

So, supposing you are in need of divine peace, play the song in the Youtube link below frequently and whenever possible until the two verses that are featured in the song so take root in your heart. And yes, the song below does indeed contain two actual verses from the bible that are sung repeatedly in the song:  “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (which is taken from Philippians 4:7 [KJV]) and “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee” (Isaiah 26:3a [KJV]).

I hope this helps.