INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Scientists Appeal to UN to Protect Against Danger of Radiation From Mobile Phones and Other Wireless Devices

Nearly 200 scientists submitted an appeal to the United Nations (UN) on Monday (11 May), to request the UN to adopt guidelines to protect against the electromagnetic radiation that are emitted from mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other wireless devices.

Said spokesperson, Martin Blank, PhD, of Columbia University: “They are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely,”

“Cell towers are blanketing our neighbourhoods with radiation. It’s particularly frightening that radiation from our telecommunication and power line technology is damaging the DNA in our cells. It is clear to many biologists that this can account for the rising cancer rates.”

According to International Business Times, scientists say that the constant electromagnetic radiation from communication towers could lead to cancer and also cause neurological, cardiac and respiratory disorders.

“As cell biologists, we can understand what the cells are saying and it’s quite clear,” said Blank.

“But when you have physicists and engineers and politicians and industrial people who are sitting and making these decisions as to what is safe, we’re getting into a situation where it’s more and more of this radiation in our environment with no apparent control. And the levels are so high, that we’re getting the biological reactions and the problems, the medical problems, that are beginning to afflict people in larger numbers.”

Blank said that the increase in obesity, autism and still births may be associated with electromagnetic radiation in the environment. His suggestion for curbing wireless usage was to turn off cell phones and wireless devices when not in use.

The International EMF Scientist Appeal asked the UN, its member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide leadership in limiting electromagnetic radiation exposure and to educate the public about its health risks.

The International EMF Scientist Appeal was signed by over 190 scientists from 38 nations, who cumulatively have published more than 2000 peer-reviewed research papers on the effects of electromagnetic fields.


Mobile Phones Are Linked to Cancer: Research

Information compiled by suggest a connection between mobile phones and brain cancer.

  1. An independent study commissioned by U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile found that cell phone radiation directly initiates and promotes the formation of cancer: [PDF]
  2. The renowned Interphone study also found that regular cell phone use at just 30 minutes per day over 10 years increases the risk of gliomas by 40 percent. It also found that tumors were more likely to form on the side of the head where a cell phone is most prominently held: [PDF]
  3. A review of 23 epidemiological studies conducted by seven scientists concluded that cell phones cause a “harmful association” between cell phones and cancer. The only included studies that didn’t suggest this were “lower quality” ones that researchers say “failed to meet scientific best practices” — these studies were all funded by the mobile phone industry:
  4. Researchers from the Hardell Research Group, which is noted for conducting what many consider to be the highest-quality studies on the subject, found a “consistent pattern” of increased risks for both glioma and acoustic neuroma in conjunction with mobile phone use:
  5. A study out of France observed similar outcomes associated with prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones. Scientists noted higher rates of gliomas and temporal tumors from “occupational and urban mobile phone use.” In response, the EMF watchdog group Powerwatch noted that this study supports the categorization of mobile phone radiation as a “probable human carcinogen.”
  6. A study conducted by the group Lonn found that acoustic neuromas are increasingly more likely to develop the longer a person uses a mobile phone:
  7. In Sweden, researchers studying adult brain tumor cases found that individuals with the highest cumulative use of mobile phones also had the highest risk of developing brain cancer:
  8. The Hardell group conducted a study in 2009 which found that RF-EMFs from mobile and cordless phones are directly associated with malignant brain tumors. This study specifically states that wireless radiation initiates and promotes carcinogenesis:

Mobile phone radiation may also be associated with other forms of cancers

  1. A study out of Israel confirmed a direct association between cell phone use and cancers of the mouth. Based on 460 cases of parotid gland tumors, researchers observed a direct association between mobile phone radiation and cancers of the parotid, the salivary gland located right next to where users typically hold their phones:
  2. A separate study, also out of Israel, found that parotid gland cancers have increased in prevalence by 400 percent in the country between 1970 and 2006, which scientists link to increased mobile phone use: 3) Lymph nodes, a key component of the immune system, don’t like cell phone radiation much, either. An Australian study found that typical exposure to cell phone radiation greatly increases lymphoma risk: [PDF]
  3. Researchers in Germany have also linked mobile phone radiation to uveal melanoma and other cancers of the eye: