Is PizzaGate True? Reflections and Testimony of a Child Sex-Trafficked Victim Who Later Found Christ

At the age of four, UK-born Becki Percy was raped by her biological father, and by the age of nine, sexually trafficked by her own parents who made money out of her abuse.

In the Youtube videos below, Percy shares her testimony of how she would be driven to secretive locations in the UK to be raped and have brutal sadistic acts performed on her and other children.

Through the help of someone who came to know of her story, Percy now resides in the United Sates, where she is seeking asylum. While in the United States, Percy received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour, and receives strength from Him to forgive her abusers, as well as to begin a new life.

In the last Youtube video below, Percy also shares her reflections about PizzaGate.


The Holy Spirit is More Powerful Than Brainwashing!

A time of great persecution may be coming on this earth, and the Lord Jesus Christ has already warned us that on His account, we would be ‘brought before governors and kings as witnesses to them and to the Gentiles’ (Matthew 10:18).

At the same time, the Lord Jesus Christ has instructed us to ‘not worry about what to say or how to say it’ (Matthew 10:19), and has assured us that ‘at that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you’. (Matthew 10:19)

Indeed, this has been the experience of Christians in China who have suffered imprisonment due to their faith, and while in prison have had their human personality systematically destroyed in a most devilish way.

The following wonderful account was given by the late Christian author Basilea Schlink in her book Ruled by the Spirit:

Dr. Leslie Milan, the founder of the Freedom Movement in Canada, describes his experiences during rigorous imprisonment in China where he had to undergo the torments of this brain-washing. “The Communists were able to wash out everything from my memory. No education was available any more, no kind of cultural background to form any resistance. Nothing of my own could resist any more. My body could not resist, for it broke down completely after several weeks. I was a physical wreck. There was nothing in me that could offer resistance. But when God’s Spirit wanted to bring something to mind, out of the subconscious, He could still do so. As soon as God’s Spirit recalled the Word of God to my memory, my tormentors no longer knew what to do. I can still hear how they challenged me and said, Mr. Milan, stand up and answer this question!” They asked me – and I don’t even know what it was they asked me. I could no longer even listen. Suddenly God’s Word began to flow in me and when they had finished their talk and allowed me to speak, all that I did was simply to ‘quote’ what was in me — God’s words. And these seven men of the political indoctrination course sensed for a moment something of the glory of God. It was a witness to them of how powerfully God’s Word works through the Spirit…”

Monarch Butterfly Performance During Pope Francis’ Visit to Latin America — Is There a Hidden Message?

According to Wikia, the goal of the Illuminati is a satanic world government, which they refer to as the “New World Order”. To reach it, the Illuminati uses different types of mind control. One such mind control is Monarch Programming (which as its name suggest, draws its inspiration from the lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly), and which involves the subjection of young children to intense trauma to the point that their minds dissociate from the experience and becomes pliable to suggestion.

Against this backdrop, it was rather creepy to find that during the Pope’s recent visit to Latin America, ‘His Holiness’ was honoured with the following dance performance that revolved around young children dancing around in Monarch butterfly costumes:

Bible-believing Christians would realise that there is no connection between the Cross and Monarch butterflies. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to speculate that there could be some un-Christian symbolism behind the dance performance.

Indeed, researcher Christopher Everard, in his Facebook page, writes this:

Everard on monarch.JPG

For more information on Monarch programming, please read How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, or Mind Controlled Sex Slaves And The CIA, or this Vigilant Citizen article.