A Message Regarding the Last Days (Korean Pastor Kim Yong Doo)

Pastor Kim Yong Doo, author of the book Baptize By Blazing Fire: Divine Expose of Heaven and Hell, recently shared the following message to individuals on his emailing list:

The word of the Lord to His churches and saints sermons 1-2

John 14:12 (AMP) I assure you and most solemnly say to you, anyone who believes in Me [as Savior] will also do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these [in extent and outreach],because I am going to the Father.

2 Timothy 3:1-5 (AMP) But understand this, that in the last days dangerous times [of great stress and trouble] will come [difficult days that will be hard to bear]. 2 For people will be lovers of self [narcissistic, self-focused], lovers of money [impelled by greed], boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane, 3 [and they will be] unloving [devoid of natural human affection, calloused and inhumane], irreconcilable, malicious gossips, devoid of self-control [intemperate, immoral], brutal, haters of good,4 traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of [sensual] pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to a form of [outward] godliness (religion), although they have denied its power [for their conduct nullifies their claim of faith]. Avoid such people and keep far away from them.

In these modern days, many popular things are being constantly created. Such as sci fi movies, sports, and twenty four hours movie channels. People are very enthusiastic about them. When people wake up in the morning, they grab the remote control. Many are obsessed with dramas. There are many TV channels with many different kinds of entertainment programs and shows. People are humming and singing songs of offensive lyrics without any concern. For the people who love watching News, there are twenty four hour news channels. Especially when it comes to making movies whether in America or in Korea, common general story lines no longer impress people anymore. The supernatural movies impress people. The ideas and imagination that were within the thoughts and minds of people such as the supernatural and spiritual things are now drawn out and made into movies. These types of movies will sink and drift people into the realm of the psyche/soul or some kind of spiritual realm within their imagination. The people began to receive these things as though it exists in the reality when these things are really all hypothesis. The reason why movies such as Star Wars, X-Men, Matrix, Harry Potter series, The Lord of the ring, and Chronicles of Narnia are very popular is because people are supernatural beings. What does supernatural mean? This means that people were created to have a spiritual fellowship with God.

Before Satan entered into the Garden of Eden and brought sin to Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve who were dwelling in the natural realm had the ability to hear the voice of God, walk with God, and converse with God at all time. Whenever they had desired to encounter God, they entered into the spiritual realm at any given time. God also visited them at any time. Adam and Eve were able to enter into the spiritual realm to experience God. They had a great privilege of enjoying God’s grace and joy. But when sin entered into the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve was cast out.

God created people and granted them free will. God granted free will and He also granted us power and authority to choose when God corners us into a certain crossroad. Therefore, God had created the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the center of the Garden of Eden to test people’s free will. God may have said, “How will people utilize their free will? I have forbidden them not to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They must choose not to eat it”

God desires to know the deepest things within our hearts. This is the reason why God allows many difficulties, suffering, and tests. Adam and Eve kept the commands of God properly for awhile. The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the Lord God had made. Satan had entered into a snake and began tempting Eve. “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?”

“Of course we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,” the woman replied. “It’s only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat.

God said, ‘You must not eat it or even touch it; if you do, you will die.’

“You won’t die” the serpent replied to the woman.

The devil continuously enticed Eve. “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.”

People possess curiosity. There is a curiosity of faith and a curiosity of evil or sin. When certain type of people comes to you with negative thoughts, these type of people will cast bait onto you. When this occurs, most of you will bite this bait while some may not bite. Satan watches us. We may pray a lot, read the bible, possess holy fire, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and we may be sure of our salvation. Nevertheless, Satan will still attack us. You may possess power, holy gifts, have spiritual eyes opened, and may even have experienced many spiritual things, nonetheless, Satan will still attack you. Why? Because Satan sees the possibility of some kind of corruption. You must always put two things in your mind when it comes to the Word of God. You may possess the assurance of salvation but you must not take as a license. Do not be self-conceited. When it comes to the content of salvation, it has a type of figure.


Salvation is the most difficult thing for people to maintain and manage if you do not possess a heart of trembling and fear. No matter what powerful words may have been proclaimed through your mouth, if you do not possess the heart and will to live according to the words of God that you have proclaimed, those Words of God you have proclaimed will come back to you like a boomerang and the Words you have proclaimed with your own mouth will judge you. Whatever you have proclaimed through your mouth, you must sharply keep. But churches do not teach these things. The churches are moving toward “let’s eat and enjoy our lives!” As a result, church people go out spending money on Sundays. They eat out, shop, and so on. Worst of all, the pastors and their church congregation members go out together. Why does it have to be on Sunday? In these modern days, this is how difficult it is to keep the Word of God. Decades ago, christians sharply kept Sundays holy. Nowadays, christians have a difficult time keeping Sundays holy. In fact, most Christians view keeping Sundays holy as strange and weird. A long time ago, christians did not even do laundry on Sundays. If they had the time to do their laundry, they rather read the bible, prayed, praise and worship. It is best for you to do the things that are related to the Lord, His grace, and service for Him.

When people watch Star Wars, Matrix, and the Harry Potter series, they become crazy about it. Why? It is because people are supernatural beings. People possess a deep and earnest desire for the spiritual realm. Everyone possess this type of desire. These sci fi movies are created by people and are captivating the people. Especially children and young people deeply fall into these types of movies. Harry Potter in the movie has his broom and he rides on it to fly. There was a real event of some children jumping off from top of buildings as they believed that they would fly riding on a broom with their hats on their heads. These children died. Whether children or adults, if they think they have hope in experiencing some kind of supernatural events, their hearts will be drawn to it. People will be swept away.

God had spoken something fearful in tonight’s message. In the last days, there will be very difficult times. God has spoken and classified. “For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving. They will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God.” Even though all these words are important, the more salient point is in verse five. “Holding to a form of [outward] godliness (religion), although they have denied its power [for their conduct nullifies their claim of faith]. Avoid such people and keep far away from them.”

The bible speaks about the importance on the power of godliness rather than a form of outward godliness. The bible delivers a message of living our lives within the power of godliness. The extreme case is that we must avoid such people and keep far away from them. Godliness is not about the outward appearance and this is a solid word from the Lord. Each day, as the last days approach closer, people try to become godly but they look for godliness only through the outward appearance. Such examples are whether a person had achieved their forty days fasting or not, if you have achieved some kind of bible study, how long have you been a christian, and so on. This is the wrong way to look and define godliness. What then must churches and the congregation members do? Churches must preach and teach about the supernatural power of God such as power of the Holy Spirit, authority, miracle, healings, and so on. They need to proclaim the power of God. How has the modern churches become such a religious and powerless condition? How has the modern churches become the churches without prayer? Whether Jesus was in the wilderness, at someone’s home, or anywhere He had gone, the people would gather around Him like bees. What was the reason? He had power to heal and restore. There is the Logos or the theoretical message and there is the Rema or spoken Word of God but because the Lord preached the Word with the dunamis power like dynamite, whoever encountered the Lord, their problems were resolved. But in these days, the churches overly oriented in the direction toward Logos. The discipleship training programs and the bible is only used as a common textbook for the sake of bible study. Although churches must draw out the power of God from the Word of God to utilize, this is not occurring. The missionaries needs to focus on this matter since they are lacking in the power of God.

The churches and the congregation members must proclaim the power of the Lord in order to receive it. The churches are in such a devastated spiritual state because they do not proclaim the power of God. The blame or accountability are on the pastors and the churches. The congregation of the churches are victims. This is a very fearful curse. As a result, the side effects had been manifested and it had been manifested with the world’s culture and movies. People make supernatural movies which have absurd stories. Due to the church’s lack of spiritual power, the side effects of churches are manifested through the movies that are created by worldly people. Through the sixty six books of the bible, God never just proclaimed the theoretical messages, that was not all. In the end, God said stay away from the people who deny the power that could make them godly.

The more closer the last days approach, there will be people who manifest the supernatural power of God. At the same time, there will be people who will raise up the work of Satan. When the devil’s supernatural work manifests, the people who have not connected to the power of God, who do not know about the power of God, and who are theoretical will bend their knees before the supernatural powers of Satan. In the future, the days which are written in the book of Revelation, we will enter into the days of the great tribulation which is also the days of the two witnesses. The two witnesses, the two olive trees, and the two golden lampstands represents the people who will receive the power from God and manifest His power. If such days come upon us, we are the ones who will carry out this great work. In order to carry His power and manifest, we need to pray life and death. God does not grant His power just to anybody.

When you read the book of Joel chapter two verse twenty eight, it states a certain day. In that day, God will pour down His Spirit upon all flesh of men and women servants. In the days of Prophet Joel, the kings, prophets and all the people of faith earnestly had desired such a day. But that day did not come in their days. Certainly, the Son of God came to the earth. He made the twelve disciples but because they were not armed with the power of God and prayer, most of them ran away. There was one area which Jesus repeatedly taught His disciples but was never properly applied by them. It was nightly prayer. It was crying out prayer. Jesus had always prayed. In order to receive the power of God and overcome the tests, prayer is required. Jesus prayed so that He could visit the sick to heal them the next day. Jesus did not have to do that but since He was clothed in flesh, He had received the power of God in such a way. The disciples were not able to accomplish their lives of prayer. Brethren, do you think Satan will let you easily pray when you try to pray? He will utilize your parents, relatives, and even your children. You must spiritually stand firm.

When it comes to carrying out the work of the Lord, pastors and lay believers are all equal. We may receive direct help from our family members but sometimes, we are cruelly retaliated. Test and all kinds of problems may be created through them. When such a thing happens, please remember scripture. Your enemy is within your family. But at the same time, in the book of Proverbs, it stated, brother is there for you when you are in crisis. People can become the vessels of the devil and do his works but at the same time people can become a pathway for God.

You must discern properly. “Ah, I need to discern well. It is time for me to pray for my weak wife (or husband)”

No matter what may happen to you, you must not stop or decrease your prayer life. Do not slide away from praying. Because, once that happens, the evil spirits will thoroughly work to prevent you from getting back to prayer. The evil spirits will work through your thoughts, mind, emotion, feelings, reality, and the people around you. The tests will come to you but not the way you expect.

The more the last day approaches, some type of people with the power of Satan will appear in the scene. In these days, more earthquakes and disasters are occurring and the days are moving toward the last days. Therefore, how can we wake up and pray? There is no such thing as a safe place on this earth. In the future, the two powers will compete against one another! In reality, even though we can not see with our eyes and without our realization, God is proceeding such a work. In the future, a greater power which had never happened before and after will manifest. We are the ones on the earth expecting to receive such a power. This is the reason why the Lord said, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, anyone who believes in Me [as Savior] will also do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these [in extent and outreach]”

This morning, the Lord came while I was preparing the sermon. I could not sleep all throughout the night therefore I have bloodshot eyes. Around 8 am, I decided to go to bed and sleep for a while. But the evil spirit came and tickled my body. The evil spirit also put evil insects into my ears and legs. The insects were crawling all over my body. Whenever I shouted, “Holy Fire!” they ran away. But as I began to go back to sleep, the evil insects came back crawling on my whole body as they entered my ears and nose. When I shouted out “Holy Fire!” they ran away again.

While I was preparing the sermon, the Lord said, “You must speak exactly how I had written down.”

I asked the Lord, “Lord! Please grant me greater grace from this moment! Please grant me greater power now! But please help me not to become prideful!”

The Lord replied back, “I want to ask you one thing. Sure enough, did you truly mean it?”

When the Lord asked me this question, I could not answer carelessly. Because, when such power really manifests and become powerful, the more and greater test will accompany as well.

The Lord asked me again, “Do you want to do the greater work? Or, do you at least want to do the work that is close to the greater work?”

What the Lord had told me applied to all of us. If you think of such a statement from the Lord lightly, it is because you have no faith. If we say, “I can’t do it” or “I won’t do it!” because if we do not do with faith, it is considered sin.

Romans 14:23 “Whatever is not from faith is sin” Therefore, if the Lord tell us to do something, we have no choice but to do it.

I said, “Lord, not only myself but including my whole family members, all my descendent from generation down to generation, and all our church members may turn the world upside down with the power of the Holy Spirit like how Deacon Stephen did!”

But the Lord replied me back with an answer which I had not expected. “Even you have areas in you which are clogged. My beloved children who are the church congregation members also have areas that are clogged inside of them. You all need to seek and find those clogged areas and strip and tear them away! Endlessly love one another and cover their faults. All your current condition will not work! If you cannot love one another, cover their faults and endure them to the end, you yourselves will not be properly changed and as a result the greater power will not be granted to you! In order for the greater power to be manifested, you all need to strip and tear away the clogged areas inside of you! After you have received the anointing and presence of God, what has changed?”

Of course, from the outside, there are some areas that have been changed. We try to live according to the will of God. We have received the prayers answered more rapidly.

But the Lord continued to asked, “You must not conflict with Me or my with my will. All of you need to put all things down for Me and endure all things. In all situations, you must still maintain peace with my heart in you. In any type of circumstance, I desire for you to hold peace without being shaken. I know it may be difficult for all of you but I expect you to maintain this level of faith with my Heart.”

I said, “Yes, anything else Lord?”

The Lord continued to ask, “You speaking in tongue, right?”

I said, “Yes sir!”

“The more you pray in tongue, the more you will be charged spiritually.” The Lord had spoken to me with my understanding level. “Pastor Kim, observe your cell phone really carefully. When you used up all your cell phone’s battery, you charge it as you plug the charger into the electric circuit?” I said, “Yes sir!” “You recharge it right?” “Yes sir!” “When you pray in tongue, you are charged spiritually. When you become exhausted and going through difficulties, you must pray in tongue in order for you to be spiritually charged.” “Yes sir!”

When I prepare sermons, I prepare it as I pray in tongue. Brethren, when you pray in tongue your spirit will be filled with the Holy Spirit. Tongue is the language of the Holy Spirit. Pastors who do not know the Holy Spirit prevent people from praying in tongue. Pastors who do not know the Holy Spirit have written books against speaking in tongue. These types of people will never be able to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then the Lord whispered as He continued, “When you faithfully pray in tongue, it will be easier and faster for you to fill yourselves with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The anointing of the Holy Spirit will be rapid and it will overflow. The best weapon you can utilize to overflow and fill your anointing is to pray in tongue. This is the best way! I desire for you to pray many times in tongue. The more you pray in tongue, the more you will know the spiritual identity of yours!”

Sometimes, even if people receive some kind of mission and spiritual power, they still become confused of their identity. They have difficult time understanding of their spiritual identity. This is because their foundation is not backed up which is praying. The Lord said, “When you consistently and faithfully pray, you will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. When this happens, your spiritual identity will be restored and the anointing will be rapidly be filled. Also, your hurts and wounds in your hearts will be rapidly healed and restored. Your mentality will be healed. All your worries and concerns will completely go away. These will quickly go away. One more thing, do not conflict and create uncomfortable relationship with certain event with anyone and continue in that awkward relationship. Please remember all the words I have given to you. Do not forget the promise I have given to all of you which is to pour down the Holy Spirit upon all flesh!” “Oh! Thank you so much Lord! Lord thank you! Lord thank you!” These words of the Lord was something in which I already have known. But as the Lord point one thing out at a time, I am greatly impressed. ”Lord, I love you!” Please engrave the words of the Lord in your hearts.The Lord even warned us to turn away from the people who deny the power of the godliness. But please you have to know what He is trying to tell us, do not reject just because someone do not agree with you on this subject. We need to make them changed with the help of the Lord.

Pastor Kim Yong Doo



A Korean Pastor’s Testimony of Visiting Hell — And Yes, She Did See Backslidden Church Leaders in Hell

Pastor Jun Eun is the daughter of Pastor Kim Yong Doo, author of the book Baptize By Blazing Fire: Divine Expose of Heaven and Hell. She recently shared the following testimony:

When we do something passively, it will sadden the Lord. The Lord watches us very closely in our thoughts and hearts. When we pray, God will observe and think carefully of each word that comes out from our mouths. When we say “I love you Lord” this word will go into our “I love you” prayer bowl. There is a confessing to the Lord prayer bowl and a shouting out to the Lord prayer bowl. Please never give up on praying.

The Lord observes your will power, passion, fervor and grants the heart to desire. When I preach and play drum, I observe how you worship, praise, and pray. As I observe the congregation, I think this way, “They are suppose to confess their love to their lover who is our Lord. But I don’t think they are truly confessing their love to the Lord by the way they worship and pray.” Many times, I doubt their love. There is no joy in their facial expression and their way of expression do not reflect the heart of love. Your physical body may feel very tired but the Lord desires your spiritual hearts to overcome that physical tiredness. The Lord desires to hear continuous words and expression of “I love you” and “I thank you”.

There is a condition for the spirituality to open up. When we hold revival conferences abroad, there are two groups of people. One group truthfully desire God and the things of God and the other group observes our work silently with pride. The second group will never have their spiritually opened because of their pride. The first group of people longed, desired, shouted, cried out, and did not care about the other people’s view. They had confessed to the Lord with passion. The Lord touched them and spiritually opened up for them. I had witnessed this occur.

When you go to heaven, there are bowls of prayer. These bowls of prayer are placed in the prayer chamber. The bowls are divided into classification. There is a bowl of prayer for spiritual eyes which you need to accumulate your prayer. You will need to be determined to have your spiritual eyes opened. There is a bowl of prayer for repentance. There is a bowl of prayer in trusting and relying on the Lord regarding their future. There is a bowl of prayer regarding your passion, longing, and vision. Lastly, a bowl of the prayer of tears. When people cry as they pray, the angels will gather the tears and fill their bowls with the prayer of tears.

During the US revival, someone asked me a question. She asked, “In the blazing fire book, you said that you have seen the devil’s scheme book. The book they utilize when they gather to hold meetings. Can you please briefly describe it to me?”

At that moment, Pastor Kim, Yong Doo interfered and answered this way. “No matter what kind of scheme the devil may have, you must not worry too much about it. You must properly overcome the devil’s test with your faith.” But since I wanted to tell her about the devil’s strategy, I called her separately and answered her question.

One time, I went to visit hell with my intercessory prayer team member as we prayed. We arrived at the entry of hell. We had formed a single line to walk forward because the pathway was very narrow. The road was attached to a wall adjacent to the right side. There was nothing on the left side. It was a cliff. The right side wall felt very squashy and slimy. It felt similar as when you put your finger into your mouth and touch the inside. This is how the wall felt. As we walked forward, we had to place our hands against the slimy wall to support our bodies and not fall over the cliff. We finally arrived at the center of hell. There were large trees standing tall. The trees appeared as rotted. It seemed like the trees had deep roots because these large and tall trees stood firm. There I saw a first ranked evil spirits gathered around the other devils. Satan was in the middle and said, “We will begin our meeting and the content of conversation must not be disclosed. You need to spread and deliver these things to the people so that they will become accustomed and familiar.”

Let me explain about it. The devil has many different kinds of schemes. The devil had wrote down his strategy of how he will attack us and how he will operate in our lives. The devil had wrote them down from the first page of his book to the very last page. The most frightening thing to know was that his schemes and strategies are successfully accomplished. One thing the devil wrote down was this. ‘Cover the whole earth with black.’ This meant that the evil spirits will hold onto each other’s hands and feet. As they do this, they will make a net. I saw that they had linked together and cover the whole earth.

The devil wrote down, ‘The first mission has been successful. The evil spirits had covered the whole earth. What we have to do from now on is infiltrate the world and the lives of the people making them accustomed to certain things as they become familiar and common. Infiltrate into their minds and thoughts.’ For example, gay marriage is legal in some parts of United States. After gay marriage became legal, those states began educating the children that same sex marriage is a right and natural thing to do. They educate children that nothing is wrong with living with two dads. This is how they brainwash us. Sin becomes generalized.

Let’s say there are a hundred people and you are the only one who is in the truth. But you are friends with these ninety nine people. They all think this one sin is not sin but something natural and a right. But you know it is sin. At first you may say, “No, it is not the right thing to do. This is not a natural thing.” You may have assured this in your mind at first. But as time goes by for a certain time period, and as you are in the midst of these ninety nine people, your mind can become polluted and brain washed. This is what the devil desires. The devil tries to infiltrate your thoughts and mind more systematically and aggressively. Some of the ex Lord’s church members had left with such reasoning. They were influenced by deceptive scheme. This is a very scary thing to live according to the trend of the world and culture. When certain country make certain things legal, the other countries will follow and your children will be victimized as these certain things will gradually influence and infiltrate into your children’s mind and thoughts. You do not know how your children will turn out. They need to sustain and keep their own faith. Your family members are exposed to the crime of sin. You do not know what and when things will occur to them. You do not know how a person will change. I see you come to church, pray, and worship but I see no joy from you. Some of your hearts do not have any joy. There is no love for the Lord. Such hearts will become even more colder as the time passess and then how will you lead your family and friends to Christ? How will you help them hold their ground? You must first firmly root yourselves in the Lord. You must first completely be deep rooted down in the Lord. The Lord desires for you to have the seed of the Lord and grow with the deep roots. The Lord desires you not to be influenced by anything else.

Some of things that we used to think were wrong or wicked. Now these days people say, “What do you mean it is wrong? It is not wrong, it is alright.” The devil’s scheme had been infiltrated already into the world. Many people around me are in such a condition. Please think about the condition of the people around you.

There is one domain in hell called “frozen hell”. It freezes you to the point of where you can become shattered completely. I do not periodically go to heaven and hell anymore. Now days, I go occasionally. Each time I go to hell, the place have changed a lot. Hell has became larger, deeper, and there are many more different people in there now. New people are continuously entering hell. Heaven must be the place that must continuously expand but hell is the one that is continuously and quickly expanding. This is a sad thing. Pastors, elders, and many other leaderships are in hell. I was recently admitted into a graduate school of theology. Most of students in the school drink and smoke. Even the professors drink and smoke. I was thinking, “You are claiming that you are believers of the Lord Jesus. If they knew that drinking and smoking are sin and if they truly know the heart of the Lord, all they need to do is to return back to the Lord and ferently repent.” But it is a sad thing that they do not know drinking and smoking are sin. These students are future pastors and teachers who will need to talk about the Lord. As I witnessed these people and events, the future christianity of Korea is hopeless and stagnant. Therefore, you and I need to properly speak and preach. We must clearly and precisely discern the spiritual realm.

When you were praying during the prayer time, I saw angels busy flying around you as they gracefully flapped their large wings. They were so busy as though they were busy in heaven. The Intercessory prayer time is like the busy time in heaven. The angels are busy taking the saints prayer. When you pray, you need to motivate yourselves with the essence to your prayer. Do not just pray with an empty mind. You need to earnestly possess vision and passion. With such attitude, pray like this, “Lord! I will root myself at this church and no longer church hop! From this church, I will allow You to send me anywhere you want me to go with the holy fire! I will possess the passion of the Lord! I did not come to this church just to stay 2, 3, or for 5 years, I did not come to this church for a moment and then just to move to the another church! I am determined to work for You as I root myself here. I will go all around the world wherever you desire me to go. The reason why I am fervently and earnestly praying waiting for Your appointed time is to prepare myself to be utilized. When my prayer has been fully accumulated to Your desired expectation, I know that You will utilize me without fail.” Do not just look at your current faith lives and carry out your faith lives without looking ahead. You need to have eyes to look farther ahead. There are so many souls are waiting.

It just has begun. I always tell you this, we just have begun. When you look at your spiritual lives, you will see that you are on the spiritual staircase stepping one stair at a time. God is at the end of the staircase(or on top of the staircase). God is the glorious One who is full of grace and mercy. But depending on how you think, act, and what kind of mind you possess, God will come to you gracious, gentle and good or God will come to squeeze you. It all depends on your attitude. Therefore, please step up your spiritual level.

In heaven, there are no special towns for any of the churches. There is one special town called, “The Lord’s Church town.” The Lord’s Church is the one church that has their own town in heaven. Even within that town, the town of the Lord’s Church is divided into outskirts and the wealthy area. When angels build mansions in heaven for the saints, some houses are built with precious jewels and stones but some mansions are built with the dusts of precious jewels and stones. When I look at your spiritual conditions, you are walking up the spiritual staircase one step at a time. When you continuously walk up the staircase and as you move forward, your spiritual dress gradually become longer and larger as it becomes more beautiful with precious jewels.

I am currently in charge of preaching to the youth group. While I preach, these youth do not focus to the preaching. They are distracted and walk around. I become upset. I was thinking, ‘Why can’t they stop moving around. Why can’t they listen carefully? why can’t they worship and praise? Why do they keep touching their cell phones during service time?’ So I nicely advised them but still do not listen. So I sternly said, “What are you doing? Do you not know that the Lord is right here now? The Lord is observing all of you! He even observes your thoughts! You need to pray and give service to God with the pure heart of little child. But if you focus and do something else, will God be pleased? Do you think the Lord will use you later? Who do you think you are pleasing? You are pleasing the devil.”

Then I saw their spiritual condition. I saw the evil spirit with the appearance of a duck. It has very long and a eeri beak. This evil spirit was dividing their attention as it was walking between these youth. It was continuously poking these youth. When the youth tried to attach themselves to the spiritual, this evil spirits came and divided them from getting close to the things of God. These evil spirits tried very hard to divide them from the spiritual. This made me upset. It appears there are duck shaped evil spirits between you adults. You need to become spiritually one and your prayer must ascend to heaven as one. But I see many gaps. Somehow, with the help of the prayer of the Lord and His blood, you are still growing gradually. But you will need to continuously fill the gap with your own faith. In the future, a greater attack will pierce you and the devil will cause larger gap.

Pray this with me. “Lord, please help me to wake up! Please protect me. Please help me to overcome. Please cover me with the spiritual shield! Please grant me spiritual power. Please grant me your blood and poisonous thorn. Transform me with your precious blood! Please help us to transform into the army of the Lord. Amen”

VIDEO: A Young Korean Artist Was Taken to Visit Hell and These Were The Pictures She Drew (Parental Guidance Needed)

In 2009, a young Korean artist who was attending an all-night prayer meeting, was visited by Jesus Christ. She was taken to see hell and told by Jesus to draw what she saw, so that the world would know.

In her first attempt, this is what she drew:

She later drew more pictures to give a fuller account of what she had witnessed, and her new pictures are displayed in this Youtube video below:

A Young Korean Artist Was Taken to Visit Hell and These Were The Pictures She Drew (WARNING: Scary Pictures, Parental Guidance Needed)

In 2009, a young Korean artist who was attending an all-night prayer meeting, was visited by Jesus Christ. She was taken to see hell and told by Jesus to draw what she saw, so that the world would know.

Below is her testimony:

As I was praying all night long, I was able to love Jesus more than ever. One day, Jesus came and said in my Heart, “I will show you the deeper things of Heaven.

I thought I was going to visit heaven, but instead, we visited Hell.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 01

As I followed Jesus, I cried the whole time. I then began to hear moans, screams, and wailing sounds.

Most people have a misconception about Hell. They are deluded and think that if they “Only Believe in Jesus Christ,” they will end up in Heaven. Some even think that once they die, there is nothing afterwards. People believe as they think, and therefore they live their lives as they please…

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 02

Jesus also showed me that as people watch violent secular movies, demons would actually torment the person’s soul without the person realizing it. As a person watches the scenes from TV, their soul is tormented and wounded. Watching secular TV does not help Christians develop a loving relationship with our bridegroom Jesus.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 03

I saw that when people were smoking and drinking, that spirits of snakes filled the alcoholic drinks and the cigarette smoke.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 04

Jesus showed me how people fall into Hell.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 05

Jesus: I see countless people falling into the eternal deep sea of the fire of Hell every single day…Please tell the people what you have witnessed in Hell! You must tell them about Hell! Tell people how awful and gruesome Hell is! You must paint the scene of Hell as if you are within my heart. Draw the scenes with My aching heart!

They are falling into the Fire of Hell. Draw it with My aching heart….

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 06

He felt such pity for people who were falling into Hell every single day!

As Jesus witnessed the sins committed by man, He cried.

Satan and his demons would tie the bodies of sinners so tight with iron chains to control them. Therefore sinners would go deeper and deeper in sin.

I am pleading with you not to commit sin. Do NOT live as you desire. In Hell, the senses are hundreds of times more vivid than what we feel on Earth. The pain is more severe.

As I was painting the scenes of Hell, satan attacked me severely. But I wanted to show the world about Hell and the heart of Jesus through these paintings.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 07

I saw people being tormented on a cross.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 08

I saw people who did not want to eat the bread of life…(God’s Word)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 09

There were people who would not discuss the things of their lives with Jesus, but made their own decisions, and followed their own will.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 10

There were people who drank and ate prohibited things.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 11

Jesus: Please tell people who hurt each other’s’ hearts by their words that they must not hurt or wound their brothers/sisters in Christ. They must not say things without care or love.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 12

This is how murderers, rapists and child kidnappers will be tormented.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 13

The punishment for liars. (Proverbs 20:17)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 14

Those people who stole money will be penetrated by arrows and needles. (1 Timothy 6:10)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 15

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 16

In Hell, I saw a woman and her son who had died. In Hell they no longer loved each other. Because of the unbearable pain, they would do anything to escape the torment, even by stepping on each other.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 17

Insects in Hell. These insects are for people who committed sins by their thoughts. They were filled with their own thoughts and knowledge. Covered by countless maggots, their entire body is wounded by large insects; going in and out of the whole body, mouth, ears and head.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 18

Persecution of the gospel: The picture shows how demons would influence people to persecute, harass and kill the messengers of the full and true gospel.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 19

These people were filled with their own thoughts and knowledge.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 20b

These people were obstinate in their thinking. They thought, “why would Jesus work in my life? Who am I? I don’t think He loves me. I am very evil. I don’t think He would love someone like me.” They were also people who violated God’s word and ignore God’s commandments. They will be placed in an area similar to a frying pan, which was burning with Hell fire.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 20

Those people who do not attempt to align their thoughts with God’s will end up in Hell. We must fix our minds and thoughts on God. This torment was for those Christians who did not share the gospel. They did not evangelize the good news to the lost. They ignored their calling. (1 Corinthians 9:6)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 21

This torment was for the people who had ignored God’s word and still continued to commit sin. They are the ones who performed evil in the eyes of the Lord.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 22

For those who worshiped idols, those that had evil thoughts and were stubborn in their ways.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 23

Grumblers and complainers also wound up in Hell. (1 Corinthians 10:10; Jude 1:16)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 24

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 25

There is a place in Hell for men who cheated on their spouses. For those who became gay or bisexual. They were penetrated by knives and spears.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 26

For those who became sexually corrupt, their private parts were being pierced by demons.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 27

Hell is endless, the torment are endless.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 28

For those who would not repent.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 29

A raging fire all around, with no place to escape. (Hebrews 10:27)

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 30

You must kill any devil that is living inside of you.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 31

When we repent and pray before God, angel armies come down and pierce the demons with their swords.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 32

Jesus said, “Focus Me. You must focus only Me.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 33

When people repent, they cross over from death to life, and Jesus is waiting for them on the other side.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 34

They drop their heavy load of sin, and start on the narrow path to life, and off the road to hell.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 35

Jesus forgives our sins when we repent.

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 36

Repent of your sins and believe in Jesus!

If you do, Heaven is waiting for you instead of Hell.

The place where you could be joyful and have a happy life forever!

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 37

Don’t go to Hell!!!

A young Korean artist taken to Hell_Picture 38