Woman Who Had Been Playing Pokemon Go Claims That She Was Raped by a Pokemon

According to the UK MailOnline, a young woman in Russia has lodged a police report that she had been raped by a Pokemon.

The married woman, whose name has not been released, had reportedly been playing Pokemon GO before she fell asleep in her apartment in the Russian capital city of Moscow

She claimed that she woke up to find a huge Pokemon lying on top of her body and says it was raping her.

The woman said that the Pokemon disappeared when she jumped out of bed – but added that the Pokemon GO app on her phone could still detect the same virtual character’s presence on her bed.

She woke up her husband to tell her what had happened who told police officers that he did not believe her and told her to see a psychiatrist.

The police did not believe her either and that the woman then went to see a psychic who was unable to help her.

Ivan Makarov, the woman’s friend, said: “She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokemon GO.”

Mr Makarov said that his friend had eventually accepted her husband’s advice, in desperation, and had booked an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Could this woman be telling the truth?

Well, Christian ministers who specialise in deliverance acknowledge that there are demons that physically manifest themselves and are able to sexually assault human beings.

Generally, the demons that sexually assault woman are known as incubus, and those that have sexual intercourse with men during sleep are known as succubus.

People who are disturbed by such demons should come forward and seek help.


The Simpsons Predicted That Donald Trump Would Run As President and Would Like Us Believe That He Would be a Failure if Elected

A single episode of an animated show takes anywhere between six and nine months to produce. So, it’s really quite amazing that less than a month after Donald Trump announced his presidential run, the subject of an episode of The Simpsons would be just about that.

Rather creepily, the episode already contains scenes of Trump’s campaign that have played out in real life:

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Does The Simpsons contain hidden messages about Trump? This is what Illuminati-researcher Fritz Springmeier, who was writing on his Facebook page, opines:

THE SCRIPT REVEALED. (24 MAR ’16)The Simpson Cartoons have had episodes where secret societies run the world, where t.b.m.c. “follow the yellow brick road” code words are given, where Ebola and the Higgs-Boson Particle are predicted, where 9-11 is predicted…and now as some of you are realizing that had an episode from July, 2015 where Trump is running for President and a woman being a better president. I interpret the show as an attempt to program us to think a woman will be better than Trump as president. (How’s that for mind control, predictive programming and showing us their script!) Like an Illuminati Grand Master said to another member, who then quoted it to me: “The world’s a stage.”

TRUMP as PRESIDENT. The way the Simpson episode plays out, Bart is shown a vision of his future, which is basically one of failure; but Lisa Simpson becomes the first female president of the USA. This episode of the Simpson’s is called “Trumptastic Voyage” and was aired on 7/7/2015. The reason it is name after Trump is that he was the president just prior to the first female president and he was a dismal failure. The cartoon goes into detail how Trump had screwed up everything, and how Lisa is a much better prez. As I have been reporting for over two years now, Hillary is the Illuminati’s choice of president. Someone knew that Trump was going to run for president back in early 2015. It is being reported on several conspiracy sites that the show aired in 2000, but I think that is incorrect. I will quote David Icke to show you want his site said.


The cartoon foretold a Trump presidency in a surreal episode where Bart is given a window into the future – and found a country brought to its knees by financial mismanagement and a crime wave ushered in by The Donald

In Bart to the Future, first aired in March 2000, a fortune teller gave Bart a glimpse of 2030 – just weeks after Trump vacated the White House.

The episode’s alternate universe reveals that Trump, who will be 84 in 2030, left the country in an impossible amount of debt, and reliant on foreign aid from Europe and China.

This sorry state of affairs is the exact opposite of Trump’s current campaign promise to ‘Make America Great Again’, and stop ‘losing’ to other nations.

The recently-unearthed episode is the latest in a series of eerie Simpsons predictions, in which the show has foreseen the Arab Spring, the Ebola crisis and the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle.

In the episode’s vision of the future, America is also at the mercy of an army of genetically-enhanced thugs, brought about by Trump programs designed to help the nation’s youth which dramatically backfired.

The only person who can save the shattered United States is none other than the newly-elected President Lisa Simpson.

Despite her lofty ambitions to ‘refill the oceans’ and build the world’s biggest book-mobile, her biggest task becomes rescuing the nation from its crippling debt.

An exchange from Lisa’s first cabinet meeting, meeting a balding Millhouse in charge of the nation’s finances, starts with a sobering financial summary.

Lisa says: ‘As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump. How bad is it, Secretary Van Houten?’

He holds up a graph showing a financial death-plunge and replies: ‘We’re broke’.

Lisa later asks whether there is any money to fund her campaign pledges – to which another official replies: ‘No. We borrowed from every country in the world.’

Lisa is later forced to announce an enormous tax hike in an attempt to right Trump’s wrongs, which kills her approval ratings.

It also does nothing to placate the nation’s creditors.

But the nation is eventually saved by Bart, a failed musician in the future vision, who uses his well-practiced ability dodging debt repayments to win the United States a reprieve.

As well as its prediction of Trump’s presidential ambitions, which he has entertained since at least the 1980s, The Simpsons has given The Donald its signature treatment more recently.

Not long after his controversial campaign launch, where he called Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ and ‘drug dealers’, The Simpsons published a short video featuring Homer and Trump in close quarters.

In the video Homer was slipped $50 by a campaign official to cheer on Trump at the launch, riffing on real-life allegations that The Donald had paid for support.

The snippet of The Simpsons episode can be found here:

Rodney Howard-Browne: Donald Trump Is the New World Order’s Worst Nightmare

Pastor evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne believes Donald Trump is the New World Order’s “worst nightmare”.

Speaking on TruNews, Howard-Browne endorsed the Republican Party front-runner, and explained his decision by reading from a statement that he had uploaded on Facebook (and which is reproduced below):

Why I (we) decided to back TRUMP

Our comments and observations, as private citizens:

Coming from outside America (and having become citizens of the USA) we see things a little differently – we see it from a global perspective – from what is happening globally. We know that the Bible tells us that the devil’s end-time plan is a one-world religion, one-world money system, and one-world government – a “new world order” (NWO). This is a plan that threatens every freedom we have and hold dear.

Christianity and the Bible is a threat to this global plan. So is anyone who thinks for themselves. The American Constitution – the document that made America the great nation it is – stands in the way of this global agenda. This is why it has been under attack – from our own president, and others, on down. We realize that it is the New World Order’s Agenda to destroy the United States.

If you want to see things in this country stay as they are, please read no further. If you know we need a change, and you want a change, then this is what we have to say about it:

We cannot vote for Clinton. She has no scruples, has broken the law on multiple occasions, has extreme views on abortion, etc., and works only for those who pay her.

Sanders is a Socialist/Communist. He, and those who follow in his footsteps, will take the country the way of Venezuela and the old Soviet Union. Communism is a failed ideology that has never worked anywhere it’s been tried.

Unfortunately, it seems that whether we have Democrats or Republicans in charge, we keep going in the same direction. The people who actually run the country behind the scenes, continue to run America into the ground. The vast majority of politicians we elect fulfill their own agenda and do not stand up for the people who elected them.

Kasich is not going to win at this stage. He is a GOP insider and is for Common Core. He also received money from ungodly billionaire George Soros.

Rubio has the worst absentee voting record in the Senate. Either he is disengaged, or he doesn’t want anyone to know his true stance on the issues. What kind of a president would he be? He tells his voters to vote Kasich in Ohio and he wants Kasich to tell his voters to vote Rubio in Florida – they can’t win on their own merit.

The biggest vote against him is that he was the establishment’s favorite. The one they could control to do their bidding. America has had it with The Establishment. They have not delivered what they promised. They are all in on the shell-game. The shell- game, with no pea.

Our first hesitation concerning him started at Celebrate America DC 2014 at Constitution Hall. He was scheduled to speak, and cancelled at the last minute, because his office said he was being groomed for the presidency and he did not want to be associated with something that could reflect negatively on him. Why would a Christian be ashamed of a soul winning event?

The second thing – or red flag – is that he claims to be a Christian, but gave only one percent of his income to charity. Where your treasure is, your heart is. You have to put your money where your mouth is.

The third (huge) problem is the fact that his wife was part of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) – an arm of the NWO – and Goldman Sachs – the “money changers.”

She (and he?) is for the TPP and open borders – both of which threaten America’s sovereignty.
The fourth and final thing – that sunk it for us – was when he joined the Bush’s. He brought in Neil Bush (Jeb’s brother) – the man who was involved in the billion dollar savings & loan fraud – to be his (Cruz’s) financial director.

That’s it for me – I am done – he has thrown his hat in with the Bush crime syndicate.

The only place I would put him is in the Supreme Court – if he can prove he loves the Constitution as much as he says he does.

The only one left – who is not bought and paid for is TRUMP. While I understand some people’s reaction to this might be shock – I can only speak from personal experience. I met Mr Trump twice in a 20- year period – once in the ’90’s and the last time was two years ago. Both times were chance encounters – not planned. He did not know who I was – I found him to be a humble person and he treated me with kindness – that’s all. I believe him when he says that he is tired of the direction the country is going in and felt like that if no one else was going to step up, then he felt like he should. I believe that his popularity is due to the fact that he is NOT a politician, but he is one of “we the people” just as we are. We are all tired of being manipulated by politicians, liberals, and the media.

Trump does not censor his words – like politicians do – he says what he thinks – which appeals to people. I am not saying I agree with everything he has said, or that he knows everything he is signing up for, but I do believe that he will put knowledgeable people around him who share the same values as we patriotic Americans do.
People have lambasted him on his language. We have it on good authority that Hillary and George Bush – to mention only two – have very vulgar mouths behind the scenes. Trump isn’t perfect, but at least we can see all his faults. They are not hidden behind a veil of smugness.

Trump has not been bought out by private interests. He made his own billions and he is spending them on his campaign.

A mark of a person’s standing is who backs them and who attacks them. The New World Order and the establishment are spending tens of millions to take him down. When the Pope attacks him, plus two former Mexican Presidents and other world leaders – then that tells me he is a threat to the New World Order and the One World Government. When the world’s financial elite met in Davos, Switzerland, and said they are afraid of Trump – I said that’s good enough for me.

Trump is bad news to the New World Order and the One World Government, spoken about by George Bush (Snr) in his “1000 points of light” speech.

Trump is good news to American Sovereignty.

World leaders to back Hillary to stop Trump


Because of his stance on immigration, he is labeled by the left as a racist and Hitler – something they use in the UK against Nigel Farage and UKIP for the same reasons. If you are a leftist liberal and you don’t have a valid argument to support your opposing view – just call people names and label them: racist, misogynist, Hitler, fascist, etc. Most people don’t even know what those terms mean. The problem is that too many Americans are illiterate when it comes to history – particularly their own. If you don’t know history, you don’t know when you are being lied to. We should hear what the candidates say – in their own words – and not believe the twisted versions. We need to think for ourselves and not be open to being manipulated.

Immigration should take place, but should take place legally – open borders are not the way to do things.

Watch this ……. Black Pastor Brings Down The House at Donald Trump Cleveland Rally! Re: Trump Pastor Darrell Scott:


We are in the final hour now – the final grains of sand are slipping through the hour glass. We stand on the brink of a one-world government, one-world religion, one-world money system, and the rise of the antichrist.

I will say that a Trump presidency will give us a stay of execution, only.

All the nonsense stirred up in the main stream propaganda media: the lies – racism stirred up, etc., is all a ploy to take Mr Trump down. My concern is that, even if he becomes the nominee, he will be in danger – I fear for his life.

The GOP wants a brokered convention – to steal the nomination from the people’s choice. Personally, I don’t think they want Cruz either, but they have co-opted him.

I am shocked at how violently people are responding to each other over their choice of presidential candidate. Even Christians are ripping into each other. You are perfectly entitled to freely choose the candidate you feel represents your values. On the other hand, please be respectful of other people’s opinions and choices.

This is a free country and we are thankful that we have the 1st amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means being respectful of other people’s freedoms to say what they want to say, as well.

I leave these points for your consideration – pray for America, vote, and let’s see what happens.

All our love
Private Citizens Rodney & Adonica

Howard-Browne further elaborated on his support for Trump during the TruNews interview.

“I met Mr. Trump twice in a 20-year period—once in the ’90s and the last time was two years ago,” he said. “Both times were chance encounters, not planned. He did not know who I was. I found him to be a humble person and he treated me with kindness—that’s all.

“I believe him when he says that he is tired of the direction the country is going in and felt like that if no one else was going to step up, then he felt like he should. I believe that his popularity is due to the fact that he is not a politician, but he is one of ‘We the People’ just as we are.

“We are all tired of being manipulated by politicians, liberals and the media. Trump does not censor his words like politicians do. He says what he thinks, which appeals to people. I am not saying I agree with everything he has said, or that he knows everything he is signing up for, but I do believe that he will put knowledgeable people around him who share the same values as we patriotic Americans do.”

Addressing concerns about the frequent vulgarity of Trump’s campaign, Howard-Browne said the GOP front-runner “isn’t perfect, but at least we can see all his faults.” He said, unlike other candidates, those faults aren’t “hidden behind a veil of smugness.”

“A mark of a person’s standing is who backs them and who attacks them,” he said. “The New World Order and the establishment are spending tens of millions to take him down.

“When the Pope attacks him, plus two former Mexican presidents and other world leaders—then that tells me he is a threat to the New World Order and the One World Government. When the world’s financial elite met in Davos, Switzerland, and said they are afraid of Trump. I said that’s good enough for me.

“Trump is bad news to the New World Order and the One World Government, spoken about by George H.W. Bush in his ‘1,000 points of light’ speech. Trump is good news to American Sovereignty.”

Click here to listen to the entire interview.

God and Donald Trump (Nita Johnson)

The message below by Nita Johnson, a prophetess and founder of The World for Jesus Ministries, was sent to her mailing list on 4 March 2016. What is interesting is that things do seem to be shaping up according to what Sister Nita has shared.

I want to share something with you that I believe will be very meaningful. However, before I do, I want to ask all of you some questions.

What are you looking for in a President? A born-again Christian or God’s choice? Do you want someone that will impress the Nations or do you want someone who will accomplish God’s purpose? When you pray that God will put His man in office, what does he look like to you?

There are two extremes (and everything in between) who are now vying for the Presidency. On your right, we have an outspoken and opinionated Donald Trump. On your left, we have a quiet, gentle, and wise Ben Carson. Most of the rest look like varying degrees of the Republican Establishment.

I didn’t know the Republican Establishment had a look, did you? I suddenly saw it for myself. Once you stack them up against Donald Trump and Ben Carson, it shakes you a little. They all act like a bunch of wolves protecting their dens from the intruders, Donald and Ben. You see, it is no longer about what is right for America, but what this year’s issues are going to be. They tell us what we are supposed to want and need, and then how they will provide it for us. Then we hear the other two men; Donald Trump and Ben Carson, and they tell us something so different that we have to pay attention.

Four years ago the Lord spoke to me and told me that in the next election, He would put a Cyrus in the White House. In fact, He said that the mantel would flow out to many, and they would do the work to galvanize the people to liberate America. I believe He will do this if we will pray. Everywhere I went I shared the vision of the Lord. I have had several dreams and visions about Donald Trump and each time, he seemed to come out of nowhere to take on the establishment! Then it began to happen.

I also felt that Ben Carson was supposed to be in office which the Lord confirmed to me in a dream not long ago. As time moved on the Lord continued to speak to me and something began to take shape that led to this letter.

If you want a religious man, you can have that in Ben Carson. He will be good in his place, in the season God has for him. However, God has not equipped him to do what our Nation needs at this time in history. I look for that to come later. If you want a Cyrus that will turn America back to the land of promise and deal with the high-level wickedness, you must look for the one who is anointed for this purpose: Donald Trump. The man at the top does not need a Cyrus mantel to turn America around if he is a spirit-filled Christian. He does, however if he is Trump. It’s the mantel of Cyrus that will do the work. The man simply will be a tool in God’s lofty and wise hands. I think a great pairing would be Trump as the President and Carson as the Vice President.

Trump may have need of grace in particular areas. Nevertheless, he is not evil like those of the shadow government. He will cause many of their tall and lofty mountains to fall. I promise you, as God is through Trump, doing that very thing. Trump is like a bull out of the pen, he sees red and heads for the target. He is as fearless as a lion being robbed of its cubs. With the mantle of Cyrus and the qualities God gave him, Trump will achieve as much as we, through our prayers, make a way for him to accomplish. It will take the whole team fighting for this nation, for us to win the war.

For our modern day Cyrus to achieve God’s design he will need more than just desire. He will need solid prayer covering and divine enablement. The Church cannot keep thinking that the world will take care of us just because we are the Lord’s. The world wants their government, not God’s. The Church will end up in a den of suffering if we do not fight now through prayer and our actions by voting for God’s will.

One person mentioned to me that they thought God could just put the Cyrus Mantel on Dr. Carson. He could, but the Lord does tend to make the personality of the bearer fit the mantel. This being the case, why do we trifle with God’s selection? He is so much more than our little, and fearful boxes can visualize.

I received many visions last night which led to writing this letter and sending it out. Aim high in faith my friends, and let God be God. He won’t disappoint us if we will pray and trust Him. I stood for Ben Carson because I had several visions wherein I saw him taking on the Presidency. But, the Lord told me it is Trump’s place now. We will not keep America if the Lord cannot have His way. I know it takes faith to receive this so, believe and act on it. We will not be sorry!

In His Amazing Love,

Nita Johnson

Did the World’s Tallest Man Become a Christian and Get Baptised?

The internet is abuzz with a report that the world’s tallest man, Sultan Kösen, has become a Christian and has even become baptised! (see video below)

Sultan Kösen (born 10 December 1982 in Mardin, Turkey) is a Turkish farmer who holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male at 251 centimetres (8 ft 3 in).

However, this report appears to be false. Rather, it is the tallest man of Peru, Margarito Machahuay Varela, who has gotten baptised (http://www.thetallestman.com/margaritomachahuayvarela.htm).

Christian Leader Bill Gothard Sued for Sexual Abuse

Bill Gothard, founder of Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP), is being sued by 10 more women claiming sexual abuse during his time with the ministry.

According to The Gospel Herald, there are now over 60 women who have come forward with such claims.

The 81-year-old unmarried church leader resigned from IBPL in 2014 after more than 30 women said they had been molested by him, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the story.

The lawsuit filed in an Illinois circuit court includes allegations that range from sexual harassment, inappropriate touching and hand-holding, molestation and rape, according to the complaint provided to the New York Daily News by the lawyers representing the women at the Texas Gibbs Law Firm.

The accounts, some of which were posted on a blog called Recovering Grace, come from the types of vulnerable women who would come to IBLP’s training centers seeking bible study and counseling, many of them victims of incest by their fathers or older family members, or who had been sold into human trafficking.

In one account, a woman only identified as Jane Doe II, who was a victim of trafficking and was sent by her abusive father to one of IBLP’s training centers in Indiana claims that she was forced to have sex with both Gothard and a ‘biblical counselor,” Kenneth Copley, in two separate instances.

In the woman’s account, as well as the other women’s stories involved in the lawsuit, she told IBLP staff about the assaults but they never reported it to police.

Other accounts of sexual assault included in the lawsuit, filed in DuPage County Circuit Court in Illinois, accuse Gothard of holding hands, playing footsie and molesting young women sent to IBLP training centers.

Although Gothard, who founded the ministry in 1961, admitted that some of his behavior toward women was a “sin” in a letter included in Wednesday’s lawsuit written to his accusers, he denied the allegations when reached by phone by the Washington Post.

“Never in my life have I touched a girl sexually. I’m shocked to even hear that,” Gothard told the Washington Post. “That really is not true.”

Gothard is known for urging women to dress modestly and to have large families.

Starting in 1993, IBLP used to hold their ‘Basic Seminar’ annually in Singapore, but appear to have discontinued it in recent years.

Philippine Catholic Church’s Response to Manny Pacquiao’s Comments on Gay Marriage – Is the Church Irresponsible to Homosexuals for Not Telling Them the Truth?

The Philippine Catholic church has defended boxing hero Manny Pacquiao for his opposition to gay marriage, saying he was only quoting the Bible.

Said Father Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the public affairs office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP): “This is really in the Bible. There is this quote he (Pacquiao) uses from the Bible and we cannot change that”.

According to The Philippine Star, Secillano, nevertheless, added that Pacquiao should respect homosexuals and not “judge” and “condemn” them.

“The church says that if this is your lifestyle, if this is your orientation, then we respect that. We cannot condemn them,” said Secillano.

However, Secillano’s comments seem to reflect a willingness by the Philippine Catholic Church to withhold godly truths just to appease the gay community.

In particular, the bible clearly states that homosexuals – among other people who commit a variety of other sins – will not go to heaven:

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; New American Standard Bible [with emphasis added])

In not confronting gay people with the plain truth, the Philippine Catholic church is being irresponsible, and gay people risk missing out on eternal life just because their spiritual leaders are man-pleasers rather than God-pleasers.