Wealthy and Prosperous Pastor of a Large Congregation in Hell Because He Was a Drunkard, a Liar, and an Adulterer (Angelica Zambrano)

Angelica Zambrano is an Ecuadorian evangelist who has visited heaven and hell after prolonged periods of prayer and fasting. During one of her visits to hell, Zambrano saw a wealthy and prosperous pastor of a large congregation in hell because he was a drunkard, a liar, and an adulterer.

After leaving that location I went to another place. In this location a pastor was burning in torment. This man was holding his hand in a manner in which he seemed to be drinking an alcoholic drink. He was acting drunk. I thought, a drunken pastor in hell?

He had been a hypocrite in church. This man had pastored a large congregation with multitude of members. The Lord revealed to me, not only had he been a drunk, he was also a liar and an adulterer. Next to the pastor was a demon that appeared to him like a woman. In hell he continued to be a drunk and an adulterer with the demon who tortured him. The man told me. “I was a pastor. I preached God’s Word, but I did not live God’s Word. I would get drunk and I also cheated on my wife. I never repented of my sinful ways.”

This man knew that God’s Word says that adulterers shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven, neither shall drunkards. Many people on earth preach God’s Word but continue to live in sin. People need to stop sinning and begin to seek God. The pastor told me, “You must warn people not to come to this place. Please, you must warn the churches to escape the flames of hell.”

The Lord showed me a large screen that showed a part of his life. On earth he would preach while his wife was with him supporting his ministry. He was wealthy and prosperous. But you know what? In hell he no longer had opportunities of salvation. He no longer had the women he had loved on the earth. For all eternity all he had was eternal torment. Torment, torment, torment, this is all he had.

I was discouraged when I saw how a pastor could end up in hell. I told the Lord, “I don’t want to see anymore, I don’t even want to preach anymore.” The Lord spoke to me and said, “Daughter, you must fulfill my will. You must obey. I will show you why.”