Is Satan Real? Is Hell Real?

In the audio clip below, former Satanic priest John Ramirez shares his experience with the dark side and his visit to hell :


Christian Woman in Hell for Vanity

This is the testimony of Janice, who, in an out-of-body experience, found herself in hell.

Although Janice considered herself a Christian and was baptized when she was 18, she was a backslidden Christian who would drink, smoke, curse and do a number of things which she knew to be ungodly.

Her greatest weakness though was in the area of vanity.

“I had become a lover of myself I only cared about what I looked like,” she said.

“I wanted to get my hair done all the time, my nails done, and to do my makeup all the time — that’s the only thing that I cared about.”

“I mean, [I was] really turning into a materialistic person full of vanity.”

According to Janice, the part of hell she was taken to was ‘for Christians who did not do their job on earth or people who knew Jesus but were lukewarm and halfway chose him and halfway chose the world’.

In hell, she received a revelation of her whole life, in particular, of the opportunities she has squandered in sharing the gospel.

What she was most concerned about in hell was of the torments that awaited her. At the same time, she perfectly understood why she ended up there.

“Every situation where I had done something evil, [where I] had done something wrong to somebody — I had understanding of why I was there in hell and, you know, it was literally on account of all of my actions, and it was completely justifiable.”

You can watch Janice’s full testimony below.

Death and Hades Are Persons

According to the late bible teacher, Derek Prince, death and hades are persons. Below are excerpts from the book The Spirit-filled Believer’s Handbook.

Just what is the true nature of Death and Hades as revealed in the New Testament? John’s famous vision of the four horsemen sheds light on this question. Concerning the fourth horseman, John says:

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him (Rev. 6:8).

It is obvious from this account that both Death and Hades were revealed to John as being persons. Only a person could sit on a horse, and only another person could follow along with this first one. This passage therefore casts light on the nature of Death and Hades as revealed in the Scriptures.

In one sense death is a state or condition. It is the cessation of life, the experience which results in the separation of the spirit from the body. However, Death is also a person. Death is the dark angel, the minister of Satan who claims the spirit of every unrighteous person that is separated from his body when he dies.

A similar truth applies also to Hades. In one sense Hades is a place of confinement for departed spirits. In another sense, however, Hades is a person. Hades, like Death, is a dark angel, a minister of Satan, following close upon the heels of Death. Hades takes charge of the spirits of the unrighteous which have been claimed by Death and conducts them to the realm of departed spirits from which he receives his name – that is, Hades.

Thus Death and Hades are both dark angels, ministers of Satan’s infernal kingdom. But the difference between them is this: Death first claims the departing spirits of all who die in unrighteousness; Hades receives them from Death and conducts them to their appointed place of imprisonment. For this reason John saw them moving among men in that order: first Death, claiming the departing spirits, then Hades, taking them to their prison in the lower world.

This scene from Revelation casts light on the words of Jesus.

Most assuredly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he shall never see death (John 8:51). ·

Jesus does not say here that the believer will not experience physical death. He says that the believer will not “see death.” He is not referring to the physical condition of death which results from the separation of the spirit from the body. When He speaks of “seeing death,” He is referring to the person of the dark angel whose name is Death, and to the other dark angel, his companion, whose name is Hades.

Jesus means that the spirit of the true believer, on departing from the body, will never come under the dominion of these two dark angels, Death and Hades. Rather, like the poor beggar Lazarus, the departing spirit of the true believer will be met by God’s angels – the angels of light – and by them be escorted to Paradise.

With this in mind, too, we can understand Paul’s statement that “the last enemy that will be destroyed is death” (1 Cor. 15:26); and also John’s statement that “then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire” (Rev. 20:14).

In each of these passages the primary reference is to Death and Hades as persons, as dark angels, ministers of Satan and enemies of God and the human race. The last of all God’s enemies to receive the judgment due him will be Death. Together with Hades he will be cast into the lake of fire, there to join their master, Satan, and all the rest of Satan’s servants and followers both angelic and human.

By this final act of judgment, the last of God’s enemies will forever have been banished from His presence.

This Christian Man Experienced Outer Darkness and Hell (Testimony)

Outer darkness and hell are real places.

Matthew 25:30 (NIV) warns us that outer darkness is reserved for servants who are worthless:

“And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

In March this year, this Christian man experienced outer darkness and hell. He shares his terrifying experience in this video:

Young Girl Dies of Shame Caused by Her Father

The following tragic story of a young girl who died of shame was narrated by the late RA Torrey in his book, Heaven or Hell.

Hell is a place of insatiable and tormenting desire. Remember what Jesus told us of the rich man in hell. The rich man said, “Send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame” (Luke 16:24).

You will carry into the next world the desires that you build up here. Hell is the place where desires and passions exist in their highest potency, and where there is nothing to gratify them. Men and women who are living in sin and worldliness are developing passions and desires for which there is no gratification in hell. Happy are those people who set their affections on things above. Those who cultivate power, passions, and desires for which there is no gratification in the next world will spend eternity in severe torment.

Hell is a place of shame. Oh, the awful, heartbreaking agony of shame! It can cause depression, illness, and even death. A bank cashier was in a hurry to get rich, so he appropriated the funds of the bank and invested them, intending to pay them back. But his investment failed. For a long time, he managed to conceal his theft from the bank examiner. One day the embezzlement was discovered. The cashier had to acknowledge his crime. He was arrested, tried and sent to prison.

He had a beautiful wife and a lovely child, a sweet little girl. Some time after his arrest and imprisonment, the little child came home sobbing. “Oh,” she said, “Mother, I can never go back to that school again. Send for my books.”

Thinking it was some childish whim, the mother said, “Of course you will go back.”

“No,” the child insisted, “I can never go back. Send for my books.”

“Darling, what is the matter?”

She said, “Another little girl said to me today, ‘Your father is a thief.”‘

Oh, the cruel stab! The mother saw that her child could not go back to school. The wound was fatal. That fair blossom began to fade. A physician was called, but her illness surpassed all the capacities of his skill. The child grew weaker every day until they laid her on her bed. The physician said, “Madam, I am powerless in this case. The child’s heart has given way with the agony of the wound. Your child will probably die.”

The mother went in and said to her dying child, “Darling, is there anything you would like to have me do for you?”

“Oh yes, Mother, send for Father. Let him come home and lay his head down on the pillow beside mine as he used to do.”

But the father was behind iron bars. They spoke to the governor, and he said, “I have no power in the matter.” They spoke to the warden of the prison. He said, “I have no power in the matter.”

But hearts were touched by the girl’s condition. The judge and the governor made an arrangement so that the father was permitted to come home under a deputy-warden. He reached his home late at night and entered his house. The physician was waiting. He said, “I think you had better go in tonight, for I am afraid your child will not live until morning.”

The father went to the door and opened it. The child looked up quickly. “Oh,” she said, “I knew it was you, Father. I knew you would come. Come and lay your head beside mine on the pillow just as you used to do.”

The strong man went and laid his head on the pillow. The child lovingly patted his cheek and died. She was killed by shame. Hell is the place of shame, where everybody is dishonored.

A Korean Pastor’s Testimony of Visiting Hell — And Yes, She Did See Backslidden Church Leaders in Hell

Pastor Jun Eun is the daughter of Pastor Kim Yong Doo, author of the book Baptize By Blazing Fire: Divine Expose of Heaven and Hell. She recently shared the following testimony:

When we do something passively, it will sadden the Lord. The Lord watches us very closely in our thoughts and hearts. When we pray, God will observe and think carefully of each word that comes out from our mouths. When we say “I love you Lord” this word will go into our “I love you” prayer bowl. There is a confessing to the Lord prayer bowl and a shouting out to the Lord prayer bowl. Please never give up on praying.

The Lord observes your will power, passion, fervor and grants the heart to desire. When I preach and play drum, I observe how you worship, praise, and pray. As I observe the congregation, I think this way, “They are suppose to confess their love to their lover who is our Lord. But I don’t think they are truly confessing their love to the Lord by the way they worship and pray.” Many times, I doubt their love. There is no joy in their facial expression and their way of expression do not reflect the heart of love. Your physical body may feel very tired but the Lord desires your spiritual hearts to overcome that physical tiredness. The Lord desires to hear continuous words and expression of “I love you” and “I thank you”.

There is a condition for the spirituality to open up. When we hold revival conferences abroad, there are two groups of people. One group truthfully desire God and the things of God and the other group observes our work silently with pride. The second group will never have their spiritually opened because of their pride. The first group of people longed, desired, shouted, cried out, and did not care about the other people’s view. They had confessed to the Lord with passion. The Lord touched them and spiritually opened up for them. I had witnessed this occur.

When you go to heaven, there are bowls of prayer. These bowls of prayer are placed in the prayer chamber. The bowls are divided into classification. There is a bowl of prayer for spiritual eyes which you need to accumulate your prayer. You will need to be determined to have your spiritual eyes opened. There is a bowl of prayer for repentance. There is a bowl of prayer in trusting and relying on the Lord regarding their future. There is a bowl of prayer regarding your passion, longing, and vision. Lastly, a bowl of the prayer of tears. When people cry as they pray, the angels will gather the tears and fill their bowls with the prayer of tears.

During the US revival, someone asked me a question. She asked, “In the blazing fire book, you said that you have seen the devil’s scheme book. The book they utilize when they gather to hold meetings. Can you please briefly describe it to me?”

At that moment, Pastor Kim, Yong Doo interfered and answered this way. “No matter what kind of scheme the devil may have, you must not worry too much about it. You must properly overcome the devil’s test with your faith.” But since I wanted to tell her about the devil’s strategy, I called her separately and answered her question.

One time, I went to visit hell with my intercessory prayer team member as we prayed. We arrived at the entry of hell. We had formed a single line to walk forward because the pathway was very narrow. The road was attached to a wall adjacent to the right side. There was nothing on the left side. It was a cliff. The right side wall felt very squashy and slimy. It felt similar as when you put your finger into your mouth and touch the inside. This is how the wall felt. As we walked forward, we had to place our hands against the slimy wall to support our bodies and not fall over the cliff. We finally arrived at the center of hell. There were large trees standing tall. The trees appeared as rotted. It seemed like the trees had deep roots because these large and tall trees stood firm. There I saw a first ranked evil spirits gathered around the other devils. Satan was in the middle and said, “We will begin our meeting and the content of conversation must not be disclosed. You need to spread and deliver these things to the people so that they will become accustomed and familiar.”

Let me explain about it. The devil has many different kinds of schemes. The devil had wrote down his strategy of how he will attack us and how he will operate in our lives. The devil had wrote them down from the first page of his book to the very last page. The most frightening thing to know was that his schemes and strategies are successfully accomplished. One thing the devil wrote down was this. ‘Cover the whole earth with black.’ This meant that the evil spirits will hold onto each other’s hands and feet. As they do this, they will make a net. I saw that they had linked together and cover the whole earth.

The devil wrote down, ‘The first mission has been successful. The evil spirits had covered the whole earth. What we have to do from now on is infiltrate the world and the lives of the people making them accustomed to certain things as they become familiar and common. Infiltrate into their minds and thoughts.’ For example, gay marriage is legal in some parts of United States. After gay marriage became legal, those states began educating the children that same sex marriage is a right and natural thing to do. They educate children that nothing is wrong with living with two dads. This is how they brainwash us. Sin becomes generalized.

Let’s say there are a hundred people and you are the only one who is in the truth. But you are friends with these ninety nine people. They all think this one sin is not sin but something natural and a right. But you know it is sin. At first you may say, “No, it is not the right thing to do. This is not a natural thing.” You may have assured this in your mind at first. But as time goes by for a certain time period, and as you are in the midst of these ninety nine people, your mind can become polluted and brain washed. This is what the devil desires. The devil tries to infiltrate your thoughts and mind more systematically and aggressively. Some of the ex Lord’s church members had left with such reasoning. They were influenced by deceptive scheme. This is a very scary thing to live according to the trend of the world and culture. When certain country make certain things legal, the other countries will follow and your children will be victimized as these certain things will gradually influence and infiltrate into your children’s mind and thoughts. You do not know how your children will turn out. They need to sustain and keep their own faith. Your family members are exposed to the crime of sin. You do not know what and when things will occur to them. You do not know how a person will change. I see you come to church, pray, and worship but I see no joy from you. Some of your hearts do not have any joy. There is no love for the Lord. Such hearts will become even more colder as the time passess and then how will you lead your family and friends to Christ? How will you help them hold their ground? You must first firmly root yourselves in the Lord. You must first completely be deep rooted down in the Lord. The Lord desires for you to have the seed of the Lord and grow with the deep roots. The Lord desires you not to be influenced by anything else.

Some of things that we used to think were wrong or wicked. Now these days people say, “What do you mean it is wrong? It is not wrong, it is alright.” The devil’s scheme had been infiltrated already into the world. Many people around me are in such a condition. Please think about the condition of the people around you.

There is one domain in hell called “frozen hell”. It freezes you to the point of where you can become shattered completely. I do not periodically go to heaven and hell anymore. Now days, I go occasionally. Each time I go to hell, the place have changed a lot. Hell has became larger, deeper, and there are many more different people in there now. New people are continuously entering hell. Heaven must be the place that must continuously expand but hell is the one that is continuously and quickly expanding. This is a sad thing. Pastors, elders, and many other leaderships are in hell. I was recently admitted into a graduate school of theology. Most of students in the school drink and smoke. Even the professors drink and smoke. I was thinking, “You are claiming that you are believers of the Lord Jesus. If they knew that drinking and smoking are sin and if they truly know the heart of the Lord, all they need to do is to return back to the Lord and ferently repent.” But it is a sad thing that they do not know drinking and smoking are sin. These students are future pastors and teachers who will need to talk about the Lord. As I witnessed these people and events, the future christianity of Korea is hopeless and stagnant. Therefore, you and I need to properly speak and preach. We must clearly and precisely discern the spiritual realm.

When you were praying during the prayer time, I saw angels busy flying around you as they gracefully flapped their large wings. They were so busy as though they were busy in heaven. The Intercessory prayer time is like the busy time in heaven. The angels are busy taking the saints prayer. When you pray, you need to motivate yourselves with the essence to your prayer. Do not just pray with an empty mind. You need to earnestly possess vision and passion. With such attitude, pray like this, “Lord! I will root myself at this church and no longer church hop! From this church, I will allow You to send me anywhere you want me to go with the holy fire! I will possess the passion of the Lord! I did not come to this church just to stay 2, 3, or for 5 years, I did not come to this church for a moment and then just to move to the another church! I am determined to work for You as I root myself here. I will go all around the world wherever you desire me to go. The reason why I am fervently and earnestly praying waiting for Your appointed time is to prepare myself to be utilized. When my prayer has been fully accumulated to Your desired expectation, I know that You will utilize me without fail.” Do not just look at your current faith lives and carry out your faith lives without looking ahead. You need to have eyes to look farther ahead. There are so many souls are waiting.

It just has begun. I always tell you this, we just have begun. When you look at your spiritual lives, you will see that you are on the spiritual staircase stepping one stair at a time. God is at the end of the staircase(or on top of the staircase). God is the glorious One who is full of grace and mercy. But depending on how you think, act, and what kind of mind you possess, God will come to you gracious, gentle and good or God will come to squeeze you. It all depends on your attitude. Therefore, please step up your spiritual level.

In heaven, there are no special towns for any of the churches. There is one special town called, “The Lord’s Church town.” The Lord’s Church is the one church that has their own town in heaven. Even within that town, the town of the Lord’s Church is divided into outskirts and the wealthy area. When angels build mansions in heaven for the saints, some houses are built with precious jewels and stones but some mansions are built with the dusts of precious jewels and stones. When I look at your spiritual conditions, you are walking up the spiritual staircase one step at a time. When you continuously walk up the staircase and as you move forward, your spiritual dress gradually become longer and larger as it becomes more beautiful with precious jewels.

I am currently in charge of preaching to the youth group. While I preach, these youth do not focus to the preaching. They are distracted and walk around. I become upset. I was thinking, ‘Why can’t they stop moving around. Why can’t they listen carefully? why can’t they worship and praise? Why do they keep touching their cell phones during service time?’ So I nicely advised them but still do not listen. So I sternly said, “What are you doing? Do you not know that the Lord is right here now? The Lord is observing all of you! He even observes your thoughts! You need to pray and give service to God with the pure heart of little child. But if you focus and do something else, will God be pleased? Do you think the Lord will use you later? Who do you think you are pleasing? You are pleasing the devil.”

Then I saw their spiritual condition. I saw the evil spirit with the appearance of a duck. It has very long and a eeri beak. This evil spirit was dividing their attention as it was walking between these youth. It was continuously poking these youth. When the youth tried to attach themselves to the spiritual, this evil spirits came and divided them from getting close to the things of God. These evil spirits tried very hard to divide them from the spiritual. This made me upset. It appears there are duck shaped evil spirits between you adults. You need to become spiritually one and your prayer must ascend to heaven as one. But I see many gaps. Somehow, with the help of the prayer of the Lord and His blood, you are still growing gradually. But you will need to continuously fill the gap with your own faith. In the future, a greater attack will pierce you and the devil will cause larger gap.

Pray this with me. “Lord, please help me to wake up! Please protect me. Please help me to overcome. Please cover me with the spiritual shield! Please grant me spiritual power. Please grant me your blood and poisonous thorn. Transform me with your precious blood! Please help us to transform into the army of the Lord. Amen”