Dealing with Sinful Bondages Passed Down Through the Genes (Epigenetics) (Retah McPherson)

Epigenetics is the study that deals with how events that have happened to a person (e.g. trauma) can get passed on in the genes, and affect the person’s children, or even future generations.

For example, we often see some mental disorders or addictions running in families, and in this series of helpful videos, Christian author Retah McPherson helps her viewers deal with those sinful bondages that have been passed down through the genes (epigenetics).



The Generational Sin of Abortion and How to Be Set Free of It

Abortion is sin and can have negative effects not only on the mother, but on her future generations as well.

Dr Patricia Green of Joy Ministries Worldwide that may be helpful for believers who are struggling with generational sin related to abortion.

Generational Sin Gets Passed on Through Epigenetics

Christian author Retah McPherson shared her insights recently on how generational sin gets passed on through epigenetics:

…Epigenetics means –‘whatever you hold on to, you pass on’. Or as the text books explain it – epigenetic memories are passed through generations from the sperm and egg transmitting memories of gene repression to the embryo.  Body, soul, and spirit memory will be paid out in a memory tag on your children or grandchildren’s genes in a form of a marker filled with memories. It is called the epigenetic marker on your genes. Even what you eat, your stress, nutrition, environment, the choices that we make, the situations we find ourselves in, the lies, the secrets, the trauma, PTS, your emotions such as hate and bitterness, the difficulties you face, abuse, even SRA abuse are passed on – will be biologically payed out to our children, and even to future generations. Even the demons that we accumulate, the generational spirits and every soul that latches onto us because of sexual sin will be passed on.

This is one big messy payout!

These markers are passive until one day when something happens and shock, trauma or even small things like environmental change activate the markers – switching it on like a light. The child will become just like Grandma or Grandpa or even just like you! The familiar spirits, dead human spirits and demons all live in the markers that first operate in the spirit and we only see the fruit in the flesh. They take over the steering wheel of you and/or your children’s lives. You can no longer think straight because you are blinded by the markers that now control and direct your life. The marker is like an octopus on your brain. It squeezes the life out of you. People will find themselves struggling to concentrate and many mind diseases and anxiety or depression will follow.  It has tentacles and those tentacles feed your senses with the poison that you carry of the marker in the wound of your heart. Because of the marker on you (the curse) you have been wounded in some form or another. Grandpa killed someone, the marker is passed on and you were nearly killed in an accident and after that you are fighting for your life just to survive. You find yourself once drinking too much and a person was killed – ‘payback time’, says the marker.

I struggled for years to get rid of the spirit of death that fought Aldo so much. Until I understood that one marker on us is the marker of death, the marker of harming us and of course it carries the spirit of death!  The Word of YHVH says – what you sow you shall reap – if it is not you then your generations to come. For example your forefathers stole from someone and you find that people keep on stealing from you. Or grandma cheated on grandpa and now you find yourself cheating all the time.  You started to do drugs, just like your forefathers, or drink, or lie, or steal, or cheat, or poverty, stress, depression, diabetes, asthma, mental illness, or are angry, resentful or even sleep with your boyfriend at just the same age as your mom and grandma did? Bowing to Baal, trusting not on God but your own insight, being involved in the occult, Freemasonry – it all pays out later. It is like steroids, you think you gain while you use it, but some day it is payback time. Involvement with the occult and Freemasonry always pays out in the mind.

The markers are filled with time bombs because of the sin defiling time and land, and this too pays out. You were abused, rejected, are accident prone, filled with lust and much more – and this you will pass on to your generations if you don’t remove the epigenetic marker (curse) and don’t get out of that wound and get healed. The maggots feast on the wound and their plan is to keep you in the wound and harden your heart so that you increasingly start doing that which you don’t want to do. They feed your senses and you get driven by those emotions, lusts, hate and the result is living a double life.  The epigenetic marker filled with generational demons wants to kill, steal and destroy your destiny and identity. The darkness within seals your vision and your life becomes like Lazarus in the tomb. The plan is to keep you in the wilderness (far from the presence of YHVH) just like your forefathers, so that you can die there and never taste the Promised Land (being one with YHVH).

However, according to Retah McPherson, the blood of Jesus Christ can “reset the format of these genes after we came to Him with a repented heart“. To find out more, please read her full article: