Is PizzaGate True? Reflections and Testimony of a Child Sex-Trafficked Victim Who Later Found Christ

At the age of four, UK-born Becki Percy was raped by her biological father, and by the age of nine, sexually trafficked by her own parents who made money out of her abuse.

In the Youtube videos below, Percy shares her testimony of how she would be driven to secretive locations in the UK to be raped and have brutal sadistic acts performed on her and other children.

Through the help of someone who came to know of her story, Percy now resides in the United Sates, where she is seeking asylum. While in the United States, Percy received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour, and receives strength from Him to forgive her abusers, as well as to begin a new life.

In the last Youtube video below, Percy also shares her reflections about PizzaGate.


Visit to Methodist Central Hall and John Wesley’s House in London

In November this year, we were privileged to be able to visit two Methodist landmarks in London, UK.

The first was the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, London. The hall was built in 1905–11 to mark the centenary of John Wesley’s death, and today, it serves an international congregation of several hundred members.




Inside, a life-size statue of Charles Wesley (photograph below)…


… and the main sanctuary (photograph below)


The second place we visited was John Wesley’s house (now known as the Wesley’s Chapel and Leysian Mission), which Wesley built in 1779 and where he lived at the last twelve winters of his life.





(Above:  Tombstone of Susannah Wesley)


(Above: “Wesley’s Elm”. John Wesley is said to have preached under the parent of this elm)


(Above:  Statue of John Wesley, and note the inscription on its base: “The World is My Parish”)