Drugs Can Open the Doorway of One’s Soul to Demons – But Jesus Can Set You Free! (REALITY VIDEO OF SOMEONE BEING SET FREE FROM DEMONS)

In the video below, a young Australian named Dillion opened his soul to demons through intake of illicit drugs, leading to demonic oppression.

However, minutes after being prayed for by Christians, Dillion was set free from demonic oppression.

The transformation that you see in his countenance before and after being set free from demons is astonishing and priceless. Even Dillion, who looks at himself in a car mirror, cannot believe it himself and breaks down weeping at the mercy and grace of God.


Testimony of a Former Temple Medium and Drug Abuser (In Hokkien/Mandarin)

This audio-only testimony given by a former temple medium cum drug abuser was recorded sometime during the 90s, and in it, this brother-in-Christ shares how he got saved, of his marvellous transformation, and his miraculous healing from a painful stomach ailment.

He also explains, in some detail, the business of being a temple medium — of how the demons enter and leave the medium’s body as they please (even at the most importune time for the medium), and of how the medium does not feel any pain when the demons are controlling him to mutilate his own body.

Kindly take note that at certain parts of the testimony, the volume levels may be soft, so please adjust the audio volume accordingly.

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