Physician Prays and Anoints His Patient with Oil – Tumour Disappears!

One remarkable case of healing was shared by Dr A.J. Gordon in his book Ministry of Healing (and recounted by the late evangelist George Jeffreys in his book Healing Rays), involving a renowned physician anointing one of his patients with oil according to James 5, and in answers to his prayer, she was healed of tumour.

“I had under my professional care a Christian lady, with a tumour which confined her almost continuously to her bed in severe suffering. All remedies were unavailing, and the only human hope was the knife: but, feeling in my heart the power of the promise, I one morning sat down by her bedside, and taking up the Bible, I read aloud God’s promise to His believing children: ‘And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him’. I then asked her if she would trust the Lord to remove this tumour and to restore her to health, and to her missionary work. She replied, ‘I have no particular faith about it, but am willing to trust the Lord for it’. I then knelt and anointed her with oil in the Name of the Lord, asking Him to fulfil His own word. Soon after I left, she got up and walked three miles. From that time the tumour rapidly lessened, until all trace of it at length disappeared.”

Dealing With Demons of Breast Cancer

In their book “How to Heal the Sick”, the late healing evangelists Charles and Frances Hunter share how they deal with demons of breast cancer:

…We believe incurable diseases are caused by a spirit in the majority of cases. When a doctor says there is no cure, our spiritual antennas pick up the fact that it is a spirit. For instance, because cancer is considered incurable, we believe it is caused by an evil spirit which attacks the body.

Let me show you how I understand the operation of a demon of cancer. He cannot get into your spirit if you are a Christian, but he can certainly come into and attack your body and your mind. A demon takes a look at a woman and says, “Wow, I think I will lay a little cancer on her. She looks like a real good victim.” So he jumps into her body (not her spirit) and before long the woman discovers that she has cancer of the breast. She goes to the doctor. She panics!

The doctor says, “We will cut that cancer out.” The demon goes right along into the operating room, and probably sits there laughing at the doctor, and watching him carefully. The minute the doctor inserts the knife, the demon says, “Whoops, here I go! I will go over to the other side.” Then I imagine he just sits there and laughs as the doctor operates, because the damage of the demon has been done on one side.

He will gleefully say, “They think they have me, but they don’t. I’ll just jump over on the other side!”

Three years later the woman goes back, and they find cancer on the other side. Why? Because the demon has not been cast out, and you can’t cut a demon out in surgery. When they do the next surgery, the demon says, “Whoops, I believe I will go into the stomach this time, or maybe I’ll go into the lungs!”

Demons probably can plant a seed such as cancer into our flesh, bones or blood, and hover outside us, or even leave us, and the seed will continue to produce fast-growing, destructive cancer cells to destroy our bodies. When a male plants a sperm or seed into the womb of a female, cells develop into an infant. The devil counterfeits anything good with bad; therefore, it’s logical that he would plant killer seeds instead of seeds of life. It is very likely that this is the way many diseases caused by demons are implanted into our bodies. We, of course, know from the Bible that demons do occupy human bodies when they can, so maybe they bring the seed and stay with it in the body.

We are told by doctors and nurses that the marrow of the bones is the manufacturer of blood, which is life. We know that cancer patients often need a new supply of blood.

Generally when we minister healing to a cancer victim, our prayers are something like, “Father, we praise you for the power you have given us over all the power of the enemy and for the power and authority to heal the sick. Satan, we bind you with the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus. You spirit of cancer, we command you to come out and not return. We curse you, seed of cancer in this body, and command you to die. Marrow of the bones, we command you to produce healthy blood and send it forth for healing and health to this body. In the name of Jesus!”

A friend of ours who is a Spirit-filled surgeon has many patients referred to him because of his excellent record with cancer patients. When he gets in the operating room, he is the head “honcho” in there, so he lays hands on the patients and begins to pray in tongues before he operates, and then he casts out the spirit of cancer. He has a great recovery record, because once he commands and gets the spirit out, it is not hard to cut out the flesh that is diseased!

A friend of ours who is not only a successful medical doctor, but is Spirit-filled and ministers healing in the power of the Holy Spirit as well, was talking with us about incurable diseases being caused by evil spirits. He made this statement to us: “In this day and age in which we are landing men on the moon and are looking at DNA molecules through microscopes, I consider that those diseases which we cannot understand, and which we claim as incurable, must have their origin elsewhere than in science.” (DNA molecules are chromosomes that carry the hereditary factors -genes -which are made of DNA.)

We believe that the “elsewhere than in science” is in the spirit world and the origin is demons.

For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies – the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world” (Eph. 6:12 TLB). We are not fighting against people! We are fighting against unseen powers. We cannot fight them in the natural as you would another human being.

When you are fighting against an evil spirit which causes a disease, you are fighting against an unseen principality. You are fighting against something you cannot see. That is why in the natural, we have absolutely no power or control over demons. Remember that it is only in the supernatural area where we win because of Jesus!

Amazing Testimony of Tony and Ashley Low: Recovery from Brain Death, Encounter with God, and Miraculous Restoration of Surgically-Removed Brain Parts

Tony and Ashley Low, both born in Malaysia, have an amazing testimony to share, and in this webpage, I compile all the videos that I could find of meetings where they had shared their story.

The couple were not raised in Christian families, but came from staunch idol worshipping backgrounds, which makes their testimony even more poignant.

The Lows are now residing in Melbourne, Australia, and have a teenage son. Tony’s background is in business, while Ashley’s is in banking.

Testimony Given at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 15th Dec 2013:

Testimony Given at Bartley Christian Church, Singapore, on 12 January 2014:

Testimonies Given at Other Churches (Date and Location Not Specified):

Malaysian Man Makes Miraculous Recovery from Brain Death; Part of the Brain That Was Surgically Removed Due to Brain Cancer Later Restored

Malaysian Tony Low was pronounced brain dead by not one but four physicians, who advised his wife to give consent for him to be taken off life support. However, about a week into brain death, he miraculously recovered and lived to tell his amazing experience while in coma.

Due to brain cancer, Low also had a substantial part of his brain surgically removed, but magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performed sometime post-surgery showed that the part of the brain that was removed had been inexplicably restored, confounding his surgeon.