Born Deformed and Crippled, But Miraculously Healed by Jesus Christ (The True Story of Betty Baxter)

Betty Baxter was born deformed and crippled, and for 14 years she lay bedridden and had the doctors tell her to her face “Betty, there is no hope” and “There is nothing medical science can do“.

But through the debilitating pain of her condition, she and her praying mother trusted the Lord Jesus Christ, and believed He could do the impossible and heal Betty.

And so He did.

On this very date (August 24th, Sunday) in 1941 at 3:00 PM, the Lord Jesus Christ came into Betty’s room and healed Betty, in the presence of witnesses.

This is Betty’s narration of her encounter with Jesus:

I didn’t lose consciousness but I became lost in the Spirit of God. I saw before me two rows of trees, standing tall and straight. As I watched, I saw one of them in the center begin to bend until the tip of it touched the ground. I wondered why this one tree was all bent over. Then down the road I saw Jesus. He came walking through the trees and my heart thrilled as it always does when I see Jesus. He came and stood by the bent tree. He stood and looked at it a moment and I wondered what He would do. Then looking at me he smiled and placed His hand on the bent tree. With a loud crack and pop it straightened up like the other. I said, “That’s me alright. he will touch my body and the bones will crack and pop and I will stand up straight and be well.”

Suddenly I heard a great noise as if a storm was coming up. I heard the wind as it roared. I tried to speak above the noise. “He’s coming. Don’t you hear Him? He has come at last.” Then all at once the noise subsided. All was calm and quiet and I knew in this quietness Jesus would come. I sat in the big chair, a hopeless cripple. I was so hungry to see Him. All at once I saw a great white fleecy cloud form. It wasn’t the cloud I was waiting for. Then out of the cloud stepped Jesus. It wasn’t a vision, it wasn’t a dream. I saw Jesus. As He came walking slowly toward me I looked on His face. The most striking thing about Jesus is His eyes. He was tall and broad and was dressing in robes glistening white. His hair was brown and parted in the middle. It fell over His shoulders in soft waves. I will never forget His eyes. Many times when my body is worn and I’m asked to do something for Jesus I would like to say no. When I remember his eyes they compel me to go out into the harvest fields to win more souls.

Jesus came slowly toward me with His arms outstretched toward me. I noticed the ugly prints of the nails in His hands. The closer He got to me the better I felt. When He came real close I began to feel very small and unworthy. I wasn’t anything but a little forgotten girl who was deformed and crippled. Then all at once He smiled at me and I wasn’t afraid anymore. He was my Jesus. His eyes held mine and if I ever looked into eyes filled with beauty and compassion, they were the eyes of Jesus. There aren’t many people I’ve seen who have eyes like Jesus. When I see one who has that love and compassion in their eyes I wish I could just stay close to them. That is the way I feel about Jesus; I want to live as close to Him as I can.

Jesus came and stood at the side of my chair. One part of His garment was loose and it fell inside my chair and if my arms had not been paralyzed I could have touched His garment. I had thought when He came to heal me I would start talking to Him and ask Him to heal me. but I couldn’t say a word. I just looked at Him and kept my eyes on His dear face trying to tell Him how much I needed Him. He leaned down and looked up in my face and spoke softly. I can hear every word right now because it is written in my heart. He said very softly, “Betty, you have been patient, kind and loving.” As He spoke these words I thought I could suffer 15 more years if I could see Jesus and hear Him speak to me again. He said, “I am going to promise you health, joy and happiness.” I saw Him reach out His hand and I waited. Then I felt his hand go over the knots on my spine. People say, “Don’t you ever get tired of telling of your healing?” No, because every time I tell it I can feel His hand again.

He placed His hand on the very center of my spine on one of the large knots. All at once a hot feeling as hot as fire surged through my body. Two hot hands took my heart and squeezed it and when those hot hands let my heart go, I could breathe normal for the first time in my life. Two hot hands rubbed over the organs of my stomach and I knew my organic trouble was healed, I would not need a new kidney and I would be able to digest my food because He had healed me. The hot feeling ran on through my body. Then I looked at Jesus to see if He would leave me just healed inside. Jesus smiled and I felt the pressure of His hands on the knots and as His hands pressed in the middle of my spine there was a tingling sensation like I had touched a live wire. I felt this sensation like an electrical current and stood on my feet just as straight as I am on this platform speaking to you tonight. I was healed inside and outside. In 10 seconds Jesus had healed me and made me every whit whole. He did for me in a few moments what the doctors on this earth could not do. The Great Physician did it and He did it perfectly.

You say, “Betty, how did you feel when you jumped out of the chair?” You’ll never know unless you once were a hopeless cripple. You’ll never know unless you sat in a chair with no hope. I ran to my mother and said, “Mom, feel, are the knots gone?”

She felt up and down my spine and said, “Yes, they are gone!” I heard the bones crack and pop. Betty, you’re healed! You’re healed! Praise Him for it!”

I turned around and looked back at the chair that was empty and tears rolled down my cheeks. My body felt light all over because I didn’t have any pain and I had always had pain.

I felt tall because I had been bent almost double with my head on my chest, the knots were gone and my spine was straight. I raised my arms and pinched one of them. My arms had feeling. They weren’t paralyzed anymore.

Then I looked and saw my baby brother standing in front of the chair. Big tears were rolling down his little cheeks. Looking up at me I heard him say, “I saw Sis jump out of the big chair. I saw Jesus heal Sis.” He was really thrilled. I picked up the chair, raised it above my head and said, “See what the God I serve can do!”

Standing right behind my baby brother Jesus still stood. He looked at me from the soles of my feet to the top of my head. I was straight and normal. Holding my eyes with His, He began to speak slowly and going to tell you what He said. “Betty, I am giving you the desire of your heart to be healed. You are normal and well. You have health now. You are completely well because I healed you.”

Betty went on to become an evangelist and shared her amazing story across the United States and in various countries, even in Singapore, where it is believed she held her final meeting before retiring in 2003.

Please listen to her amazing story in the Youtube video below:

Before Bill Baxter (Betty’s brother) passed away, he shared about his sister’s miraculous healing in the Youtube video below: