How to Choose a Church

Today’s Scripture reading comes from the book of Isaiah:

But they are shepherds who have no understanding;

they have all turned to their own way,

each to his own gain, one and all.

Isaiah 56:11b (ESV)

If you have been visiting a number of churches, and are deciding on one to commit yourself to for the long term, I recommend that your decision be based on its pastor.

Yes, don’t let the size of the church building or congregation impress you. Focus on the pastor.

I recommend that after listening to a number of the pastor’s sermons, consider whether they ‘feed’ (or ‘speak’ to) you.

Sad to say, some pastor’s chief ambition is to increase their following. It feeds into their own ego and pride.

However, as I see it, a pastor is like a shepherd. The job of the shepherd is to feed the sheep.

If you don’t feel ‘fed’ through the preaching of the pastor, then either the pastor is not doing his job (because he concentrates his activities on things that enhance his own ambitions), or that you are in the wrong flock.  


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