Hillsong Writer Marty Sampson Says He is Losing His Faith and Believes Christianity is “Just Another Religion.”

It’s sad that it has come down to this for Marty Sampson, who has written/co-written many Hillsong songs. Indeed, it’s hard for use to understand how Sampson, who beautifully penned lyrics like “Your spirit calls my heart to sing; drawn to the voice of my Savior once again; where would my soul be without Your Son” (in his song “All I Need is You”), can now have second thoughts on the existence of God (as reflected in a recent Instagram post).

We think what’s lacking in modern Christianity is that most believers today don’t really take the time and trouble to develop their walk with God. There is a tendency for one to be so busy with “church”, with things that are superficial and that provide little more than an Instagrammable moment. Indeed, there are plenty of church (aka. social) activities, plenty of “fellowshipping” and slapping each other with high 5s, but for many, the inner man is not being built up (which has to be done out of public view; ‘in the secret place’ so as to speak), and which may culminate in a disastrous faith crisis someday.



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