Many of Our Popular Songs and Choruses in Praise of Christ are Hollow and Unconvincing (AW Tozer)

Many of our popular songs and choruses in praise of Christ are hollow and unconvincing. Some are even shocking in their amorous endearments, and strike a reverent soul as being a kind of flattery offered to One with whom neither composer nor singer is acquainted. The whole thing is in the mood of the love ditty, the only difference being the substitution of the name of Christ for that of the earthly lover. How different and how utterly wonderful are the emotions aroused by a true and Spirit-incited love for Christ. Such a love may rise to a degree of adoration almost beyond the power of the heart to endure, yet at the same time it will be serious, elevated, chaste and reverent. Christ can never be known without a sense of awe and fear accompanying the knowledge. He is the fairest among ten thousand, but He is also the Lord high and mighty. He is meek and lowly in heart, but He is also Lord and Christ who will surely come to be the judge of all men. No one who knows Him intimately can ever be flippant in His presence.

AW Tozer


2 thoughts on “Many of Our Popular Songs and Choruses in Praise of Christ are Hollow and Unconvincing (AW Tozer)

  1. Zoe

    I’m at the stage in my Christian life that I don’t desire worship as part of a programme or as an avenue to get an emotional “high”. Surely, it must be deeper than that. It’s all so routine.. like part of a checklist on Sunday things to do. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just gather without a programme, as God’s people to wait upon Him and hear what He has for each of us?



      The way we see it, the solution may not necessarily be about removing structure. I mean, one risk of removing structure is that you may have some domineering characters in the midst, and which could drive the congregation to whatever their agenda they wish in the name of “the Spirit”. Hence, perhaps the solution would be about having anointed leaders/preachers who have received their message after spending quality time with the Lord in prayer.


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