True Worship (Derek Prince)

It is primarily through the act of worship that our spirits enter into this union with God. In John 4:23-24, Jesus said: “The true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth …. God is Spirit, and [all] those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” He made it clear that true worship must be an activity of our spirits.

In the contemporary church, there is little understanding of the nature of worship. Why? It is mainly because we do not discern the difference between the spirit and the soul. Worship is not entertainment. That belongs in the theatre, not the church.

Nor is worship the same as praise. We praise God with our souls, and it is right to do so. Through our praise we have access to God’s presence. But once we are in His presence, it is through worship that we enjoy true spiritual union with Him.

To be able to worship God in this way is the goal of salvation-first on earth, and then in heaven. It is the highest and holiest activity of which a human being is capable. It is only possible,’ however, when the soul and the body come into submission to the spirit, and in harmony with it. Such worship is often too profound for words. It becomes an intense and silent union with God.

As you read these words, is there a desire welling up in your heart for this kind of union with God that comes from true worship in your spirit? If so, let’s close this teaching with a prayer for this kind of union.

Dear Lord, I want to be united with You in spirit and in truth. Placing my faith in You, I deny the three impulses of my soul: “I want;” “I think;” “I feel. ” I put them to death, and I release my spirit for close and intimate fellowship with You. I worship You – my Lord and my creator. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Derek Prince


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