Christian Woman in Hell for Vanity

This is the testimony of Janice, who, in an out-of-body experience, found herself in hell.

Although Janice considered herself a Christian and was baptized when she was 18, she was a backslidden Christian who would drink, smoke, curse and do a number of things which she knew to be ungodly.

Her greatest weakness though was in the area of vanity.

“I had become a lover of myself I only cared about what I looked like,” she said.

“I wanted to get my hair done all the time, my nails done, and to do my makeup all the time — that’s the only thing that I cared about.”

“I mean, [I was] really turning into a materialistic person full of vanity.”

According to Janice, the part of hell she was taken to was ‘for Christians who did not do their job on earth or people who knew Jesus but were lukewarm and halfway chose him and halfway chose the world’.

In hell, she received a revelation of her whole life, in particular, of the opportunities she has squandered in sharing the gospel.

What she was most concerned about in hell was of the torments that awaited her. At the same time, she perfectly understood why she ended up there.

“Every situation where I had done something evil, [where I] had done something wrong to somebody — I had understanding of why I was there in hell and, you know, it was literally on account of all of my actions, and it was completely justifiable.”

You can watch Janice’s full testimony below.


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