If This Sort of Event ISN’T Happening in Your Church Regularly, Either Make it Happen, or Find Another Fellowship Where it is

If this sort of event ISN’T happening in your church regularly, either make it happen, or find another fellowship where it is:

“I want to tell you a few testimonies from last Saturday. These stories are not unusual; we see these types of results every week. First we went to the mall to minister. At the mall, Christine met an atheist who did not want prayer. Since he wasn’t interested in receiving prayer, Christine asked him if he wanted to see a miracle. The man said he was interested. Christine asked him to find someone in the mall who was in pain. They found a man who had back pain. He said his pain was at a seven on a scale from one to ten. Christine asked the atheist to pray in the name of Jesus. The atheist pointed at the man’s back and said, “be healed in the name of Jesus.” Immediately the man’s back pain was gone.

Christine wanted him to know it wasn’t a fluke so she asked if he would like to see another miracle. He said, “Yes.” They found a lady with a knee brace and the atheist prayed again in the name of Jesus. She was instantly healed and the atheist was stunned and in awe. The woman with the knee brace was a Christian and she led the atheist to the Lord. Many other people were healed at the mall. People were led to repentance and the Gospel was explained to them. Several of them were interested in getting baptized so we invited them (to our fellowship). We don’t believe in just leading someone in a prayer. We are interested in making disciples and bringing people into the Body of Christ (meaning fellowship with other believers and discipling them). We are called to make disciples, not just evangelize.

When we were done at the mall we went to a restaurant to talk about the many amazing things God had done that day. On the way into the restaurant, Jenny felt led by the (Holy) Spirit to a group of people. One of the women was unable to see out of one of her eyes. Jenny prayed and the woman’s eyesight was restored. Then Jenny prayed for the other two women and they were healed. The restaurant staff was watching and later we used the opportunity to lead two of the restaurant staff to Jesus.”

Do you notice how this group are from a fellowship where the leaders have trained and equipped their people to exercise their spiritual gifts? Accountability is in the reporting, and those who then begin to attend with them. I know the leaders of this particular fellowship, that is their hearts for the people.

Please don’t comment that this is wonderful – of course it is.

Go and copy it. Do what these women are doing. If your pastors oppose you doing this, then find another pastor who will join you in this. Healing people is the easiest method of evangelism because people can’t ignore miracles. Time to restore the Book of Acts!

A message from the Facebook page of Jubilee Resources (https://www.facebook.com/JubileeResources/)

2 thoughts on “If This Sort of Event ISN’T Happening in Your Church Regularly, Either Make it Happen, or Find Another Fellowship Where it is

    1. SingaporeChristian.com

      This article originated from Jubilee Resources, which is based in New Zealand. However, there are a number of churches in Singapore that have an established healing ministry. You may wish to check them out. God bless you!


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