Passions Have Colours in the Spirit Realm

In a recent newsletter entitled You Must Learn Love, Nita Johnson, a prophetess shared that passions have colours in the Spirit realm. We reproduce part of the article below:

May I tell you that passions have colors in the Spirit realm. They also have a smell or a fragrance in the realm of the Spirit. If you choose a virtue, then the colors and the smells are fragrant. Those colors are similar to the pastels of the rainbow. If you choose negative passions such as jealousy, anger, resentment, or to be critical of someone rather than love, the colors you emit are not brilliant, but they are colors with gray or a soot-like color mixed in with them. Instead of a pure, luminous green, the green appears more like a grayish green. It is very unattractive. Do you know who sees these colors? The Spirit realm. So if you are saying nothing, but you are fuming inside, what color are you emitting? You are emitting colors from darkness. The Spirit world sees those colors, and they are drawn to them.

You also emit smells into the Spirit realm. For instance, fear has its own smell. Anger has its own smell. Lust and covetousness each have smells. They are smells from hell. May I just be blunt? The Spirit realm smells those odors. They see the color, they smell the odor, and the evil spirits are drawn. That is why sometimes you can get in an argument with someone, and you are just a little angry, but within minutes you feel like you are going to explode with rage. It is because you have been visited by many evil spirits that have been drawn to you through these colors and these smells.

There are also spirits that watch you, called watchers. They watch your every move. They watch your eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul. If the spirits, for example, are trying to get you to commit adultery, they will stage things in your life to get you into a rebellious state. Then they watch to see what you will do with it. If you are a man, and you and your wife have a fight, they will send thoughts through your mind and watch to see how you respond. They look to see if there is a time when you will seriously, even for a moment, think about adultery. The minute they see that glimmer—even if it only lasts for thirty seconds—they know where your weakness is. They will begin to take advantage of it until they finally get you to fall for adultery. This is true for male or female. If you have a weakness in the area of money, and you take money that does not belong to you—maybe twenty cents here, thirty cents there, a dollar, or ten dollars—they watch. They observe what makes you do it, when do you do it, and how do you do it. They look at how long you might contemplate doing it before you do it. Then they begin to set up circumstances until they have you stealing more and more. They are called watchers.

Why am I telling you this? Because the evil kingdom does not want you loving. If you love, you overcome. If you do not love, you are overcome. They do not want a Church who will fight to overcome in love. They will try to stop you from loving with all they have because they get in big trouble if they do not prevail.

Everything that comes into your life—both good and bad—is put there as a brick of decision. Will I choose Christ, or will I choose self? If you choose Christ, you will fight for love. If you choose self, then you will fight for self.



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