Spirits of Deception Operating in Some Churches

In a recent Facebook post, Pastor Robert Clancy warned of deception in some churches:


This is very common in central and South America where they are invoking the demons through the beat of the music and chanting. I have been to churches that had welcomed this false manifestation and gave very harsh rebukes. The problem is that these people when they get born again, do not get full deliverance and still carry ancestral spirits. When they continue they start activating in the occult gifting false visions, Prophecy, healing etc. Everything of the counterfeit and then become Pastors that now start laying hands transferring it onto the congregation. Many in Africa Asia India etc also transfer the same. Discernment is so key that we can know the difference between the genuine and the false, without shutting down the genuine. For many out of fear run the other direction shutting down the genuine. When the Holy Spirit comes he does a complete work deliverance, healing and reconciling to walk in freedom. Let us continue to preach the gospel with genuine signs following to remove these people from such deceptive churches.

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