Is Eternal Life is a Gift That Can Be Obtained by Any Sinner Unconditionally?

Is eternal life a gift that can be obtained by any sinner unconditionally? According to the late George Jeffreys (1889-1962), who was one of greatest evangelists of the 20th Century, the answer is ‘no’.

The idea that eternal life is a gift that can be obtained by any sinner unconditionally is as false and unscriptural as the notion that it can be merited by works. The forgiveness of past sins is only granted to those who, by the grace of God, decide not to continue in sin. How utterly helpless and hopeless any earthly Government would be if it released all its prisoners and allowed them to continue as aforetime breaking the laws of the land. Civilisation—yea, the whole world—would soon be reduced to a state of irrevocable ruin. The sinner at conversion enters into a new life, which reveals itself in the changed deeds of his body. Before conversion he is a drunkard, after conversion a sober man; before conversion he is a thief, after conversion he is honest; before conversion his lips blaspheme, after conversion they praise God. The change is at once admitted because his body acts differently. The body is the medium through which the new life is made manifest. (Healing Rays by George Jeffreys)


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