Early Believers verus Modern Christianity (Picture)



One thought on “Early Believers verus Modern Christianity (Picture)

  1. Overcome With Great Sorrow

    Last night I had a dream where I was at a church meeting. The church meeting had only children present—it looked like the children were all under 12 years old. There was this little boy who was dying of cancer, so a number of us gathered around him to pray for him. This little boy’s name was Yeshua. I knew in my spirit that I had faith for this little boy to be healed, but I wondered if these children had faith enough for that little boy to be healed. There was a close-up of the boy’s face in the dream. Then it was time for me to leave the meeting.

    I grabbed my backpack and started walking away, but this little kid walked up to me and gave me my folder that holds some of my papers, my notebook and an atlas of the United States. I guess I had forgotten to take the folder with me.

    As I walked down the street, I stopped at this house to talk with this well-known actor (he was on the sitcom Friends). We talked about my Christian faith for a while. At times, it seemed like he was interested in what I was saying and, at other times, he was mocking me.

    When I walked away from that actor’s house, I was overcome with great sorrow for the little boy that was dying of cancer. The sorrow was very profound, very deep; it overwhelmed my whole being. I have never experienced sorrow like that before. I wanted to weep, but no tears came out of my eyes. Then I woke up.

    The little boy in the dream, named Yeshua, represents the American Christian Church (or churchianity) of today: immature, shallow, made for children. The American Christian Church is dying of cancer: it is losing its life, its salt, its ability to preserve the United States.

    When the little kid walked up to me and gave me my folder that had my papers and notebook: this means that my writings are important for reaching out to the Body of Christ—I am feeding the sheep through my two blogs and my two books. This is significant because every once in a while I will ask the Lord if I can stop writing in my blogs; sometimes I think it doesn’t seem to do much good—especially when we have idiots in the United States who follow people like John Piper, Rick Warren and Joel Osteen. (The Lord told me to start my two blogs and He also told me to write my two books.)

    At the end of the dream, when I was overcome with sorrow: I wanted to weep, but no tears came out of my eyes. The United States is in a severe drought this summer because of sin (abortion, homosexuality, earth worship, etc). It is so dry from sin, I don’t have enough water in my eyes to weep for this country. Maybe the Lord is telling me not to waste my tears over the wicked that have ruined this country.


    “Truly great men must, I think, experience great sorrow on the earth.”

    –Fyodor Dostoyevsky



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