Pokemon Go: Many Singaporeans Are Walking Around Like Zombies and Risking Their Lives to Catch Pokemon

According to media reports, Singaporeans are walking around like zombies and risking their lives for the sake of catching Pokemon.

Channel NewsAsia (CNA) visited three locations in Singapore from the late evening of Wednesday (Aug 10) to the wee hours of Thursday and spoke with avid Pokemon trainers armed with smartphones and power banks.

They spoke to 20-year-old Natalie Tan, who considered herself a Pokemon Go addict.

“I feel that everyone is like a walking zombie now,” she told CNA.

“I started playing about three or four days ago and I think I’m addicted already. It’s so late at night but I’m still out here, walking around to catch Pokemon,” she added.

“Before the introduction of this game, I’d prefer to just sleep at home. It’s crazy because I won’t call myself a gamer, but this is the first-ever handphone game that I’ve been addicted to.”

Meanwhile, The New Paper (TNP) reported that scores of Singaporeans had dashed across a road along Punggol Park after a rare and powerful Pokemon called Snorlax had been spotted at the park.

In their haste to try to catch a prized Pokemon, many ran across the road without checking for oncoming traffic first.

Ms Jasmine Wee, 30, a property agent who was at the scene, told TNP: “It was quite scary how people just dashed across the road with no regard for their own and other people’s safety.

“Cars had to brake suddenly to avoid knocking them down. It was crazy.”

A player, student Edwin Lim, 24, told TNP: “One group started running (towards Punggol Park), so everyone just followed.”

TNP also reported that Yishun Parkis another hotspot for Pokemon fans and that there are also concerns about road safety there.

A 36-year-old resident, who wanted to be known only as Mr Hairul, said: “I was just driving by the park and people were not looking at the traffic lights when they crossed the road.”

Another resident, Mr Peter Wang, 50, who was cycling with his two sons, said: “It can be quite dangerous when some of them play their games while riding scooters.”

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