Pokemon Go Launched in Singapore… DURING the Chinese Ghost Festival. TOO COINCIDENTAL?

The eagerly-anticipated Pokemon Go mobile game was finally launched in Singapore yesterday, August 6th (Saturday).


Judging from reports in The Sunday Times (“Pokemania hits Singapore“) and The New Paper (“APokelypse now: Pokemon Go hits Singapore“), the mobile game has been an instant hit among the Singaporean public.

Prior to the launch in Singapore, fans here have been waiting for more than a month to download the game since its inaugural launch in New Zealand and Australia on July 6, and have been complaining among themselves “Why the delay?”.

Meanwhile, one of the most significant religions festivals in Singapore – the Chinese Hungry Ghost month – started on Wednesday 3 August. The festival will last all the way until Wednesday, 31 August.

Many Chinese people in Singapore believe that during this festival, the gates of hell are opened to free the hungry ghosts, who wander across the Earth in search of food.

They also believe that if the hungry ghosts are deprived of food, they become vicious and bring bad luck or even cause calamity. To ward off evil, superstitious Chinese Singaporeans participate in the festival by burning incense sticks and paper offering outside their homes, as well as laying food on the ground, as an offerings to these ghosts.

As mentioned above, the festival started on Wednesday, and that evening, it was a common sight across Singapore to see Chinese people outside their homes praying to these ‘ghosts’, or demons (in Christian parlance).

Besides praying and making offerings to these demons, many Chinese people would adamantly refuse to get married or launch a new business during the Chinese Hungry Ghost month, believing it to be extremely inauspicious.

So – in stark contrast to normal business practice for launching a product in Singapore – it was really interesting that Pokemon Go was launched during the Chinese Hungry Ghost month, and even so, right at the beginning of the festival – the time when it is believed that the demons are most active.

We know that the occult are big on organising events based on special dates in their occultic calendar (see:  http://www.globaltruth.net/list-of-satanic-sacrificial-dayswhich-is-accurate/). So, the coincidence in the timing of the Pokemon Go launch and the Chinese Hungry Ghost month makes sense  (spiritual-wise) if you subscribe to the theory that they are ‘like’ in nature – both involve the introduction of demons from hell to human beings on earth.

A major difference, of course, is that superstitious Chinese people hope to ward off demons during the Chinese Hungry Ghost month, whereas unwitting Pokemon Go players try their best to ‘catch’ as many of them as possible!

Previously, Stephen Dollins, an ex-high priest in the Church of Satan gave an insightful presentation on The Prophecy Club, exposing Pokemon as demonic/Satanic.

In summary, there seem to be a number of signs to indicate that Pokemon Go is demonic in nature. This being the case, Christians should avoid involvement in it.



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