“My Elite Friend Told Me… What to Expect Between Now and January 1, 2017” DVD by Lindsey Williams – A Summary

We (Singapore Christian) recently acquired a copy of the DVD “My Elite Friend Told Me… What to Expect Between Now and January 1, 2017” by Lindsey Williams, and we took down some notes as we were watching the presentation. Below, is a summary of the key points. The DVD does not come cheap (US$48 before postage), and we are providing the summary below as a service to those who cannot afford it. However, if you are able to afford the DVD, we would strongly encourage you to purchase it, not only so that you might support the ministry (both Lindsey Williams and the Prophecy Club, who produced the DVD), but also, so that you might obtain a full grasp of the content (we only cover the content that we feel is necessary for our readers to know, for their own well-being).


(Above: Screenshot from the DVD “My Elite Friend Told Me… What to Expect Between Now and January 1, 2017” by Lindsey Williams)

Let’s start off by saying that the contents of the DVD can perhaps be best summed up by Lindsey Williams’ opening statement, which we reproduce below in full:

Welcome to “What My Elite Fried Has Told Me Will Happen Between Now and January 1st 2017”. I am your host Lindsey Williams. You will find this to be the most encouraging DVD that I’ve ever made, because in the course of it, I wish to prove to you that the God who created all of heaven and earth – the God of the Bible – is still in control. He manipulates circumstances. And the Elite – He still has power over them. He still takes care of His people. And regardless of what happens in the future, He will take care of those who believe in Him.”

Following his opening comments, Williams gave viewers a brief introduction of himself and the Elite:

“Let me emphatically say that there positively is a group of people that control the world. Nothing on the face of this earth ever happens by chance – whether it be in government, in monetary situation, in war. They (the Elite) know well in advance… everything is planned in advance.”

“They think they are god, but they aren’t. They just think they are.”

“The Elite do have a code of ethics – they must tell you everything that they are going to do before they do it. They may do it through Hollywood movies. They may do it through a television broadcast. They may do it through the national media. But in some way, they will tell you everything they are going to do before they do it. And if you are able to discern their buzzwords, you will spare yourself much heartache and avoid some of the circumstances that the Elite put out there in your way.”

Williams, who was first introduced to the Elite as a missionary to Alaska in the 1970s, said that he still has the privilege of talking to some of them today – men, who are now retired and in their 70s and 80s, but who are still kept informed of what’s going on.

And this is what the Elite have told Williams about Donald Trump:

“The Elite will do everything in their power to keep Donald Trump from being the President of the United States of America. Mr Obama will do everything in their power to keep Donald Trump from being the President of the United States of America.”

Williams emphatically states – and he adds that an Elite friend has “made it very plain to me” — that Donald Trump is NOT one of the Elite. Williams then states his own belief that Donald Trump will win the election, but asks rather rhetorically, that based on reading between the lines of what his Elite friend have told him, “Will Donald Trump be allowed to become the President of the United States of America?

Moving on, Williams said that the Elite have had a divine encounter.

“In my last two DVDs, I had stated that the Elite were expecting a divine event of some sort.”

“The Elite did have a total worldwide financial collapse planned on September 2015 [and] God intervened.”

“God can still override the Elite and do what He wants to do. In September 2015, there was a complete financial collapse, [but] God saved the day, and gave America one more opportunity to repent and to turn from its evil and wicked ways.”

Having said this, William presented a video interview of Jonathan Cahn (author of the bestseller ‘The Mystery of the Shemitah, and who had earlier predicted a financial collapse for 2015), and credits Cahn for his accurate prediction:

“The financial world did collapse in September 2015. God by His mercy and grace divinely intervened and as a result the banks did not close. Your money today is still usable. God stepped in and gave us more time. We are still operating as usual.”

“[However], sad to say, I’ve not seen the change in America of repentance.”


(Above: Screenshot from the DVD “My Elite Friend Told Me… What to Expect Between Now and January 1, 2017” by Lindsey Williams.  In this scene, Williams was sharing a TV interview, where Jonathan Cahn pointed out TV talk show hosts that “20 percent of the worst stock market day crashes in history happened in the Shemitah of 2015“.)

Still on the issue of the divine encounter, Williams added:

“The Elite have encountered God and there is trouble amongst them. Now, keep in mind that for 38 years, I’ve had the ability the ability to pick up the phone and call them if I needed to. I have felt their emotions. I’ve understood what their thinking is. I’ve learnt to read between the lines. [And], I’ve never seen such disturbed people in my life as the Elite are, because for the first time in 38 years, I feel that they have encountered God… God is disturbing their little nest egg.”

“They [the Elite] have encountered a divine intervention and they don’t know what to do about it. Their plan for September 2015 fell through the floor”.

“The markets should have collapsed. The banks should have closed. The currency should have been devalued. Everything was ready [as the Elites had intended]… [Then], there was divine intervention. These people are literally frustrated.”

“Folks, take heart! Let this be an encouragement to you.”

However, America and the global economy are still not out of the woods. A financial collapse could still be approaching. As for the date of a possible future financial collapse, Williams presented this by sharing an interview of David Stockman on Fox TV (see link here: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4904381679001/david-stockman-predicts-another-economic-recession/?#sp=show-clips). In the video (which is dated 20th May 2016), Stockman could be heard saying, “We’re going to head into recession later this year or next year”, and pausing the video, Williams remarked:

“Possible disaster after October 2016. My Elite friend states the same.”

At the meantime, Williams assured viewers that they could expect “relative calm [up] to 1st October 2016”.

According to Williams, one major challenge that the Elites face is with Obama. Williams was told by his Elite friend that Obama has doubled-crossed the Elites numerous times, and has not done what they have asked him to do.

In addition, Williams noted:

“Obama has no intentions of turning over the Presidency to Trump, if he wins, or to anyone else who might win. He has no intentions of stepping down as President.”

“[So,] Trump might win the election, but will he be allowed to be President?”

“These are going to be some of the most troubling times that America, in my estimation, has the possibility of ever having known – between October of the end of this year and the inauguration in January 2017.”

How should Americans prepare? Williams suggested 3 ways:

  • Have one’s passport up to date
  • Get out of the city
  • Gold is the only financial hedge

What further signs should one be looking out for? Williams shared two signs that his late Elite friend, Mr Kenneth From, gave him (which according to Williams, have come, or are coming to pass):

  • “Watch China!” According to Mr From, China is in desperate straits
  • “Federal Reserve will be buying it’s on treasury bills”. Mr From added that “when this is happening, it’s all over” because it’s a sign that the other nations in the world do not trust American issued paper assets anymore

Indeed, Williams pointed out that there are nations in the world that have already started to reject the US dollar, and eventually, the United States might have to issue an asset backed currency for the sake of its military. The subject of a new US currency is a very interesting one, but to know more, we highly encourage you to purchase the video!

As Williams had pointed out earlier, God has spared America from an economic meltdown that the Elites had planned for September 2015. Now, there is the possibility of another meltdown happening from October this year, onwards.

This begs the question – will God spare America again? This is what Williams had to say:

“God may step in with divine intervention – and I hope he does. But normally God does not step in unless there is repentance on the part of a nation.”

“And I see no repentance on the part of America.”

To our dear American brothers and sister in Christ, will you repent of your share of sins?

Will you stand in the gap, intercede for your beautiful nation, and beg God for mercy to forgive the sins of your nation?

America is counting on you.


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