To Be Set Free from Demons, You First Need to Forsake Your Sins and Determine to Serve God

Many victims of demonic attacks wish to be set free from these attacks.

However, as long as they have no intention of renouncing their sins, freedom remains an elusive hope, according to the late deliverance minister H.A. Maxwell Whyte, who wrote the following piece of advice in his book “Demons & Deliverance” to counsellors of victims.

Before beginning the prayer of deliverance, find out whether the one who is bound really wants to serve the Lord. Discover if any known sins are unconfessed. The sufferer should seek forgiveness for the sin or weakness that allowed the spirit to enter in the first place.

In one case, a woman informed my wife and me that she was a lesbian. We implored her to seek the Lord’s forgiveness and forsake this sin, which is so highly condemned in Scripture. To our astonishment, she admitted that she wasn’t sure she could do it since she felt the experience was rather beautiful. This woman wanted to be set free from the stigma of her sin, but she didn’t want to forsake it. No amount of prayer would have budged this unclean spirit. The demon had a right to stay there and manifest its unclean nature.


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