When Sin is No Longer Labelled as Sin, Be Sure that Satan is Behind This, So That Sin May Be Given Free Reign

We live in a time when sin is no longer labelled as sin. Some Christians even go so far as to claim that sin can no longer be imputed in our day. However, according to the late Christian author Basilea Schlink, who was writing in her book Ruled by the Spirit, it is Satan who is behind this error, and his aim is so that sin may be given free reign:

We hear today so many views expressed in books and magazines calling upon us to forsake words like “God”, “sin”, “repentance” and “grace” out of love for our fellows. One must show understanding to people for whom God is dead. They say that this is real love. On the Christian side we are called upon to show indulgent understanding to those who live sinfully. Homosexuality, adultery, and so on are clearly labelled “sin” in the Bible. We are told, today, not only to tolerate them, but also to accept them because of their unusual character, even to the point of denying the existence of sin, because the coming of Jesus has disposed of sin and it can no longer be imputed. Large numbers of people accept this form of argument because they have become blind to the truth and have allowed themselves to be led into error…

It is Satan who is at the back of all this. He has only one aim, that sin may be given free rein, and that men may be ignorant of God’s judgment of wrath upon sin because it is no longer preached. Thus sin is no longer evaluated as sin, and men fall more and more under the destructive power of Satan.


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