Bible Miraculously Undamaged after a Car Bursts into Flames on a US Highway

A car caught fire and exploded on a US highway last Sunday, causing nearly everything in the vehicle to be destroyed except a Bible left untouched in the front seat.

According to US Fox News, the Memphis Police Department responded to the scene after the car – an SUV – left Tennessee State Route 385 and went up in flames after it was swiped by another car.

A witness to the crash, Eugene McNiel, told Fox News he was only about 20 yard (18 metres) away when he saw the car clip the SUV and jumped out of his truck to help.

“I didn’t care. I wanted to save that man’s life because I don’t want to see (anybody) get burned up in (a) car,” he said.

Officials told Fox News that a Memphis police officer and several nearby motorists were able to pull the trapped driver out of the burning vehicle before it exploded, and later recovered the undamaged bible.

“That is God,” McNiel told Fox News. “You don’t believe? (Then) I don’t know what to say.”

The driver of the Jeep was transported a nearby hospital with non-critical injuries.


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