What Was the Late Evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman Really Like Inside? She Was Lonely In Spite of the Thousands That Attended Her Healing Services

The late Kathryn Kuhlman is one of the world’s most well-known evangelists. Thousands attended her healing services in the 1970s, and a great many individuals wrote to her personally to ask her to pray for them.

However, in spite of the great numbers of people that she had contact with during her lifetime, Ms Kuhlman revealed candidly to students at Oral Roberts University that she was really a lonely person inside.

This is a wonderful video to share young believers who look up to become celebrity evangelists or megachurch pastors, and aspire to become like these ministers someday, because they are allured by all the glamour and fanfare that surround them.

Indeed, in the video below, to the question of what advice she would give to someone who aspired to be like her, Ms Kuhlman said that unless one has a calling from God, “don’t do it”.

In Ms Kuhlman’s view, the affection of crowds could be so fickle – loving you one day, and hating you the next. For Ms Kuhlman personally, the number of people whom she said she could really count on were truly a handful.



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