Healed of Hyperthyroid and High Blood Pressure (Testimony)

Lighthouse Evanglism conducts miracle services every Saturday, and the following testimony was published in the church’s weekly newsletter (please click here for the full testimony; a summarised version is reproduced below):

When Michelle Ong was 18 years old, she was diagnosed with two serious sicknesses, hyperthyroid and high blood pressure. The doctor told her, “There’s no medical cure for your conditions. You’ve to take medication for life.” She did not feel good about taking her medicine. She felt as if she was a drug addict and something was controlling her. Whenever she did not take her medicine, she would experience headaches, feel lousy and become sleepy. On top of these, she was unable to focus or concentrate on her studies.

Michelle stopped taking her medication after three years. As a result, she had frequent headaches and mood swings. She became irritable and lost her temper easily. Doctor warned her of the long-term effects and possible consequences if she stopped taking her medication. She might even suffer throat cancer, stroke or blindness. When she heard the gloomy prognosis, she became fearful. But she still decided to lay off her medication because she did not want to experience the side effects.

Five years later in 2000, Michelle suffered acute migraine headaches frequently. By then, she was already working. Whenever a migraine struck her, it would be a terrible experience for her. Her nerves would be numb and she would see zigzag lines. Besides, she would also experience acute pain which lasted a whole week. She had to switch off the light and hide herself in a pitch-dark environment.

Other symptoms came into the picture. Due to her hyperthyroid condition, she had irregular menses (only three to four times a year), bulging, bloodshot eyes, rapid hair loss and tremors. She also experienced stiffness on the right side of her body, indicative of an impending stroke. She was fearful and had low self-esteem. She was so fearful that she dared not confide her problems to her loved ones. She also did not want to go through a complete medical examination because she feared death.

In desperation, Michelle decided to trust God more fully. However, along the way, she wavered in her faith. Nevertheless, she still kept faith with God, no matter how discouraging her condition was.

In 2008, she plucked up enough courage to see a doctor. He suspected that she had throat cancer and diabetes. Fear gripped her and she felt hopeless. She began to think what would happen to her if she were to contract cancer. She lost faith in God and sought natural or herbal remedies to cure herself. She also became a workaholic so that she would not have the time to think about the eventuality of being crippled by her sicknesses.

In January 2014, God spoke to Michelle that it was time for her to move on and led her to Lighthouse Evangelism. God also told her to go to the Miracle Service. Although she was a little fearful, He told her to be faithful and just be there.

When she was listening to the testimonies at the Miracle Service, she said to God, “I want to be on the stage to testify that You’re the One Who heals me, sets me free and restores me to wholeness.” At that moment, her eyes welled with tears because the presence of God was so strong and she was so touched by His love. She could not comprehend why God loved her so much.

Michelle kept coming to the Miracle Service week after week without fail and decided one day that 20 years of torment was enough. She put her whole faith in God, came to the Miracle Service faithfully and prayed to God in her own private time. From then on, although she was not healed immediately, many wonderful things happened to her progressively.

Michelle came to the point where she wanted to go for a full body checkup. August 5, 2015 is the date she will remember for the rest of her life. The doctor gave her a full body checkup as requested, but the test for hyperthyroid was not included. She requested her doctor for it, but he said to her, “Why? You don’t have bulging eyes, your neck is not swollen and you’re not trembling. Neither do you’ve high blood pressure. So why waste your money?”

Michelle pleaded with her doctor, “Never mind, Doctor. I just want to have peace of mind. Please check me for hyperthyroid.”

She went through the test and obtained the result on August 11. The result clearly confirmed that she had no hyperthyroid. On top of this great news, she also confirmed that all the other symptoms she experienced – irregular menses, rapid hair loss, tremors, stiffness on the right side of her body and migraine headaches – were gone. Besides this, she is no longer a workaholic and her fear and low self-esteem are gone for good.


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