Totally Cashless Monopoly Board Game – Are Our Children Being Primed to Accept a Cashless Society?

The world is slowly but surely edging towards a cashless society that will be controlled by the Mark of the Beast system. Over the weekend Europe announced plans to discontinue the 500 Euro note, and this was immediately followed on Monday with a suggestion by former US treasury secretary Larry Summers to discontinue US$100 bills.

It seems that children are also being primed to accept a cashless society. Toy producers Hasbro has recently announced plans to release a totally cashless version of the Monopoly board game later this year.

According to a blog post by Andrew Liszewski, the new Monopoly Ultimate Banking edition will use a tiny ATM to keep track of every last financial transaction.

Although this is not the first time that Hasbro has replaced cash with credit cards or an electronic banking unit in the game of Monopoly, the new Monopoly Ultimate Banking edition will be totally cashless.

There are allegations on the Internet that Hasbro is controlled by the Illuminati. Two year ago, the toymaker stirred the ire of parents by selling a Play-Doh cake decorator that suspiciously resembled a penis.

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