C          F         Gsus   G
A multitude before You

C               F           Gsus G
As far as any eye can see

C           F            G   Am
In awe of Your wonder

C F     Gsus   G
We sing holy, holy

C               F                 Gsus   G
Every tribe and tongue proclaiming

C           F                     Gsus   G
Salvation belongs to our God

C                 F         G       Am
All the nations bow before You

C  F   Gsus   G
We sing holy, holy

C     F    Gsus   G
You are worthy, worthy


C               F                         G
Be enthroned in our worship, oh God (x3)

Dm           G
Forever, forever


F                             G
Praise and glory, honour and power

F                 G
It’s Yours, it is Yours (X4)


© Neli Atiga, ENCS Music