Deliverance is Not a Passive Thing That Someone Can Do For You

There are many Christians who hop from ministry to ministry, seeking deliverance from their spiritual problems.

However, according to Christian author Retah McPherson, deliverance is not a passive thing, where the believer in need bears no responsibility whatsoever for his/her own deliverance. McPherson shared this in her recent newsletter, and we present extracts of it below:

Deliverance is not a passive thing that someone can do for you. You need a repentant heart and attitude of complete surrender, humbly seeking YHVH’s (God’s) face for the truth. I have not seen people get delivered if there is no humble heart seeking deliverance and seeking truth…

There is no super deliverer that you need to see immediately. No, not even those who claim successful results. No, we all just need utter, complete dependency on Holy Spirit. He is our source of revelation, guidance and dunamis power that delivers us….

With that I do not say that you should not see someone to help you on your journey. But, please know that Yeshua is the healer – and not man!

We all are in need of help and deliverance – our only help is Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. His Blood is enough for all of us. He gives us Truth through Holy Spirit and that Truth – sets us free!

To read the full newsletter that was written by Retah McPherson, please click here.


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