Jacelyn Tay was an unbeliever when she decided to challenge a pastor from Kampong Kapor Methodist Church on his Christian beliefs.

The pastor was the father of a chiropractor whom she had been receiving treatment from, who welcomed her to speak to his father after Sunday church services.

So, Tay attended the church service on 19 February 2006, sitting at back of the church, armed with a defiant attitude and looking forward for the service to end so that she could question the pastor.

She was, however, casually flipping through a bible that had been placed on the pew in front of her, when she chanced upon the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation.

What she read shocked her, as it fitted to a tee recurring vivid dreams she had had three years earlier.

Eventually, instead of challenging the pastor on his beliefs, she ended up walking towards the altar to commit her life to Jesus Christ.

For Tay’s complete testimony, please watch the Youtube box below.